Rocky is a 3-5 year old American Bulldog mix. He gets along with most dogs and weighs about 75lbs. 

For information on adopting Rocky, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"On Saturday, Rocky got the opportunity to meet his new foster parent and her dog. According to our director, this went well and a second home visit is in the works. We're happy that Rocky has this chance to leave the prison and live a happy life."

"Friday night, we took Rocky trick or treating around the block (housing unit). He met a lot of new people and got a lot of treats. Rocky really enjoyed this and we're happy that not only did he have fun, but he got the opportunity to learn and be social. Animals are great! They bring out the best in people and all they want in return is to be loved, accepted, and cared for. Please consider adopting from HOPE Dogs!"

"Rocky has a potential foster home lined up for him. He will have a visit there soon to see how he does. Rocky is pretty calm in the cell, but his anxiety is bad when he's anywhere else in the prison so I hope this works out for him. Rocky deserves it."

"This past week Rocky got to go on a car ride! However, it wasn't for a home visit. He had a vet appointment. Rocky loved the car ride and even stuck his head out the window. When Rocky was found as a stray, his ears were horribly infected and it took several months to finally clear them up. We're happy to report that his ears are perfect now."

"Rocky likes cookies! This past week I got the new peanut butter cookies off of commissary and Rocky was persistent in getting one. Long story short, he did and he really enjoyed it so much so to the point that he would watch me and wait for another one. He would peek around the bunk, follow me around the cell, and he was on his best behavior...just hoping to get another cookie. Rocky has his flaws, but he deserves his chance to live in a good home!"

"Rocky had yet another great week! He enjoys seeing his human friends and is starting to tolerate the other dogs more and more every day. We hope that Rocky can play off leash with another dog sometime here in the near future. All dogs deserve their second chance. Rocky needs his."

"Rocky continues to learn his basic commands and is doing a little better every day. He is getting out of the cell and meeting someone new every day. He does good around other people and is tolerating bigger crowds now. Also, this past week Rocky worked with other handlers in the program. He did good with this after he stopped looking for his primary handler."

"Rocky is enjoying his days here at Camp Hill. He likes to be outdoors, walking around, and chewing on tennis balls. He is getting better with his skills and basic commands. He can go for a couple of days without doing them and still remember what to do. However, this past week we did see Rocky's stubborn side while walking. If he didn't want to go any further, he would try to lay down. This isn't an issue and he probably did it because it was hot out."

"Rocky has gotten to the point where he has made some human friends here. He is very people friendly and often during our daily routine, he'll see someone who he knows and will want to stop to receive a scratch behind the ear or a simple pet. Rocky also has a good memory. We can go for a couple of days without doing his commands and he'll still perform them like we just did them a day before."

"Rocky has learned more this past week. He still does his basic commands with ease and is starting to get better with his behavioral issues. Rocky has gotten to the point where he is starting to tolerate other dogs. This is an improvement, but we still need to work on this issue a lot. In the last couple of days, I learned that Rocky doesn't like my bed being made. Every chance he gets to unmake it...he does. Rocky does this by pushing my covers around with his nose until it suits his liking and then he'll lay on my bunk with a look like, "Yeah...I did that." I don't get mad at him because he seems to enjoy this, but we will try to teach him the rules of being a house guest. Haha"

"Like we mentioned before, Rocky is an amazing canine. He is an American Bulldog mix who was rescued from a rough life on the streets. Fortunately, this is now just part of his past as he waits for his forever home. As summer turns into fall, we continue to train, play, and enjoy time with Rocky. His favorite activities are playing tug of war, fetch, chewing on tennis balls and bones. He also likes to be outside, lay on top of you while you pet him, and being vocal when he doesn't want to do what you ask him. Rocky patiently waits for someone to adopt him."

"Rocky is a good dog who enjoys playing fetch with tennis balls. He is loving and affectionate because he likes resting his head on you. Rocky is super laid back when there are no other dogs around. Rocky seems to not mind the other dogs except for Pepper. He walks well on a leash unless he sees something like a groundhog or small animal or Pepper. It's hard to redirect him when he gets into the zone like that and focuses in on something, but we're working on that."

"Rocky seems to have calmed down a little bit here and doesn't seem to be quite as stressed out. He still has anxiety, but he isn't barking nonstop anymore at least. Rocky got a new rope toy that he loves playing with. He's pretty calm when we are in the cell and likes to just relax. Rocky is more toy motivated than food driven so we will start to use his new rope toy as a reward during training sessions instead of using treats every time and see how it goes."

"Rocky had a blast this past week playing fetch and tossing around an old basketball. He really enjoys being outside and chewing on his chew toys. Rocky seems to be barking a little bit less the past few days which is good. He likes to lay in his crate on his back with his paws stretched into the air. As soon as you look at him, he'll roll over and act like he wasn't doing it. It's so funny."

"An American Bulldog named Rocky had yet another good week here at SCI Camp Hill. Since mastering roll over recently, he loves to do it and has so much fun with it because he realized he'll get a belly rub. Rocky went on a vet visit this week and we were told that he did pretty well. He rode great in the car and enjoyed watching out the windows."

"This past week Rocky went swimming. He really enjoys this and has learned a trick from Pepper. While we were filling up the pool, Rocky decided to try and bite the stream of water. He seemed to enjoy this and we're glad he had a good time. We're working on Rocky maintaining his stays even during distractions. He needs a little bit more work with that."

"We found out this week that Rocky loves to eat fruit and he will voice his wants whenever we are eating it. It's hard not to give in and give him a piece every time. As far as training goes, we focused on sit & stay when Rocky sees something that upsets him. We made a little bit of progress with Pepper and will keep working on it. We hope that someone will be willing to give Rocky his chance to live in a nice home."

"Rocky is an awesome dog that is often misunderstood. People often say that he looks mean and is misjudged because he isn't. Rocky is a friendly dog that enjoys meeting new people, playing fetch, and really likes the occasional scratch behind the ear. He will also make you laugh with one of the funny noises that he makes or with the way he chooses to lay on his bed (he'll lay on his back with his paws in the air). Rocky had a blast playing in the pool. It's been very hot outside and he loves it. We've been working on his skills and he knows most of the basic commands well, but we still have some things to work on."

"Rocky had a good week. We continued working on the basic skills and some improvement has shown. Rocky is a very energetic dog who loves to play and sometimes that's all he wants to do for hours. Katy is his favorite dog here. He will roll around for hours on end with her just being a big, lovable goof. The other day while we were chilling on my bunk, Rocky managed to roll right off of it. Then, he looked at me like it was my fault. He wasn't hurt and he actually landed on his paws."

"We took it kind of slow this week and focused on walking with Rocky and getting Rocky and Pepper to parallel walk without incident. They both still have issues with each other, but we are making progress. We worked on the basics like sit, down, touch, and paw. Rocky does pretty great with them. He likes playing fetch and tug too."

"Rocky has been with us for only 2 weeks and has shown great improvement. He can be stubborn at times, but he is a fast learner and a smart dog. Rocky has an amazing personality. He is very friendly, enjoys interacting with people, playing fetch, and always ends up making us laugh (usually with the way he softly barks when we're about to go for a walk). The other day Rocky finally saw the groundhog that he was trying to sniff out. At first, he didn't know what to do as he stared at it, but then he decided it was in his best interest to bark and growl in an attempt to get it out of the yard. Rocky and Hank walked together this week and seem to get along fairly well."

"This past week we got Rocky and liked him right away. He's a great dog with a lot of potential. Rocky's very friendly with humans. Although he enjoys barking, his issues only appear to be minor and we should be able to work them out soon. Rocky has made friends with Katy and Reggie. He already knows sit and paw."