Ollie is a 7 month old Redbone hound who arrived at HOPE to learn some manners and work on some resource guarding. So far his training is going well and he is doing well with the "Leave it" and "Out" commands. He is doing well enjoying himself with the other dogs in the program. The earliest Ollie will be available is the beginning of August 2018. Once he is made available we will post a link to his rescue sponsor, Furry Friend's Network. For more information on how adoption works through FFN please read: http://furryfriendsnetwork.com/adopt/our-expectations/

July 11, 2018
Ollie, Khloe & Dexter went on visitation last Friday. Handsome Ollie is doing well greeting new people and really enjoys the social time. We continue to work on not jumping to greet, but this gets better every week. He was exhausted afterward!
Over the weekend, Ollie and Khloe enjoyed themselves off leash for the first time and had a great game of tag.
Ollie also worked with Calvin's handler, Calvin, and myself on loose leash walking. Ollie gets bored when he's alone, so having Calvin working with us helped keep him engaged. Also, as suggested by one of the volunteer trainers, I kept varying my pace and that made him pay more attention to me.Ollie is doing so well in his crate while I'm at work. Occasionally they say he will whine a little, but it only last a couple of minutes and then he settles down. When Ollie is really excited he does struggle with impulse control, but once he settles down, he is doing really well with his commands!

July 6, 2018
Ollie has been very stubborn this week, probably due to the hot, humid weather. It has been too hot to take out to the yard to run around as he enjoys zooming around off leash. We've taken short We've taken short walks and let him play with Gia, Calvin, Zoey and Khloe but only stay out for short periods at a time. We are still working with Ollie about planting and not jumping on people to greet them. We've seen a lot of improvement, but sometimes his impulses get the better of him. He's a hard-headed hound and tries to be demanding. His "sit-stay" and "down-stay" are good, but sometimes I have to use my "dad" voice for him to realize it's not play time. I've been working with him on "stand," but once he stands, he wants to move. His long lets just keep going, and sometimes he still trips over them when he's walking. Ollie's favorite activity is when I toss about small treats and ask him to, "Find it!" Heavier treats work best. I can toss them far and he loves using his nose to search.

June 27, 2018
Ollie has settled in here with me. This past week he has been really well-behaved. He loves to be outside and can be demanding when he wants to go out. At first I thought he had to go potty, but really he just wants to get out and run around. He gets excited really easily and sometimes will still jump on people, but it's not as frequent as it was when he first arrived. We've been working on "sit-stay" and "down-stay." When treats are involved he does very well, but when the treats run out... Uh-oh! He loves apples and bananas and I'll use them as treats for him too.
He has been running around with the two new dogs here and we still call him "Crazy Legs." He and Zoey have had a lot of fun this week.Also this week, he has gotten noticeably better with willingly going into his crate and not crying as much when I leave him. Ollie has figured out the schedule here and as I write this he is starting to whine and pace to go out because it is almost yard time. Ollie is a fun dog who would fit well with a family that loves to exercise outdoors.


June 20, 2018
We have been working on meeting and greeting people this week. Ollie likes to jump up when meeting new people and this is not acceptable. Having him sit before the greeting is starting to help. Ollie gets so excited and it's hard to keep him focused on the task at hand. He is much happier being outside than indoors. All he wants to do is sniff, sniff, sniff... And why not? He's got the hound dog nose!
Ollie doesn't seem to enjoy being petted a lot. He gets annoyed and moves away when someone tries to give him affection. On the other hand, he likes licking people and leaning on them.
He is starting to get some good muscle tone and his legs are able to support his body so he's not quite as clumsy. When he runs we all call him Crazy Legs!
Out in the dog yard, where we take the leash off, he loves to chase Gia and he barks non-stop at her. He and Calvin will also chase each other and play together with a lot less barking.
He's beginning to dig a little and gets upset when I discourage this. He does love to roam the perimeters with his nose to the ground and I guess this is what he was born to do.
He is getting so much better with the "out" command and enjoys playing with a solid rubber ball. He is starting to play fetch and bring it back to me regularly.

June 13, 2018
Ollie arrived to the HOPE program on June 7, 2018. As soon as we were inside the cell and the door closed he did not like it. He was trying to get on top of his crate and scratch at the door. He started to whine and I ignored the whining. After about 10 minutes he relaxed just a little and started sniffing around. At first, he didn't like being in his crate when I would have to leave. He would whine and bark some. I started covering the crate with a blanket to make it feel safe and so he couldn't see out when the door popped. This seems to work well. Now when I leave they say he will whine for a little bit, but stop after a few minutes. Not he seems not to mind going in his crate, especially if we've been out to the yard for exercise after dinner.
He has some resource guarding issues with toys, so we will work on this. I give him the "Out" command and he is starting to let go of his toy. When he lets it go he gets lots of praise and a treat. Then I give him his toy back. I've been doing this 10-15 times for 5X a day and it is working out well. Ollie's "sit" and "down" are good and we will start working on "leave it" next.
Ollie isn't completely comfortable with handling and petting, but he has only been here 5 days and he's still adjusting.
He loves to run around with Gia and he'll bark at her to get her going. He's not very coordinated yet and we call him "crazy legs" when he's running.