Week 8
“Lonny got adopted ... Woo Hoo!!!  Thank you adopters.  I know you will give him a good home and he will give you many years of love and good memories.” 

Week 7
Lonny had a great week this week. We have a bunch of fresh snow for him to play in.  He loves to jump around in it, eat it and play withthe other dogs in it.  Lonny is very good with all of them and gains a lot of confidence when is around other dogs.  I have been working on his leash walking through the week and he getting better at it.  He also played with Bear quite a bit this week which shows a big plus in his confidence.  Lonny  is going up to random people to meet them too which is a big plus to his confidence also."

Week 6
"Lonny had a great week this week.  He got to meet our newest dog member "Bear," whom he got along with well.  He seems to enjoy greeting the new members of the program.  Lonny is doing good with his commands and just needs to overcome his fear a little more.  He is starting to learn 'sit pretty' which is really cute.  Lonny also got to go to the dog yard this week.  He loved running around and the freedom of being outside.  I think he would do great at a house with a decent sized fenced in yard.  There was a delivery truck that drove by that scared him so you won't have to be afraid of him going in the road."  Congratulations on another good report, Lonny!

Week 5
“Lonny has had a great couple weeks.  He is getting a lot more confident, and although he still could be better at stay, he has solidified his basic commands.  He also learned paw over the holidays.  He really enjoys his Christmas treats and toys.  Lonny also loves the snow.  He likes to run around and jump around in it. He also loves eating it.  He will put his face right in the snow then when he looks up he has it all over his face.  It is pretty funny.  Lonny is a great dog and he just needs someone to adopt him.”

Week 4
“Lonny had another productive week this week.  He has gotten very good at sit and has gotten way better at down.  Now we are working on stay and paw.  Lonny got his first taste of snow this week.  He loves it.  He likes to jump around in it while he is on the leash and he loves to eat it.  It is really nice to see him having so much fun.  It really shows how much more confident and comfortable he is.  He seems to be a lot more comfortable outside anyways.  Lonny is a great dog, one of my favorites.   Hopefully, someone will give him a good home soon.

Week 3
“Lonny continues to gain more and more confidence every day.  It is great to watch the progress he is making. He is getting along with all of the other dogs and is starting to want to play with them which is also a sign of his increased confidence.  Lonny is getting better with his basic obedience skills and has added down to his list of commands. Lonny is a smart dog and seems to catch on quickly so teaching him new things isn't very difficult.  I really enjoy working with Lonny and look forward to making him a great adorable dog.

Week 2
His handler reports that Lonny had a great week. “He has become a lot more comfortable and even runs up to people at times to greet them.  We got a new dog in the Program named Hunter who is from the same rescue as Lonny.  When they first met here it was like long lost friends reunited.  Lonny was play bowing and wagging his tail like CRAZY.  It was really cute.  It's nice for Lonny to have a familiar face here, it really helps.  We have been working on proper leash walking and the sit command this week.  He has gotten a lot better with leash walking and is starting to understand sit but they are both works in progress.   Lonny is coming along nicely and getting better every day.  I am looking forward to continuing working with him.

Week 1
Lonny’s handler reports that this pup is starting to become accustomed to his new surroundings.  “He is still jumpy and skittish but has gotten a lot better through the week and is showing great improvement every day. Lonny is quite the lover and I have sort of nicknamed him "Lonny Love" because he likes to snuggle with me at night.  He is a very affectionate dog once he comes out of his shell. He also met most of the dogs here and gets along with all the ones he has met. Lonny is a very nice dog and just needs to gain some confidence to become a great dog.  I am looking forward to working with him.”

UPDATE 11-24-13 Lonny started his stay at the big house. We can't wait to start teaching him that life gets better starting now!  He is very sweet, but needs a confidence boost.  Check back often to see how he is progressing during his stay at the prison.  Lonny is a sweet, 4-year old Hound who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue, Inc.