Calvin is a 4-5 month old lemon beagle mix who was found as a stray, starving & cold. He came into rescue and then foster before he made his way to the HOPE program. Calvin will learn basic manners and be socialized during his stay. Because he was bonded to his brother and they were living on their own, they had very little human contact prior to being rescued. This little guy is learning to be brave! To adopt Calvin...

Hi! It's Calvin again, your favorite Great Dane. My handlers tell me I'm a beagle mix, but I don't believe them, cuz I like to run with the big dogs! I've had a busy week learning to do this thing my handlers call, "Stay." Do you know how hard that is to do when there are so many things going on around here? I'm getting it, but it's very hard to do for me. I like to watch everything going on around me. I'm turning 5 months old this week, so there's still a lot I don't know about this world! For example, we were outside working and playing a little too. Anyway, I was practicing "stay" when I noticed this brown, furry thing around my size on the other side of the fence. My handlers call it a ground hog. I saw he was eating the green stuff that I like to play and roll in . Since I like to do whatever I see my friends doing, I tried to eat some of what they call grass too. Then I saw him digging up the green stuff, so I went at it also! Hey, this is fun! My handlers decided that was a bad idea though, so I didn't get to finish and we went back to working on "Stay."
In other news this week, I went on a car ride with my bud, Stewie, and Ms. M. It was really fun, cuz we got to go to a store, and get treats, and give people kisses! I was so tired when I got back! I went straight to my crate and slept most of the evening. My handlers tell me I get to do it again next weekend! I can hardly wait! I used to be so scared of new people, and now I love meeting them!"

"Hello everyone! This is Calvin again and another week has passed since I've been in HOPE. Guess what I've learned?! This week I learned how to dance, give high fives and shake paws. I like to dance the most! Know what else I like? Sneakers! But my handlers won't let me have any. Sad face. Other than that, I'm doing great and I'm no longer afraid of the big, loud trash cans. My handlers helped me understand they won't hurt me. If anyone is interested in making me part of your family, I promise I will be like your best friend and snuggle buddy!"

"Hello Everyone! I'm Calvin and I run this place! This past week my handlers have been working with me on "sit," "down," "stay," and "recall." We also played fetch! This is my favorite game! It's fun and I got a lot of exercise. Speaking of exercise, I even went with one of my new handler friends on a little jog. All of this has made me feel quite comfortable here and I've started to meet a lot of the other fellas on the block. I've been getting treats and belly rubs ever day! I've also been out to play with my best bud Stewie, romped around with Reggie, taken a walk with Trevor, sniffed and sat next to Angel, and hung out some with Dexter. Stay tuned for next week! I'm a fast learner! I bet I'll learn new tricks!"

"This week we welcomed a new dog into the program! His name is Calvin and he is a 4 ½ month old lemon beagle. He is a sweet, adorable, well-behaved pup. He arrived at the prison on Monday, taking a long ride from Kentucky. We haven’t had much time with him, but so far he warmed up to us quickly. He has that beagle bark that he’ll share with the block when a passing train blows its horn or when the 12 o’clock whistle blows here at the prison. We are working with him on loose leash walking, sit, down, touch, come and look. We are also throwing in a few tricks, like roll over and army crawl."