Ace is a young pup who is about 3 years old and he weighs 60lbs. Until recently, Ace lived his life chained outside at an abandoned home in a rural area with little human interaction and he didn't receive food or water regularly until he was discovered. Ace is very sweet and thinks he's a big puppy. He doesn't know his size quite yet! During his time with us, Ace will be learning basic commands, how to interact with other dogs, and how to be a normal dog!

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“Ace is continuing to settle in nicely and is proving to be very trainable as he becomes more comfortable. He is still very excitable and always will be, but that’s an endearing personality trait that makes him so fun to be around. There’s never a dull moment with him because he’s bound to do something to make you laugh although that depends on who you are. My cabinet wasn’t the one he pillaged last week. Ha ha. Speaking of which, he hasn’t done anything like that this week nor has he ever tried to with me. I think he only did that because he was upset about being away, but who knows why he did it...
As for his training, a couple of the other handlers have been working with him and he’s been responding really well to them. The only trick that he’s learned so far is shake, but there will be more to come once he gets a little more domesticated. Ha ha. Right now, the focus is on the basics like sit, down, stay, watch me, and recalls which he is doing great with for everyone, not just me. He is also doing well around some of the typical distractions that exist on a daily basis and isn’t as scattered as he was initially. He’s fine with a few dogs and handlers around, but the big issue was and still is vehicles. Whether it’s the delivery trucks, gators, or the medical cart, he loses it when he sees them and will even hear them before they are in sight. I’m not sure how to desensitize him from that, but hopefully we will figure something out though.
Ace continues to be friends with all of the dogs except for Hank. Over the weekend, Ace and Dexter played for a good half hour which shocked me because that’s not really Dexter‘s thing. He likes Ace though and that’s good because Ace needs all the exercise he can get. Also this week, Ace got the chance to go to the gym with me, but it was short-lived because we ended up getting locked down. We’ll get to do it again this weekend though so hopefully it all works out and he can have some fun.”
“Ace’s second week has been a productive one as he begins to settle in and get comfortable with his new surroundings. Everything outside of the cell is still new and exciting to him so he is understandably distracted by all the sights and sounds, but he’ll get used to it all in time. As he does, I work on things such as watch me, touch, and recalls to help improve his focus while we are out walking around. He is doing well with those things but when he sees or hears a vehicle, he fixates on it and ignores the world so a lot of work needs to be done there... As far as commands go, he’s learned all the basics and is perfect when there isn’t any distractions so I just have to continue to “drill” him over and over when we are outside. He is very excitable and energetic so with plenty of exercise and constant training, he will be fine. To help generalize his training and help with his manners, other handlers have been working with him too and he’s been very receptive to them. Over the weekend, we had Ace off leash in one of the dog runs and we were calling him back-and-forth where he would not only come when called but also sit automatically before getting a reward. He still tends to jump, but he is actually doing really well with staying on the ground and getting attention during meet and greets. For the most part, I keep his meet and greets limited to just the handlers and others who know what we are doing so that his bad manners aren’t reinforced.
Ace also got to meet the other dogs this week and had no issues in doing so. Hank doesn’t like Ace, but the rest of them are OK with him. He plays well with Gracie until she’s had enough and loses interest. Penny will play around for a little bit until she gets tired. Believe it or not though, Reggie seems to have taken a liking to Ace and they have the potential to be friends. Ace has yet to show any signs of resource guarding and is doing great with his food and toys. When it’s time to eat, he places and stays until I tell him OK. He eats as though he’s never been fed before, but he allows me to pet him and will even leave his bowl when called. He plays with all the toys and knows the drop it command so he’s beginning to like playing fetch. Even when he’s playing by himself, I have had no issues removing the toy. In doing so, I reward him and return the toy so guarding shouldn’t become an issue for him.”
“Ace is a very sweet and lovable dog who came to us after a rough, neglected life where he was chained up. He’s rescued now so there’s no reason to speak on his past other than to say that as hard as it was, it hasn’t ruined him and he will soon be ready to be adopted into a forever home. All Ace needs is to learn some manners which is really just a matter of time. He’s yet to be introduced to the other dogs, but he’s shown no issues from afar and wants to meet them badly so in time he will. He hasn’t met too many people either, but he wants to and it went well with the people he has met so far with the exception of his manners. Ace is a little too eager to greet you and will jump in excitement. He also tends to mouth you while you pet him, but all of that is expected given his past. All he wants is your attention and since he’s been neglected in that regard, it’s not a surprise that he doesn’t know how to handle it. He’ll get plenty of it in here though so he’ll learn soon enough and will calm down.... As far as his training goes, I wouldn’t say that he knows anything other than sit, but he is beginning to understand some of the other commands I’ve been working with him on. Being outside around dogs he wants to meet but hasn’t combined with the relatively new environment makes his focus hard to gain for the time being, but he’ll get used to it all in time. 
In the cell, I have his undivided attention and he’s doing really well with everything. He is taking treats much nicer than he was, but he still needs reminded at times. He is doing good with his crate training and has no problem being in there. He’ll even go in on his own from time to time. He acts like he’s never been fed before, but he has learned SOME manners. He knows that when it’s time to eat, he has to go to a certain spot, sit, and wait before devouring his food. He could potentially guard it, but he hasn’t yet and my focus is on preventing that issue. He has a decent grasp on “touch” and “down” and his “stay” is coming along as well. He likes to play ball and is beginning to play fetch with me as he learns how to drop it. All in all, Ace is a great dog who needs some time and patience to teach him how to behave. He will be fine soon enough and will be a great dog for someone and their family.”