Tegan is a 4-5 year old Jack Russel Terrier mix who weighs about 25lbs. She's shy but very very sweet. Tegan is dog friendly. Cats and kids are unknown. Tegan came from a dog hoarding situation and is slowly learning what it's like to be a normal dog.

For information on adopting Tegan, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Tegan has been paroled to a foster home and is currently up for adoption.

"We recently welcomed a new dog named Ozzie into our program. Tegan has met Ozzie and they seem to like one another. When she sees him, her tail will perk up and she will bounce around in joy. When Tegan isn't playing with her furry friends, she likes being outside where she tries to pounce on bugs. Yesterday, she put her paw on a bug for the first time! When she did this, she pranced off with a sense of pride and accomplishment while the bug flew off. Tegan is a great dog that is mild mannered and is patiently waiting for a second chance to live in her forever home."

"This past week we got a new handler in the program. Tegan was shy and reserved at first, but she is starting to come around and warm up to him. Tegan still loves to go to the dog yard. Since Beau made parole, she has made a new yard buddy… Trevor! They get along really good and Tegan enjoys seeing her new friend."

"Tegan continues to come out of her shell! I was told that she did very well on an outing outside of the prison. She is also getting more playful and we hope to find her a forever home soon."

"Tegan played briefly with Reggie this past week. This went well, however Reggie's energy level was a little high for Tegan's liking. Tegan also checked out some geese. She didn't bark or react to them, but she was curious about what they were and why they were in the yard. Tegan is a great dog that likes the outdoors and enjoys just relaxing. She deserves her second chance!"

"A few weeks after she arrived, Tegan is now coming out of her shell and starting to become the beautiful, energetic dog that she is. Now that she feels more comfortable in the cell, she will bounce around and play. Tegan enjoys spending time in the yard with her best friend, Beau. They run around and play together without a care in the world. Tegan is a great companion. Along with her energetic side, she also has a chill side so in a weird way, she is the perfect dog!"

"Tegan had a great week playing in the yard with her best friend Beau. She enjoys stealing his ball and jumping all over him and sometimes on him! Tegan also got the opportunity to go to a fashion show. Although Tegan is a timid dog, she love snuggling with her human and likes interacting with people after she gets to know them."

"Tegan had a good week chilling in the yard with Beau, learning how to interact with people, and bouncing around the cell. When she isn't doing any of this, she enjoys curling up next to you to receive pets."

"The sweet and adorable, little dog named, Tegan, had a long week since her last journal entry! This long week of hers began with meeting and showing some interest in Reggie. They played briefly and seem to like one another. As Tegan's week continued, she made more progress with her fear issues and skills. She also had a vet appointment for her annual check up which went well I was told. Tegan enjoyed some belly rubs too this week which she really likes."

"Tegan is a great dog! She continues to improve her social skills and is slowly getting better with interacting with humans. Yesterday, for the first time, she decided to chase and try to pounce on a moth that was flying close to the ground. This was cute and funny to see her zigzag back-and-forth until she was able to get it under her paw. Once she did, she let it go and pranced along like she accomplished something great. Tegan is a great dog that just needs a chance!"

"Tegan is a very loving and affectionate dog that likes to curl up next to you. She enjoys playing in the yard with Beau, jumping around the cell at night, and watching TV every now and then. She is a great dog that just needs a chance."

"Tegan continues to get better with her issues regarding fear. Her social skills are also improving luckily. We continue to have her try and meet new people each day. Beau is her favorite dog here and she loves to jump around and play with him even though he kind of just stands around a lot of the time. She dances around him and has a great time."

"Tegan, the sweet and adorable little dog that she is, continues to enjoy her days here at Camp Hill playing with Beau. This also includes her trying to use him as a stepping stool! Beau doesn't seem to mind and enjoys her company. Tegan is continuing to get better with her social skills and approached someone on her own for the first time a couple of days ago."

"Tegan has learned a new game...it's called, "Pounce B!" Teagan and Beau are friends and spend some time together in the yard. Teagan enjoys jumping at and on Beau and he doesn't seem to mind. All in all, this is just one sign that Tegan is continuing to come out of her shell and not letting her fear from her past control her life."

"Tegan is starting to trust people more and is less scared than she was when she first came in. She still enjoys the cell more than any other area in the prison, but we're working on it slowly. She likes treats and doesn't mind her crate."

"Tegan continues to come out of her shell as the days go on. She is starting to enjoy the yard and has even made a new friend...Beau! In the next few weeks, we hope Tegan puts her fear and anxiety behind her so she can live the rest of her life like a normal dog!"

"Tegan came into the program about a week ago. She is a sweet, affectionate Jack Russell terrier mix. So far, she seems to like being inside the cell better than going outside. She's very shy, but we hope that she will get more confident over time like Winston did."