Jenny is a 1 ½ year old female, friendly, tri-color beagle. She is a medium sized dog and weighs 38 pounds. She is built solid, but is not overweight. Jenny gets along well with other canines, but at times wants to dominate them. She is a good car rider and snoozes through the night. Jenny has some typical puppy energy. She LOVES playing with tennis balls and she has some funny quirks with them. Jenny is in the HOPE Program to work on her basic obedience skills. 

For information on adopting Jenny, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Jenny has been adopted!!!

“Jenny and I worked on her pulling while on leash this week. Repetition really seems to help her start to grasp new things. She doesn’t seem to have much of a desire to interact with the other dogs. Jenny just enjoys her toys.”

“I worked all week with Jenny on waiting for her food, waiting for her ball, and waiting to go outside. When Jenny is in a closed environment, her attention span and focus are on point. Once she comes out of the cell, her focus is everywhere except on what you want it to be on, but she’s getting better.”

“Jenny and I were working on shake in the cell and she had no interest in it until we were about 10 minutes in and she realized she’d get a treat for doing it. She is a ball of energy. You can take her outside for 45 minutes to play and she’ll take a 10 minute break until she’s ready to go again. Jenny loves to play with her ball and nudges my arm when she wants to.”

“Jenny has an infatuation with her balls. She never wanted to give them up initially, but now she’s learning that treats are good too. Her nose is always to the ground when we’re outside. Jenny is getting better with being in her crate when I’m not in the cell.”

“Jenny has calmed down a lot since her first week. She is starting to understand that she needs to wait to go somewhere or wait for a treat and her ball. Jenny has a ways to go, but she’s doing a lot better overall.”

“Jenny has been sleeping on the bottom bunk. She does not want to sleep in her crate. So when I tell her to go into the crate, she looks at me with her head sideways as if she’s saying, “Really, do I have to go in there?” She’s funny.”

“When Jenny and I go outside, we work on basic things like sit, stay, and down. Jenny loves her ball. She could chase it for hours. When she picks up a scent of another dog or animal, she goes into her hunter mode. She will race back and forth barking.”

“Jenny has so much energy. Whenever I take her outside, she seems to pick up scents of the other dogs or whatever it was that had been there before. There is a groundhog or two that we see every now and again. Her beagle senses kick in and she goes into her hunting mode. All that stops though once she sees a tennis ball.”

“Jenny came in last Wednesday. She has a lot of energy. The first two days she did not want anything to do with her crate. Every time I would leave the cell, she would bark. We have been working on this and she’s already starting to do much better. Jenny is starting to relax and get used to her new surroundings after being here for a week. She loves her toy ball and that’s what she always wants.”