Zoey is a 40ish lb little brown dog who is somewhat shy, but we expect will blossom as she gains confidence with training. She does seem to enjoy people and is okay with other dogs. She doesn't like to play rough. She's smart and is adjusting to the noisy prison.

Zoey had a great week playing with Ollie and Calvin. It's like they have known each other forever and are her best friends. When she sees them, she just wants to play! We have been working on her basic commands, but she is still very distracted by everything... Bugs, dogs, grass, anything around her. She has been doing well with recall and will come when I call her. She had a brief meeting with Khloe, which only lasted a few seconds to keep them okay, and we had a meeting with Reggie, but she doesn't trust him yet. She & Gia don't seem to like each other at all. We tried again to get Dexter to trust her, but he just moves away like he's being bulled. It's a little funny because she is half his size.

Zoey had a pretty good week! She met all of the dogs except Khloe. She is scared and somewhat defensive. She played the best with Ollie. It was funny, like they'd known each other forever. She is a super lovely dog with all people and she is smart. She's still getting used to all of the noise on the block, so I'm not pushing her to work too hard yet. She has gotten to go the play yard with a new handler and had fun running around. He said her recall is pretty good.
She gets distracted by birds and bees, trying to catch them when we're working on training, but she's still new and we are building a trusting relationship.She did play with Calvin, but he tried to get on top of her when she was down and she didn't like that very much. She also let Dexter sniff her, but when she went to sniff him, he took off running so now we all laugh that Dexter is afraid of little Zoey, who is half his size.