Shadow is a handsome, 7-8 year old mixed breed dog. He weighs about 60lbs. Shadow is a laid back boy who gets along with cats and dogs. He lived with another dog until his owner sadly lost their home. 

For information on adopting Shadow, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

“Shadow’s new nickname is The Old Man. Here at Camp Hill, like many other places, you usually catch a nickname. Since he’s the oldest dog in our program, it seems fit so we ran with it. Recently, he’s gotten into chewing on, fetching, and tossing around a flattened basketball. He really enjoys himself while doing this. Shadow has mastered sit, touch, paw, down, and stay. I hope someone will give him a home.  Shadow’s a good boy who would love to cuddle up and take naps on the couch. He doesn’t deserve to be overlooked just because he’s an older dog.” 
“Shadow is a great dog! He has good manners and likes meeting people. Shadow is an older dog, but he still keeps up while we’re walking and does his commands. We all know dogs can’t talk. If Shadow could, I’m sure he would politely ask someone if he could be apart of their life. He’s not a demanding dog and he really deserves a forever home.”
“After an almost 2 week long lockdown, things are finally back to normal. During the lockdown, Shadow played in the cell and took a few more naps than usual. Now we are back to exercising and playing both outside and inside the cell. Shadow is enjoying the fall like weather and we sit outside sometimes. He’s a great dog and his favorite thing ever is neck scratches. We’re still working on stay and down.”
“Shadow is still patiently awaiting his forever home! He’s a great dog who deserves the chance to bring joy and happiness to someone’s life. While he’s waiting, he continues to enjoy his days here learning new commands, playing, and relaxing on my bunk. This week we worked on stayed. He’s starting to get it but just needs a little more time to master it. Shadow is starting to become friends with Penny! I think they’ll be playing together soon.”
“Shadow learned “paw” this week! He also knows sit and touch. He likes to curl up at the foot of my bunk and sleep there. He’s never had an accident in the cell or wrecked anything. He likes nylabones and takes treats gently. Shadow is one of the easier dogs that I’ve trained. You can tell he’s grateful for attention and always seems to be content. I hope someone will give this dog a chance.” 
“Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s not true. Shadow has learned several commands already and seems to like it here. We’re working on his slight separation anxiety issues when I leave the cell. He only cries for a few minutes and it’s already improved since he first arrived. He’s a nice dog and doesn’t seem to mind the other dogs.”

“Recently, we welcomed two new dogs into our HOPE program! Their names are Diesel and Shadow! Shadow is a great dog and we don’t know too much about his past unfortunately. I quickly figured out that he does not like to walk in the wet grass. Haha. He knows sit, but he doesn’t seem to know many other commands so we’ll work on that. He cries for a very brief time when I leave him in the cell alone, but it’s getting better every day. I look forward to working with him.”