Tiffany is a 2 year old,  Freckled-Faced Sweetie who loves snow and tutus. She weighs about 50lbs. She was abandoned when she was 6 months old by her owners which is how she ended up in rescue. Tiffany is very sweet and loves attention. She must be the only pet and no children under the age of 12. She likes to jump up on people and give hugs (we are working on the jumping) so we wouldn't want a child getting accidentally injured due to her size. 

For information on adopting Tiffany, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Tiffany has left the prison and is now in a foster home. 

“So I’ve got the ball in one hand and I’m trying to distract Tiffany with the other. Every time I show her my left hand which is empty, she would run to it, realize it’s empty, and start chasing the right again. I guess she got tired of playing my game. She was able to knock the ball out of my hand. Normally, she would’ve brought it to me thinking it’s play time. But this time, she just took off and ran straight into the cage. Now she doesn’t want to bring me the ball. She’s just looking at me, tongue hanging out, drooling and panting.”

“Ok, this is weird! Seriously weird. You know those pictures that no matter where you move to, it seems like the eyes are following you? That’s what Tiffany is doing. She’s laying on my bunk, yes my bunk, and eyeballing me. Then when I get close to the bunk, she stretches out!! I think she might be telling me it’s hers now? But when I walk away, she goes back into a ball, all the while gawking at me... I wonder what she’s thinking? #AllEyesOnMe”

“Ok, now I give up. Tiffany is officially allowed to get in my bed. Sometimes! She broke me down! For the last few days, she would come over and just stare. A few times she jumped up on my bunk and I would tell her off. But when she came over while I was laying down and put her head next to mine, I had to let her up. Not to mention, she gave me the saddest look ever. But now I realize how there might not be enough room for the both of us! #MoveOver”

“I’m sure this is getting weird! I went over to meet and play with the new dog, Jenny, before I walked into my cell. Now, for the last 3-4 minutes, Tiffany keeps walking up to me, sniffing my legs and boots. So when I sat down, she sniffed my hands and walked away. After the third time, she just sat down and looked at me. I’m thinking she must smell the other dog? But when I went to pet her, she walked into her crate and laid down. Why does it feel like I just got caught cheating?! #NoSharing”

“Okay, I feel bad... Today, I moved back to the bottom bunk, which was Tiffany’s for the last 6 months or so. So now that I’m on the bottom bunk, she’s not sure what to do. The first few times she jumped on the bunk I made her get down. When I laid down, she’s pacing back and forth looking at me. The funny part is once she gets to the foot of the bunk, she stands up like she wants to jump up. Now she’s in the cage just staring at me. Just so you know, she’s too big or the bunk is too small to share...”

“No retreat, no surrender! It started with a game of tug-of-war outside. I think we played for close to 20 minutes. Then I would run her around the yard for 10 laps before going back to playing tug-of-war. To keep her entertained, I would throw a little training into the mix like sit, stay, and leave it, just to name a few. So now I’m thinking she has to be tired. Nope, not even close. I was in the cell trying to clean up and every couple of minutes, she was bringing me either the ball or rope toy. So I tied the rope to the end of the bed and she’s been pulling and chewing on this rope for almost 30 minutes now… There’s no stopping when she wants to play…”

“This just might work! I was out with Tiffany trying to get her some exercise when Reggie walks up calm and cool as he could be. Both dogs faced each other and Tiffany did her play bow thing. At first, Reggie just looked at her like she lost her mind. Then, out of nowhere, Reggie went running in circles which prompted Tiffany to do the same. So for about 3 minutes, we stood there while these two ran in circles, never making contact with each other. Then the sudden stop and Tiffany walked off like nothing even happened.”

“Easy week. For the first time, I allowed Tiffany to meet Reggie. In the past, we haven’t been able to get these 2 close together. They are not yet playtime buddies, but it could happen. There’s no telling what she’ll do in certain situations with other dogs.”

"We just finished training, but lil' miss is still full of energy. But as luck would have it, there was a tour going on where different people from the outside come into the prison. A few of them wanted to meet her. You should have seen her licking everyones' faces and shaking hands like she was running for president. The best part was when she started doing all of her tricks. She must have performed the "bang" trick 10 times. As long as everyone would pet her, she was happy. It's good to see that people were interested in her and she in them. Now we just need that one person(s) to come and adopt her!"

"Okay, she's a show off... I'm trying to teach her how to get the ball out of the box and bring it to me. I would step out in front of my cell door, tell her to get the ball, and she takes off into the cell rummaging through almost everything until she finds it. Anyways, someone asked if they hid the ball if she would find it and bring it back. Normally, I would stick a treat with the ball to help her find it or find the smell, but this time I didn't. I hid the ball inside my wash tub at the back of the bottom bunk. Not even 30 seconds passed before she came running out of the cell with the ball in her mouth. Naturally, everyone was impressed including me. I usually have to either wait or help her out. #ShowOff"

"Tiffany is becoming a star. I took her to one of my groups and everyone loves her! She runs around the room playing with any and everybody, jumping on the table, licking people, and trying to engage people into playing with her. The coolest part was when one guy, who basically never smiles, decided to play with her. The smile he had on his face changed the feel of the whole group."

"I had Tiffany and Trevor out back so they could get some exercise. At some point, I got involved in this weird game of chase with Tiffany and Trevor. At first, I figured it would be easy to get Trevor and save Tiffany for last. Nope! Trevor took off running so I tried for Tiffany. Nope! I finally got Tiffany leashed because she thought I had food so I dropped her leash to get Trevor. So Tiffany takes off as I leashed Trevor. She finally came running back when she thought I was leaving without her."

"When she wants something, she'll let you or me know… I'm laying down reading, but I keep hearing the sound of her water bowl being pushed across the floor. I jumped down to see what's going on. Homegirl got the bowl by the door, the rugs stuffed under the cabinet, and the blankets pulled out of the cage. So I cleaned up her mess and she's watching me like a hawk. Every time I get near the sink she stands up. The second I filled up her bowl she started wagging her tail and trying to jump on me. But after she had her water, she just walked back into her cage ignoring me and laid down. #GiveMeWhatIWant"

"Don't leave Tiffany alone. I am working on her recall so I would leave her in a sitting position or a down while I walk around to the other side of the tier and then I'll call for her. I must have called for her five or six times! No response. So I walked back thinking the worst… I get to the cell and home girl has my bowl, a half empty jar of peanut butter, one shower shoe, and a few towels thrown all over. I must have startled her because when I got to the door she ran straight into the toilet trying to get into the cage. Now she's just watching me clean up as she licks her chops."

"I just returned from the gym and Tiffany is under the bunk with her blanket in the middle of the floor. I think these pieces of rubber are my insoles on the ground. I am 100% sure that the mess inside of her cage was, big WAS, past tense, my shoes. I'm not mad. Nope. She thinks I am though and keeps peeking at me from under the bunk. The look on her face is priceless. The entire time I'm cleaning up she just keeps peeking out. I'm going to run with this! Maybe I can clean up with chasing her, for once?"

"Whatever you have or whatever you do, Tiffany wants in! Something in your hand? Tiffany wants to smell it. Eating, she'll sit in her cage and give you the saddest puppy dog eyes you have ever seen. Not saying I gave in, well once or twice, but you have to see the look she gives me. She's like a child you might say no to, but after a while you'll give in. Everyone does… At rec time, I took her to get some exercise. A guy on the block was eating an apple so Tiffany runs over and sits in front of the dude. I was trying to pull her away, but she's still sitting in front of him. Finally, on the way out the door, she looked back with that sad look and the dude broke down and gave her a piece. Little Miss Tiffany takes one smell and turns away in disgust and goes running out the door. #GiveMeWhatILike"

"I took Tiffany with me up to the infirmary to visit someone and she was outstanding! Playful, listened to all of the commands as well. One guy even said that the visit with her seemed to help him because he was going through some issues."

"Sometimes you just have to give in… I was taking Tiffany out to play until she spotted Trevor. Every time they see each other, they just freeze up, sit down and cry until we let them play. So after about five minutes of her sitting and looking at Trevor, I gave in and took both of them to the yard to run for an hour or so. 20 minutes in, both dogs are so tired that they're laying on their sides spooning."

"Takes 2 to tango! So I went and got Trevor to tire Tiffany out... The first 5 to 10 minutes they were running around the yard at full speed. After that, they had gotten so tired that they were laying side-by-side trying to play. I kept them out for an hour or so and by the time we went inside, they were exhausted. No dog like a tired dog."

"So I decided to take Tiffany and Trevor to the yard. First, Trevor decides to hump my leg and Tiffany just stood and watched. Then Tiffany decides to grab my towel and take off running. It doesn't stop there. Trevor decided to take a drink from my cup while I was chasing Tiffany. Finally, they decided to play with each other. When it's all said and done, both of them are too tired to walk. As it was once said, a tired dog is a good dog!"

"Tiffany never has problems making friends...I'm walking her around the tier and decided to let her meet a few of the new guys on the block for a quick stop at their doors so she can sit, shake, get a quick pet, and we leave...until we got to this one door. You would have thought Tiffany knew this dude from years ago. She goes flying into his cell, jumps on his bunk, and wiggles around like she owns the joint. Now when I walk her by his cell, she pulls as if she wants to go in... #NewFriends/OldCells"

"It's only been 2-3 days and she's going crazy! So we're on lockdown and the fact that she can't go outside is driving Tiffany crazy! Back and forth, in and out of the cage. She can't make her mind up. Right now, she's staring into the toilet bowl. Before that, she stood looking at the door for 5 minutes. Before that, we play tug of war and now she's roaming around the cell looking super sad. #NoLockedDoors"

"OK I'm pretty sure things just got weird… I am in the cell doing my work out and here comes Tiffany, being nosey as always. She comes over and sniffs my head. Then she sits in front of me. The funny part is how she's following me with her head. So I had her join me. I told her to sit and then down. After about 5-6 times, I guess she got bored? She yawned and just walked into her cage. Now she's sitting in her human pose looking at me like I did something wrong… #NoWorkouts"

"If at first you don't, try again or in Tiffany's case, again and again. For the last week, Tiffany has been trying to encourage Ozzie into some form of play. She would lay down, waiting for him to come closer or do the play bow and run to sniff him then take off running. Until today, Ozzie finally gave in and decided to play. Because Tiffany doesn't have an off button, once Ozzie wanted to stop, she started to chase the dude! Seeing Ozzie try to run away from Tiffany the tyrant is a sight to behold. Ozzie runs behind his handler and Tiffany is stalking him. #NewFriends"

"I think that I just stole Tiffany's joy? We were out back and she was chasing the ball which was nothing new for her. For whatever reason, she decided to snatch the frisbee and take off running. I didn't mind until she started eating it. Every time I got close, she would pick up and take off running. Finally, I tricked her to come back. Once I got the frisbee back, she sat in front of me for about five minutes, got up, walked away, and laid down. I felt bad so I tried to engage her in play. No, I guess she really felt some type away. Every time I would throw the ball, she would go in the opposite direction. Then when I tried to pet her, she shied away from me! I'll check back with her later on. I might have to bring the frisbee out as a peace offering?"

"I guess Tiffany couldn't make up her mind? I had her walking around the tier with me and there is a guy upstairs who always plays with her and gives her treats so when we got to his door, she was going crazy. I walked to the other end of the tier and told her to come so she ran about halfway, stopped, looked back at the guy's cell, and then looked at me. At first I just waited, but then she started going back to his cell. So I turned and walked away and then she came running full speed into my leg, sat down only for 2-3 seconds before running back to that guy's cell and going inside it like she owns the joint. When I got there, she was on his bed eating cheese and looked at me as if to say, "Well he had food." Food=friend...

"This is my first week back with Tiffany. You know how you would go to a relative's house as a child and bug out until it's time to go home? Then you still bug out until you realize you can't do any of that same stuff at home? Yup, same thing with Tiffany. At first, she was super excited, running, jumping, and happy to see me until our first walk. She was pulling and yanking and I just stopped and waited. I swear to you she got to the end of the leash, looked back at me, and it was as if she just realized that I was back and wouldn't let her pull and yank. So she just sat down and waited for me. Now she's trying me yet again with attempting to drink out of the toilet..."

"I've been letting Tiffany off her leash in the rear yard. She loves chasing her ball. When she's tired, she lays on her back and stays there. When she goes to sleep, she lays on her back with her head to the side. She's so cute."

"I've been working on Tiffany meeting other dogs. She's getting better with Brownie. She still has issues with Reggie. She loves Trevor. I've been working on her jumping and brushing around her head because she isn't fond of that. We are also practicing getting her used to the muzzle going on and off."

"I just got Tiffany and we have been in the process of getting used to one another. I have been working with her off and on before, but now I am with her 24/7 so I can start working on her issues. She has been a joy to work with. Tiffany is loving and gentle. She has a pulling issue when walking on leash sometimes which we are working on. She is not a fan of Reggie. Her basic skills are really good."

"I think I told everyone about Tiffany's new best friend? The dude, Trevor, is two doors down and every time she comes out, she will stop at Trevor's door to sniff it and look back at me. Yeah, their relationship is getting weird. Anyways, I had Tiffany on the tier playing a game of fetch, but every time she would bring the ball back, she would stop in front of Trevor's door to drop the ball and just stare at the door. I felt bad so I took both of them out back to play for an hour or so."

"Do not, I repeat, do not let the little dude, Pepper, know but I'm pretty sure Tiffany is officially my new best friend... On Wednesday during training, I was taught how to teach Tiffany how to "wave bye or "hi". So for the last two days, I have been drilling her with that. So today I am sitting on the bunk when the door buzzed open for me to head to work. On the way out, I waved bye and sure enough, while sitting on the bunk, she looked at me, did her "wave bye" and laid down with the saddest look that I have ever seen on her face. I almost, really big almost cried… But I didn't. I walked away from the door for a few minutes and then crept back to see what she was doing. True to form, she was laying down with her face on her paws still looking at the door. I'd like to tell myself that she is waiting for me… Being that it's only the two of us living in there… So I stayed back from work, but now she isn't even paying me any attention."

"OK, self-control is not one of Tiffany's strong points! I am sitting on the bunk trying to teach her the "Bang" trick. I have a few cookies sitting on the chair. She's so focused on the cookies that she's drooling. So I decided to change the game. I put about 4-5 cookies down, tell her to "leave it" and turn my back. The first 3-4 times went great. The last time that I turned my back I can hear her chewing. I thought she was still eating the last one I gave her so I tried it again. I looked back just in time to catch her in the act… I guess she figured well, I'm already caught might as well make it worth my while. I turned around fast and I must have startled her because she jumped down, ran towards the chair, snatches 2-3 cookies, and runs into her cage. All I could do was laugh, but she's in her cage looking at me with her head cocked to the side. #TeaseMeNot"

"OK, I am pretty sure Tiffany is a thief! I am getting ready to take her outside so I grab a handful of cookies and treats plus a ball and her leash. I stepped out of the cell for two seconds and left the cookies sitting on the table. I didn't see her take them, but when I returned she was still chewing and two cookies were missing. If that didn't give her away, she ran into her cage and laid down with this guilty look. When I grabbed the rest of the cookies, she jumped up super excited, but she still hasn't come out of the cage yet. #Guilty..."

"So I took Tiffany to school with me. I should have gotten her a chair and table...over the last week or so, I've been training her to climb up and down on different objects. I would either tap the object or point and say, "up." Anyway, she spent the first 5 minutes smelling every inch of the classroom. Then, while I was talking I must have tapped the table because Tiffany comes flying out of left field, jumps straight onto the table and starts running from table to table licking everyone who would let her. She got me like this 6-7 times, but it was cool to see how much everyone enjoyed having her in our class."

"So I am trying to teach Tiffany to "play dead". Every time she would roll onto her back, I will give her a treat. After 3 to 4 times, instead of rolling back over, she just stays on her back. At first, I tried to wait her out. Nope, she had other plans... I gave her the "stand" command, nothing... "Sit," nothing... so I figured if I got up so would she...nope! Finally, I acted as if I was going to leave the cell and she jumped up then, ran out, and rolled straight onto her back. I am standing in front of my door and Tiffany is laying on her back and everyone on the tier is laughing... Life with Tiffany!"

"I guess when you're tired, you're tired! I had Tiffany out back running laps after I had her chasing the ball for almost an hour. After 10 or so laps, home girl trots over to her water bowl, flops down, and just lays there. So I figured I would give her a few minutes to rest... I swear to you she must have flopped down 5-6 times on the way in. We would take a few steps and she'd drop down, look at me, and rollover onto her back. Finally, I started rubbing her stomach and true to form, she's up and running again. As I write this, she's at the foot of my bunk laying on her back staring at me like she knows I'm telling..."

"I thought female dogs didn't hump? I had Tiffany out just walking around, but lately she's been showing a lot of interest in this other dog named Trevor. He is a cool dog so I decided to let her go play with him. After about 10-15 minutes, things got weird, really weird.... Tiffany lays down and Trevor jumps all over her. She starts to sniff the dude, Trevor, from behind and I swear to you the entire time she's sniffing Trevor's butt, she's doing the humping motion. Trevor runs away, but Tiffany just kept on doing the humping motion. All the other guy and I could do was look at each other and laugh."

"It's funny how something as simple as falling snow can give a dog so much joy. We've been locked down almost all morning so when the time came to let the dogs out, we were all ready to get some air. Once I let her outside, she saw the snow and went crazy! The snow drifts are bigger than she is. Tiffany was running and diving in it. She was trying to eat the snow and catch it in her mouth. We were cold and wet by the time we came inside. She enjoyed it though."

"As you all know, I'm still in the early stages of training Tiffany. So today I'm working on "leave it" and "out". So we're out playing catch and every time she gets the ball and comes back, I say "out". If she drops it, she gets a treat. I will sit the ball down and wait for her to go after it. When she does, I tell her to "leave it" and she'll get another treat when she does. But true to her puppy nature, I guess she wanted to try me? She does "out," but when I put it down and told her to "leave it" she snatches the ball, runs away, looks back, and drops it. Once she'd drop the ball, I would take a step closer and she would pick it up and run. Yeah, we did this for about 5 minutes. She thinks it's a game. I want to catch her. The wonders of youth...."

"Normally, I would expect a dog to devour an egg. I thought I was hooking Tiffany up with a couple of boiled eggs along with her normal dry food. I guess she had other plans? Granted, she ate the dry food and she ate the yolk but not the whites. What is this? So I tried to trick her into taking it. Normally, after I have her do a trick she knows a treat is coming. I swear to you she spit the whites right back out. After the third time, I guess she got tired of the game. She walks off, stops at her cage, and looks back at me before she lays down. I guess Tiffany doesn't like egg whites?? #AllYokeAllTheTime"

"You MUST give Tiffany all of your attention or at least I do! We're in the cell, just relaxing watching TV and she was in and out of her crate. I guess that's not enough for Lil' Miss Thang? At first, she brought out a couple of toys trying to get me to play. That didn't work so she tried jumping all over me and that didn't work. After a few minutes, I noticed she was taking things over by the toilet. Yup, you guessed it. Home girl put 2 toys and a rag--my rag in the toilet. Now she's watching me to see what I do with it. She's actually excited thinking I'm going to play. Toys in the toilet means no play time, but she doesn't know it yet.
P.S. After a few minutes, I took her out for a run. She won after all..."

"I think Tiffany was raised by cats! All day long she's been trying to force me to pet her, but when I do pet her, she gets a little too excited. So sometimes I have to walk away when that happens. For the last 20 minutes or so, she's been walking back and forth in the cell, but every time she goes past me she brushes against me. So when I sat down, she walked over like nothing was wrong and started walking back-and-forth between my legs making sure she got contact every single time. So now if you don't pet her, she has a way to make you pet her..."

"I'm not sure how a sweetheart like Tiffany ends up in the program, but I'm glad she's here! I decided to take Tiffany out to meet people on the block and she loves everyone. There's a guy in here who "doesn't like dogs" and that's jail code for him being scared of dogs. Anyways, when I walked past him, Tiffany naturally tried to smell his leg and stopped to investigate. I'm telling dude that this is the world's friendliest dog and he has nothing to worry about. Tiffany stopped sniffing and sat down with her head cocked to the side and then did the sweetest thing. Without any prompting or commands, she laid down on her back so that the dude could pet her. Because he "doesn't like dogs" he wouldn't pet the lovebug, but no worries, I hooked her up!"

"That lump you feel when you go to sit down, that's Tiffany. That thing you bump into every time you turn your back, yup, that's Tiffany... Everywhere you go, she'll follow. Twice I've sat down either on her or almost on her. All she really wants is your attention and love. Right after I sat on her, she jumps right into my lap trying to lick my face. After a few minutes, I gave in. So now she thinks all she has to do is jump on my lap and it's all pets and kisses."

She already ate two blankets, one towel, and something that once looked like my flip-flops. So I tried to entertain her with tug of war, basic training, as well as trying to work on crate training. She will go to the door of the crate, look back at me, and I'll give her the "house" command then. Next, I'll throw a treat inside, but she has different plans. Every time I throw the treat inside, Tiffany runs in to grab it and runs back and jumps up on my bed with it. I guess she likes the bed better than her "house."

"Yup, just as I thought, Tiffany thinks she's a lap dog... We're still trying to figure each other out so for right now, there's no sleeping or jumping in my bed. I'm trying to teach her the sit and wait cues. I guess she couldn't take it anymore.... I turned my head for one second and she jumped up into my bunk, flopped on her side and looks at me as if to say, "This is where I want to be...." Right now, she has her head buried under my pillow. That pillow, along with the towel she tore up, officially belong to her now..."

"Ok, help me with this. I'm trying to figure out, well I'm trying to teach Tiffany about boundaries. I keep going back forth, in and out of the cell. This is a separation exercise and I'm randomly giving her treats. But this time, I stayed out of the cell a little too long. At first, Tiffany was just watching TV or so it seemed to me. When I get back into the cell, 2 yup 2 Kong toys, are in the bottom of my toilet and Tiffany is under the bunk chewing on what I think was once my extra towel. I think she might be trying to start a battle of property with me??? But she's so cool, you have to give in to her."

"When life gives you lemonade, the HOPE Program gives you Tiffany. She's an all white, pit bull mix, with the heart of a kitten. But first, America, you should know that Pepper and I have gone our separate ways! Yup, the little dude, went to a foster family. I'm happy for the little creep. I was once told, "Your blessings should be passed on so that others too may enjoy them."
I hope you enjoy the little dude as much as I did. Okay, before I cry, let's get to Tiffany. I've only had her for 2-3 days now. She seems to really really love interaction with people. Tiffany doesn't seem to like the cell too much. I think she still smells Pepper (I miss you bro). I'll keep you posted on how Tiffany and I are working out."