Khloe' is an 8 month old pup who was found abandoned in a box in the trash. She arrived to HOPE in early June 2018 and is quickly learning basic skills, as well as to feel comfortable in the presence of other dogs. She loves being around people and enjoys their affection. She will likely be available for adoption in early August.

This week, Khloe was brought t a weekly depression group where she served her purpose and lifted the spirits of those in attendance. It was her first time in a settling like that and she did really well with how she went from person to person, greeting them and taking treats. Once group started, she spent most of the time relaxing on the floor with the occassional greeting, but not in a distracting manner. Khloe continues to socialize well with the male dogs, but she seems to have become obsessed with Dexter. I don't know why, but she loves him and tries to provoke him into play. The female dogs are a work in progress, but she is at least able to be close to the group training circle without melting down.
The focus of this week's training was "focus," specifically "stays" and "leave it." We are trying to increase duration and distance on her stays. She's doing a lot better with "leave it." We also started working on "back."
Finally, Khloe and Ollie had a good weekend playing in the dog yard.

This week Khloe had a significant breakthrough and has taken tremendous strides in overcoming her only barrier to adoption, which is her reactivity towards other dogs. She has gone from lunging aggressively at the sight of dogs, to now playing with four of the other six dogs here in the program! With the help and cooperation of everyone involved, Khloe was able to be put into positive situations on a daily basis where she was able to build trust and gain confidence. In doing so, Khloe’s reactivity gradually reduced and her body language began to change, which is how I knew it was time to push her boundaries with certain dogs.On Friday evening, while interacting one on one with Calvin, Khloe laid down for the first time, which led to her first proper greeting of another dog! The introduction obviously went great as they danced around each other and played for a few minutes before we went our separate ways, leaving on good terms. From then on, Khloe has been eager to play with the others and has since become friends with Ollie, Dexter, and Reggie as well! Gia and Zoey are still works in progress, but I believe it’s only a matter of time before they can meet. They may not get along, but at least they can co-exist in peace. I’m going to try to get her in closer proximity to Gia & Zoey when they are engaged in play with Ollie and vice versa… I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s okay with all of the male dogs, but not the female dogs. She’s still young, so I think her current reactivity needn’t continue to be a problem for her getting adopted.


June 27, 2018
This week has been very productive for Khloe as she has been learning to tolerate the other dogs. Each day she gets exposed in different circumstances and different ways. With the exception of Gia, the other dogs aren't fazed by Khloe's reactivity and are making desensitizing her easier. For a couple of weeks Khloe's progress had been minimal in the sense that each encounter would require a restart, as though she forgot the previous encounter was positive and non-threatening, but doing so has helped identify her triggers. Her tolerance has been building though and yesterday we had a breakthrough. After working one on one with Calvin, she was able to get close enough to sniff him. Later we all went out back to the kennel runs. Ollie was in the first one, Calvin in the middle, and Khloe was in the third one without any reaction at all!

June 20, 2018
In only four days, Kloe' has become a favorite among us and is adjusting very well to her new environment. She is very reactive to other dogs, so she is not being exposed to them more than necessary. In the instances it's unavoidable, her attention is diverted elsewhere so she doesn't fixate on the encounter. Because of that, I believe she will show significant improvement over time and be able to co-exist without overreacting.
Aside from that, Kloe' is great. She is very playful and energetic. She loves people, so being here will be enjoyable for her. Given that she bonds quickly, I've been having others play and work with her so that her attachment isn't just to me and it doesn't become an issue. Kloe' is very trainable and is doing excellent learning basic skills. "Touch" is one of the cues I've been focusing on because of how reactive she is to the other dogs. She is doing really well with that both inside and outside. She has also learned "down" and has a good understanding of "stay" and "leave it" without distractions. All in all, Kloe' is great and doing well so far.