Stewie is a 6 month old puppy, probably a bully breed, who was in danger of being put into a situation that likely would not have been in his best interest. A dog-loving soul stepped into the situation and gave him all the medical attention he had been lacking. He is now up to date with his veterinarian care. The rescuer loved him enough to know that, because she already has several animals of her own, she couldn't keep him. She also knew he would need training to allow him to become the best Stewie he can be! She turned him over to Furry Friend's Network in order for him to enter the HOPE program. Stewie must finish his basic obedience course before he can be adopted, so look for him to find his forever family in mid-May. Applications won't be processed until mid-April. To apply, please follow this link:

Stewie had been doing better walking on leash until this week. When out alone with few distractions, he does great. With distractions, he tries to go wherever he wants. I will occasionally switch to using his harness, instead of collar, and that hasn’t made a difference. It has been a struggle this week, but I’m determined to help him learn that loose leash walking is more rewarding. We’ve also been out in the dog yard as much as possible this week, running around chasing leaves and a ball. (Regression is not uncommon as puppies hit their second fear stage.)

"Stewie has had a great week. He's not pulling on the leash as much as the first 3 weeks. When people call his name, or he sees staff that usually love up on him, he wants to charge over to them. He has a new best friend, Calvin. Those two love to play and wrestle. They even mimic each other in a 'monkey see, monkey do' game.
Stewie's adult teeth are coming in and I have found three puppy teeth so far. He loves to chew on his toys. It relaxes him.
His recall is good and he is very observant on what's going on around him."

“Stewie is getting the hang of loose leash walking. He still has work to do when he gets too excited. He loves his rope toy and playing tug-of-war. I let him win most of the time. He knows “drop it” and will let go on command. If he gets too excited and starts play growling I have him drop it and lay down. Then we can start again. It’s a good outlet for him to burn off energy. The truth is, it’s hard to say no to the little guy because he looks at you with those eyes and he’s so adorable! He gets gold stars this week for being so social on visitation to the other units. He loves everyone and adores all the attention.” 

“This past week I have been working with Stewie walking on the leash. When using his regular collar, he likes to pull and if he gets bored he tries to bite his leash. I started using his regular harness and he walks with me much better. He’s able to walk on a loose leash most of the time. His sit, lay down, and stay, are getting longer in duration and he seems to relax when doing so. In the sit-stay and down stay position, I’m almost able to walk around him a leash length away. When I’m at 180 and he can’t turn his head to see me, he moves. He’s yet to figure out to turn his head in the opposite direction. Silly puppy!
Whenever I replenish his water bowl, or when feeding him, I ask him for a sit-stay, away from where his bowls are placed. Once I’m ready, I release him.
He has a lot more stamina now, and loves the fenced in dog yard and running off leash. He loves to chase after balls and he’s even brought the ball back to me a few times. His recall is good, but when other dogs are around he does get distracted.
Stewie has had only a couple of accidents and it’s really only when he gets so excited when playing. He’s doing great with the other dogs and is always ready to play. He has played the most with Reggie and gets to do so a few times a day.
He also enjoys playing with his toys and when I tell him “out” he will release it.
Stewie gets gold stars for doing auto sits at doors and when out walking when I stop. He takes treats gently and is also behaving well with the other trainers in the program when they take him out while I’m at work. It’s good that he can transfer his skills with another person!”

“Stewie arrived this week and we bonded very fast. He has settled in quickly to his new environment. The first two days all I did was take him for short walks and let him get accustomed to his new environment. We are working on his loose leash walking skills and making sure he knows that it’s not okay to be mouthy. He's still a puppy! If his energy level gets too high, he will bite his leash, so I redirect his focus until he can calm down. When we are out in the closed dog yard he will run around, but when he starts to get tired, he tries to make a game out of biting my pants leg. Again, I have to redirect his puppy attention.
Stewie is doing well around all the people, and loves all the attention he gets. He is very food motivated and is able to sit, lie down, and do short stays. He has not exhibited any resource guarding. Before he eats, he will sit and stay until I put his food in his bowl. Then I release him to eat. I do the same thing whenever I refresh his water bowl. He loves toys, especially the old soccer balls. He has started to bring me balls when I call him and is learning, “Drop it.” He loves to lay down with me in the evenings and around 10 PM he goes to his crate. When I leave for work around 4:30 AM he stays in his crate and I often just come back later to take him outside for bathroom breaks. He has not shown any separation anxiety, but he is so happy when I come back and forth from work. He is doing well taking his bathroom duties outside, with only two accidents when he just got here. He is a quick learner and I’ve been able to spend at least 10 minutes at a time, five times a day on specific training. Short bursts of training seem to suit him so he doesn’t get bored too quickly. He is such a quick learner, I am already able to cut down on treats for some of his basics. So far Stewie seems to like the other dogs and wants to play. Because Stewie is new and he was just neutered he isn’t able to play as much as he’d like, but all of his introductions have gone well and he did get to spend a little time with Reggie.”