Beau is a 5-6 year old pit bull mix who is deaf and blind in one eye. Beau was found as a stray and ended up in a shelter where no one claimed him. We don't believe Beau ever lived inside before. We are working on housetraining and teaching him basic commands using hand signals. Beau is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle. We are trying to teach him how to play with toys because sadly, he doesn't even know what a ball is. For Beau's safety, he will only be placed in a home with a fenced in yard because he is deaf.

For information on adopting Beau, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"This may be my last update for Beau as he has found a new home. I mentioned his visit to the family with the cat... Well, they decided to take him. He leaves tomorrow. While each dog is special, Beau has truly captured a piece of my heart. I know that this is the goal, but it's bittersweet nonetheless. I'm going to miss him."

"They say there are no bad dogs. While that may be the case, there are some that are incredibly difficult. Aggressive dogs. Destructive dogs. Stubborn dogs. I know because I've had all of them. I had one that was stubborn, destructive, and aggressive. Woe is me, right? However… Beau is not any of those things. Beau is my reward for all of the difficult ones. Besides, even if he was all of those things, he would still be way worth it. He's absolutely the best snuggler and makes naptime sheer heaven."

"Dogs get dirty and need baths. With most dogs this is a traumatic experience…for both parties. The dog acts like it's being tortured and you wind up covered in dog hair. Beau makes bathtime easy. He stands still with no wiggling or squirming. I don't even tether him. Yesterday, I gave him a bath and he was his normal, calm self until the water went cold when he was out of there. Holding onto a wet, struggling dog while rinsing the last of the shampoo off sucked. Luckily he likes the towel dry and the brushing part."

"Beau had a weekend furlough with the family who has been expressing interest in him. I wrote about them before. Wife, husband, child, cranky dog… And the cat. The concern was how much interest he displayed in meeting the cat. Well, seems as though he ran down the cat and cornered it. When the people caught up, he hadn't injured the cat and on close examination had only drooled on it. Oh, the indignity. Poor kitty. Needless to say, the cat didn't forgive him but the people still want him."

"Recently, I was asked how many tricks Beau does and after counting them I answered 26. Some of them he needs a little encouragement with food or treats, but 26 in four months isn't bad. What is even better is how happy and healthy he is. When he arrived, he had a flinch (which I mentioned in an earlier post). He wasn't housetrained and he suffered from anxiety which caused him to chew his toes until they bled. Today his flinch is gone. He never messes inside and the little piggies are all healed up. How can you measure intangible things like those?"

"Beau got a second visit to the folks who want him. Remember... mom good, dad good, kid good, dog good, cat not so good. Well, he did better with the kitty this time. He wasn't climbing the walls, anyway. Next up is an overnight visit to see if he plays nice."

"Walking Beau is a complete pain. It's not the dog's fault though. We have to stop every 3 feet because someone wants to pet him. Three more feet and someone else. It takes an hour to progress 50 feet. Maybe it is Beau's fault for being so darn cute. I wonder if I can teach him to growl?"

"When Beau got here, he had a terrible flinch. If I moved my hand too quickly, he would cringe. It was heartbreaking to see to think that someone would abuse this sweet, gentle dog is unfathomable to me. After three months, the flinch is gone. Now when I move my hand, he expects a pet or a treat. This is more important to me than how well he heels. He's terrible at heel, but I'm still so proud of him."

"Beau had his first home visit with potential adopters this past weekend. There were other applications on him, but a fenced in backyard is a requirement. The woman loves him. The husband was good. The kid was good. The dogs were good--even the iffy one. And then Beau met the cat. Beau had an inordinate amount of interest in the cat so unfortunately he probably can't be placed in a home with one."

"Beau continues to be wonderful company. He is mellow and calm. He wants to be around people and loves attention. His training has been painless and his only bad habit is a bit of begging for food. He is a total bed hog that makes a great foot warmer."

"Beau is an absolute sweetheart. Seeing I may have written that before, I know I think it every time I write in this journal. Training him has been a cakewalk and he has no issues. He gets along with all the other dogs and people love him. Even people who are afraid of dogs will pet him."

"Beau continues to pull double duty. He serves as the therapy dog because of his calm, good nature and he also helps out with our frightened terrier, Tegan, as she becomes more socialized."

"Beau has progressed so quickly and learned all of the basic obedience skills (plus some silly ones). Now he's helping me socialize our frightened terrier, Tegan. Sometimes she hides behind him. Sometimes she stands with her front feet on him. He's just so calm and unruffled."

"When dogs come to the HOPE program, they have suffered from abuse, neglect, or some combination thereof. They have issues. They're not bad dogs. They just need to learn some basics. We teach them to sit. We teach them to stay. We teach them to trust. And how good it feels to have their ears scratched. This is a two-way street. We all have our issues and the dogs teach us as well. Things like responsibility. Like forgiveness. Like love. Beau is a special dog who has enriched my life and I will carry him in my heart regardless of how long I get to keep him."

"This dog continues to amaze me with his sweet disposition and affectionate nature, especially considering his history---beaten & possibly used as a bait dog. Beau shows no aggression to humans or dogs. All he wants to do is sit on your lap and get love. He is happy to go anywhere and nothing rattles him. Amazing dog."

"This dog continues to steal hearts with his sweet disposition and his gentleness. He has built up quite a fan club here. His training progresses and his transition to an inside dog is almost complete. He has gained weight (his ribs don't show anymore) and his coat is silky. I've trained a lot of dogs while in this program, but though it is truly special. He's so affectionate and thinks he's a lap dog---a 65 pound lap dog. To think he was ever due to be euthanized, his journey is amazing."

"Beau continues to amaze me with his good nature and friendliness. He is an absolute sweetheart. His training is coming along nicely and he's patient with my short-comings as I adjust to his deafness."

"Beau continues to be an absolute joy to have around. He is such a sweetheart and has captured everyone's hearts. Beau's training has been easier than expected and he's developed a playful side. It's enough to break your heart for a 5 year old dog to not know what play is. Considering his backstory, this dog is a miracle."

"Beau is a social butterfly---he loves to go from person to person and say hello to everyone. Considering his backstory, I find this amazing. So calm, trusting, and affectionate. His training is going surprisingly well. I thought it might be more difficult because of his deafness, but this is not the case. Toughest is recall. I clap or stop to get his attention. Sometimes I throw his rope toy near him. Now if I could only determine when he can't hear me and when he is ignoring me."


"Beau is a 5-6 year old pit bull mix who is deaf and blind in one eye. He's brown with a white chest and head. He has one brown and one blue eye. Beau has a brutal appearance which belies his gentle nature. There is not an ounce of aggression in him. This is a teddy bear. A 65 pound lap dog who wants nothing more than to be loved on.
Every once in a while you get a gift that is exactly what you need even if you didn't know you needed it. This is the case with Beau. A more loving dog you just won't find. This is even more unexpected given his horrendous back story which I won't get into. Suffice to say that he's lucky to be alive and I'm lucky he's so trusting and affectionate."