Biscuit is a one and a half year old coonhound mix, weighing about 60 lbs, who lost his home when his owner moved on without him. He is a silly boy and enters the HOPE program to learn loose leash walking and how to appropriately greet guests. Biscuit is very treat motivated and I'm told he is a cuddler! I hope you enjoy following his adventures in HOPE! He is so new to us that he doesn't even have an adoption link yet! Stay tuned!! In the meantime, you can go to and see if one of the HOPE dogs is a match for you!

“Biscuit is our newest member of the HOPE family. He’s a young dog around a year and a half old with long legs, almost like a greyhound, but a very pretty biscuit and white coloring. He has only been here a few days but I haven’t noticed any glaring or troubling behaviors. He was a little nervous, which is to be expected in a new & noisy environment. We are going to build his confidence, polish his manners, give him lots of love, and he’ll be fine. Today in his first training class Biscuit proved he will sit on command and then we worked on some skills that require shaping behavior. Biscuit has good focus so far.”