Ozzie is a 4 year old, Mr. Congeniality who gets along with everyone. He weighs about 55lbs. Ozzie is currently learning basic obedience and socialization skills.

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"With the summer heat, Ozzie has discovered the use of the kiddie pool. After a game of fetch, he jumps into it and behaves like a puppy digging holes in the water, splashing around, and ultimately flopping down. His training is coming along nicely although he will occasionally let me know he has had enough and it's time to play."

"It's amazing to me the life lessons these dogs can impart. This morning I was reflecting on Ozzie's progress and I was put in mind of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady, right? It's like a jigsaw puzzle. You keep putting in one piece after another and soon the whole picture appears. Ozzie's pieces are falling into place and it's a pretty picture. He's turning into a well behaved dog with just enough naughtiness to keep it fun."

"Ozzie has made amazing progress in the past 7 weeks. His mild food aggression has fallen to the wayside and he is no longer desperate for food. I can handle him and even put my hand in his bowl while he's eating---with no reaction! His resource guarding of toys is also a thing of the past. He used to growl if I reached for his toy, but now he brings it to me. He loves to play tug of war. Next on the list is out."

"It amazes me how much lack of exercise can affect a dog's behavior. Due to "locational restrictions" Ozzie didn't get enough exercise and his behavior suffered. His leash manners went amok and he just wouldn't focus. He chewed up a pair of pants when I wasn't looking and started on a towel. When I scolded him, he somehow managed to look too adorable to stay mad at. He's lucky he's cute."

"When picking a dog, it's important to match personalities and energy levels. I prefer a more mellow dog who is a couch potato. I'm lazy. Ozzie is not one of those, but he is so lovable that it doesn't bother me at all. He requires lots of exercise and so I'm getting lots of exercise too. He likes to go anywhere I go and he is good with people. Since he was kenneled in the past, everything is new to him. He's so curious and it's fun to watch him check everything out. After 1 month of heavy feeding, he's filled out and looks much better. His manners have improved and he is now learning silly pet tricks."

"Despite being four years old, Ozzie acts like a puppy. Not surprising since he spent some time in a kennel. Everything is new to him and he has a healthy curiosity. He loves to go anywhere I go and hates being left behind. He loves attention and will nibble at me to get me to pet him. He is already a bit spoiled, but I deny any knowledge of how he got that way."

"Some say it takes about three weeks for the honeymoon period to end and a dog's true personality to come forth. I've been waiting to see if Ozzie turned into a monster, but it hasn't happened. He continues to get along well with people and other dogs. He is a little needy and a little mouthy, but we are working on the mouthiness and the neediness will dissipate as his self confidence increases. He is very affectionate and loves all the attention he gets. He has gained weight and is looking great."

"Ozzie is such a curious dog. After having spent his whole life in a kennel, it's only natural. Sometimes he gets startled, but he wants to know what everything is. There is an automated door here that he can't seem to figure out. He stares at it. Watches it slide open. Watches it close. Cocks his head to the side. Sniffs it. After a moment, you can almost see him shrug before walking through it. He's too cute."

"So last week they bring me this skinny, nervous dog and tell me his name is Gozman. What? What's a Gozman? Not going to work... I'm not calling him that. Imagining explaining (and spelling) that 50 times a day. So a new name is needed. Two syllable...hard O sound. Ozzie it is.
Ozzie is a 4 year old American Bulldog mix. He's white with a brown eye patch and some freckles. He looks like the dog from Little Rascals, Petey. Ozzie is high energy and smart. We spent the week getting used to each other and learning boundaries. And eating a lot."