Gracie is a 6 year old, Black Lab/Greyhound mix. She loves playing with toys and going for walks. Gracie is looking for a family with no small pets or children. She does do well with some dogs and Ace is one of her buddies.

For information on adopting Gracie, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

“First Calvin. Then Diesel. Now I have Gracie. I have been very fortunate to have such great dogs to work with. Gracie is such a sweetheart! She is extremely smart. I have been spending this week getting to know her, what she likes and what she doesn’t, what she knows, and what she needs to work on. Gracie knew sit very well when I got her. Now she knows down, stay, shake, look at me, and with me. Like I said, she is extremely smart. She picks things up very quickly if you just spend the time to teach her. I am amazed at just how quickly she learns her commands. She nearly has auto sit, place, and wait at 100% too. She will not get up onto my bed until I tell her up and when I tell her off she gets down. She wasn’t sure about the crate when she got here, but we worked on it and now when I tell her crate, she goes right in. She has already made friends with Ace. It’s funny because she will play with him running around and when she is done, she will turn her back to him, sit down, and put her nose straight up in the air. She will totally ignore him. Gracie loves to play and fetch her tennis ball too. If you throw it up in the air, she will catch it in her mouth. She is very inquisitive and loves to go out and sniff around the fence looking for moles. When she sees or finds one, both of her ears will point to the right and she will lay down and stare at where it was. She is a pleasure to walk as she doesn’t pull. If you stop, she will turn around and look at you. When you point to your side, she will come back right beside you. If you tell her let’s go or Gracie come, she does. If you tell her to leave it, even if you throw a treat on the ground, she will. If you tell her to find her ball, she will. She is a great dog! Gracie is a little shy when she first meets new people and doesn’t like it if someone walks up behind her and touches her on her haunches, but we are going to work on her socialization more once she gets used to this environment. She is fine when people approach her head on and I tell her to say hi. I will only put her in situations to succeed. I can’t figure out why she doesn’t have a forever home. I have only had her for about a week and I would certainly adopt her if I could! 
Gracie loves water!!! She was desperately in need of a bath when she got here. She just stood there and loved every minute of it. Then we were playing ball and I threw her tennis ball into the dog pool. She jumped right in and got it. Then she just hopped in because she wanted to. What a dog!”