Gia is a 10-12 month old brindle beauty! She is full of life and very affectionate. She loves balls and treats and enjoys her training sessions, as well as her play sessions.

Gia had an interesting week! She went on two outings! The first one was too overwhelming for her with lots & lots of dogs, people and noise, so she came back early. She does fine with the loud noises here, but maybe all of those things at once were just too much. Her second one was to Lowes & I’m told she enjoyed herself. She also greets people here with a happy tail and we treat her like a princess.

Gia has made a smooth adjustment and I'm more attached to her every week. She is social with people and other dogs. She's also a quick learner and loves to go outside to train. Her separation anxiety is slowly improving and I can leave her alone for a longer time.

People keep telling me how pretty Gia is, but I think she looks like a love child of a Tasmanian devil and a hyena. After two weeks, I've realized how sweet, affectionate and smart she is, and now I think she's an absolute beauty. She has stolen my heart.

Gia is such an affectionate little girl! Because she is new to the program and just out of surgery, she has only met the other dogs briefly, but she seems to be comfortable around them. She has been working this week on basic obedience... Sit, down, watch and stay.