UPDATE 6-23-12 - Chi Chi is continuing to make good progress while back at her rescue. As you can see from the picture, she is making new friends and they, in turn, are falling in love with her the same way we all have. She still loves to play tug and fetch and she's an absolute gem about having her toys taken from her so that the game can continue. Chi Chi is a natural at agility and her friends at the rescue set up the jumps and tunnel just for her so she can play and practice. Her leash manners have continued to improve over time and now they are fabulous. This sweet girl has tried and tried and tried to be as good as she possibly can. Now she needs someone to notice her and give her the second chance she has always deserved. Is that you? If not, how many people are on your list who might be her perfect match? Please lend her a helping paw by forwarding her story.

Weeks 12

This week, Miss “Chi Chi Chow Wow Bow Wow Rodriguez, III" had a good week, as usual.” Her handlers worked on curbing her energy by playing rope with her a lot in the cell, and running with her in the big yard whenever time would allow them to do so. Chi Chi’s handlers report that “she has been doing good as far as the commands go. We have been teaching her ‘side’ and ‘roll over’ with and without treats.” In fact, Cheech earned gold stars this week for these skills, as well as her listening while socializing and meeting new people during her evenings in the day room! We HOPE that a family will appreciate all that you’ve been through in your life, and will love you forever, sweet girl.

Weeks 10 & 11
“Chi Chi had a great Christmas. She got new toys, chew bones and a furlough. We were told she did very well while she was out. She must have played a lot, because she came back and took a nap.” Cheech is somewhat of a fair weather pup. “When it’s cold out, she doesn’t manage to stay out very long before she walks to her leash and pushes it with her nose.” So, her handlers spent their training sessions mainly indoors, and specifically on the tier to “encourage the expansion of her attention and patience. She does great in the cell (although she still doesn’t like when strangers come to it). She understands the rules that we have laid out for her (i.e. sleeping at the foot of the bed and not on her handler’s pillow, staying away from the trash, etc). We also have been giving her some time on the top bunk, which she loves because she can see out the cell door. The new view excites her so much that her tail doesn’t stop wagging.” One rule that Chi Chi’s handlers didn’t teach her was that their laundry should stay in their baskets. “She took all of the laundry in the cell, put it on the bed and made a nest out of it. She seemed quite comfortable.” We’re sure that you were, little girl, and that you had that cute puppy look on your face when your handlers discovered your antics!

Weeks 8 & 9
Chi Chi’s new handlers report that their first week with her “was both productive and challenging. We spent the week trying to drain some of her energy. Even after hours of running and play, she is still ready to rumble and play more. We’ve been spending large amounts of time on the tier off-leash practicing come recalls and stays. Cheech can sometimes be a bit stubborn, “but once you have her attention, she listens very well. We’ll keep spending lots of time working with her and our current goal is to slowly work up to being able to play fetch off-leash in the back. The good news is that the transition into our cell went well, and she quickly used her puppy dog face to gain access to the bunk.” Keep adapting to those transitions, sweet Cheech, and we know you’ll find your forever family!

Weeks 6 & 7
Chi Chi and her handler have been doing a lot of loose-leash walking. “She does well, but is taken with flights of fancy every now and then. She has been walking nicely and returns to position when asked to if she does go momentarily astray.” Chi Chi loves to sniff around and explore her world, so her handler tries to give her opportunities to do so. He was happy to report that “her self-control with her stay command is much improved.” Cheech also got the chance to play with Maggie off-leash! Although she was a little exuberant for Maggie’s liking at times, Chi Chi took Maggie’s correction well. This pup did really well at the Mutt Mixer last weekend! She really loved seeing her foster canine brother, Leo, her human foster brother, Michael, and of course, her foster mom, Cindy! She also recognized and snuggled into her old HOPE volunteer pals that she hasn’t seen for over a year! Paws crossed that you find someone to give you your holiday wishes, sweet Cheech!

Week 5
“Chi Chi’ remains very exuberant and energetic. Her self-control is becoming better as she practices her stays, waits and leave it commands. Although she still jumps up on people when she’s very excited, it’s not as much as it used to be. This is still a work in progress.” Cheech also got to play with Maggie off-leash this week, and “they did very well together. She has made a play friend.” Her handler also reports that she and Rambo continued to get to know each other, and she also is starting to accept Rocky into her circle of friends! Another step in the right direction, Cheech! We know that you can do it, little girl!

Weeks 3 & 4
Chi Chi’s handler says that she “has made significant progress in relation to her being protective of the cell and barking at everyone and anyone who comes to the door. She rarely reacts to them now. I had numerous guys come to the door and give her treats and pet her. She now knows that people at the door can have positive results.” Good girl, Cheech! This pup also worked on her stays and sit commands for meeting and greeting the people around her, as well as her relationship with the other dogs in the program. “She has made improvements in both areas, but she needs continued efforts. Chi Chi and Rambo actually met each other while on-leash without incident, which is significant. She is doing much better in that area.” Keep up the good work, sweet Cheech

Week 2
Chi Chi’s handler reports that “her training is going very well. She remembers her commands and responds, although sometimes reluctantly at times. She is also comfortable with all grooming.” Cheech’s main focus this week was socializing with the other dogs. Her handler says that “I’m trying to find her a playmate.” At this stage in her re-entry to the prison, Chi Chi has decided that her cell should be for just her and her handler. “I’m trying to teach her that it is okay to have people stop at the door.” Cheech, you’ve had so many adjustments in your short life. We know that your handler will guide you to your forever family!

Week 1
Some of the folks who live on the block remembered Chi Chi from when she was there last year, and welcomed her back into their world. Since her handler had never met her before, he “has been using these first days to get to know her and allow her to get to know me and become comfortable in her environment. We are bonding well.” Cheech likes her new friend so much that she is showing some jealousy when he pays attention to the other dogs in the program, but her handler will work to make sure she knows she’s his #1 priority. After just a few days, Chi Chi’s handler reports that “she is intelligent and already knows her commands, which we continue to work on. She is vivacious outside and relaxed when in our cell.” HOPEfully this time around, you’ll find your forever home, Miss Chi Chi!

Back in training ...

UPDATE 10-22-11

Chi Chi found her way back to the big house today to kick start her training again. She has been waiting nearly a year and a half since she first started her HOPE training, but still hasn't found her perfect match. We're hoping that this time her luck will change and she will finally find a place to truly call home. We can't think of a more deserving pup. Good luck, Cheech!!

Still Waiting...

UPDATE 7-26-11
It's hard to believe that after all this time Chi Chi is still waiting for her very own home. She loves her foster mom and canine foster brothers, but she is more than ready to venture out on her own to start the next chapter of her life. She is still just as sweet as they come and always ready for a game or a snuggle. Chi-Chi still knows all of her commands, but she will get a refresher course at the prison once she has an approved adopter. She’s very smart and eager to please. She doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner and will hide when it’s running. She loves to be outside and sit in the sun. She loves her people and loves to give kisses. Her foster mom says that Chi-Chi would be great for agility or Rally-O or if you like to run, she would make a great running partner. Cindy says, "I can’t express how much I enjoy having Chi-Chi as a member of my family, even if it’s only for a short time. She is a dog that has been overlooked by many. She would make a great companion for a single person, or for a family with another dog. Chi-Chi really needs someone to make a difference in her life."

Back to foster care...

Week 16
Chi Chi has come such along way in her training and still has been unlucky in love - or at least unlucky in adoption. So, she headed back to her rescue this week and made room for her rescue-mate, Duke. Chi Chi is one of the most fabulous dogs we've ever had the good fortune to know. If you're interested in adopting her, please be in touch.

Week 15
Since it was so hot this week, Chi Chi's handler didn't overwork her. Instead, he filled up a doggy pool and watched as she walked around it and stuck her head in the water looking for treats (that's how he first introduced Chi Chi to the pool), and praised her when she found the treasure! "Her basic commands are great, and her impulse control is doing very well, and so are her leave its." Chi Chi still tends to jump on people, but we know that if someone is willing to carry through what she has learned in the program, that she will continue to understand that four paws on the floor is proper behavior! "She loves all of the dogs in here and the other handlers love to take her out in the yard to play with their dogs. Chi Chi is well loved by all of the inmates and she would make someone happy to love her. With Chi Chi there is no limit to the training that she can do and the things she can learn. She is the smartest dog I have trained and most of all she loves working while training." Like Cocoa, Chi Chi is going to take a break from prison life and go back to her rescue next week. Her handler says that "It was fun for both of us. She's been really good, and I'm going to miss her. Thank you!" We thank you too, Chi Chi, for being such a great little ambassador to our program! Although we HOPE that you find your forever home over the summer, you're welcome to come back to see your old friends at the prison if someone doesn't appreciate just what a sweet spirit you truly are!

Week 14
Chi Chi worked on her "give" command this week. Sometimes, this pup likes to pick up something that isn't hers in the yard...like a cup or a treat bag, and then run with it. Her handler gives her something that she is allowed to have and gives her praise when she exchanges one thing for the other. During line movement, Chi Chi and her handler sit off to the side and watch as everyone passes them. When one of the inmates wants to give Chi Chi a pet, her handler will not allow him to do so unless she's in a sit and calm position. Chi Chi knows that when she maintains her commands, she will be rewarded with pets and treats. Her handler has changed Chi Chi's routine a bit. Instead of waiting until he gets back from work for some time out in the yard, he takes her out first thing in the morning. Chi Chi now knows the new routine so well, her handler says that "Chi Chi is my best alarm clock because she just can't be shut off. She wakes me up by pawing and licking my face. I tell her okay, let's go outside." Not only does Chi Chi love her early morning romps with her handler, she also gets an extra training exercise to concentrate on her skills! Chi Chi is so ready for her forever home. As her handler said a few weeks ago, "Chi Chi makes my day everyday." We HOPE that someone will take this sweet pup into their home very soon to make their day everyday.

Week 13
Miss Chi Chi still tends to get over-excited at times around strangers, so her handlers focused on patience this week. "She is a good dog, and has so much energy." Chi Chi continued to learn the art of calming down and sitting before being rewarded with a pet or a treat. Chi Chi plays well with all of the other dogs in the program and is very gentle while playing with Casey in the yard. Chi Chi loves working during her training sessions, even when she's going over the commands and tricks that she has already mastered! Chi Chi showed us just what a smart and a sweetheart of a gal she is at the Furry Fun Days event at Shippensburg Township Park last weekend. There was a rally course set up near the HOPE table. One of our volunteers took her through it and Chi Chi did very well listening to the commands she was given. Later, the rally course was adapted into an agility course. Chi Chi loved watching the other dogs go through it and looked at the HOPE volunteers as if to say "I can do that!" Well, who could resist her big brown eyes? Chi Chi did her agility trainer and her handlers proud as she jumped over the gates and went through the tunnels! Remember that Chi Chi showed off her dancing skills at the CPAA's Dance for the Paws event? Well, she showed off new skills during the Doggie Limbo contest at Furry Fun Days and was a very good girl with her fellow competitors. How low did Chi Chi go? When the bar got to be about 6" off of the ground (after several rounds), Chi Chi opted to give the HOPE volunteer a kiss instead of going under the bar. She was rewarded with the third-place ribbon for her efforts! We wish her handlers could have the ribbon, because they are the ones who made it possible. Chi Chi proudly showed off her prize at the Yappy Hour event sponsored by Doc Holliday's and Frozen Woofys on Tuesday. We HOPE that this dancing queen finds her forever home very soon...she's a keeper!

Week 12
Chi Chi's handlers worked on a lot of things this week, but they continued to concentrate on Chi Chi's tendency to get where she wants to go faster than they do. Stop and wait, Chi Chi. You know if you do so little one, you'll receive a "good girl Chi Chi" and a treat. Her handlers also concentrated on her tendency to still greet her loving public by jumping up on them. Chi Chi is learning her manners by having to sit before receiving her pets. Since Chi Chi is an energetic pup, her handlers decided to teach her a new trick this week..."sitting pretty" with her two front paws off of the ground. Although she grasped the concept quickly, she's still learning the art of balance. We know that she'll master this command soon! Chi Chi had a ball playing in the yard with Justin this week. "They played until both were exhausted. They had a lot of fun." Chi Chi is going to be one of the HOPE ambassadors this weekend at the Furry Fun Days event in Shippensburg. Come back next week to hear about her adventures!

Week 11
Chi Chi not only continued to work on her training this week, she helped little Casey realize that she's a friend who he can trust and romp around with in the yard! As you can see from her YouTube video, this girl is oh, so sweet! Chi Chi proved it at the CPAA's Yappy Hour on Tuesday sponsored by Doc Holliday's and Frozen Woofys. She loved meeting and greeting all of the people and most of the dogs at the event in her spiffy Frozen Woofys "waiting to be adopted" bandana. She also was a very good girl while having her picture taken by the Patriot News photographer. Chi Chi loved the special treats she got at the event...especially the Banana Rama Frozen Woofys treat! Chi Chi won't be at Doc Holliday's every Tuesday to attend Yappy Hour, but she certainly enjoyed her furlough to attend the first one! This pooch shines whenever she's in the limelight. Now it's time for Chi Chi to be able to shine in the light of her forever family.

Week 10
Chi Chi still likes to get to where she's going quickly, so her handlers worked with her this week to teach her that pulling on her leash means that she won't get anywhere any time soon. Chi Chi 's handlers used some training techniques that this smart pup quickly picked up on...especially since she knew that being a good girl meant getting a treat! In fact, Chi Chi's handlers will only give her a command once. If she doesn't listen at first, they wait until she does what they have asked her to do. "We give her what she wants after she gives us what we want. Chi Chi is doing great!" Chi Chi had a blast at the Dogs' Day in the Park event sponsored by Animal Rescue, Inc.! Since Chi Chi came to our program through ARI, she got a lot of special attention from her former caregivers! They were thrilled to hear about her progress and also to hear about how much her handlers love her! Although Chi Chi greeted a couple of her old (and new) friends with her signature jumps when she first got to the event (new smells and scenery can be very exciting for a pup), she quickly calmed down and made her handlers proud with her good manners! Chi Chi was a charmer, and had such a good time during her furlough that she quickly settled down for a good snooze on her way back to the prison.

This pup does so well at serving as our HOPE ambassador that she also attended CPAA's Dancing for the Paws event on Saturday. Chi Chi was a very good girl, and was just as cute as could be! She loved sitting on a "people chair," having her back rubbed, doling out kisses and just being her sweet self. She made a new friend in Tara who actually taught her how to dance (with four paws on the floor)! Chi Chi did so well learning her new steps at the HOPE table, she and Tara took a spin on the actual dance floor! Of course, the people in attendance at the event thought she was adorable. It was truly a sight that we wish her handlers could have seen! Although Chi Chi is a star ambassador, her handlers' true wish for her is to find the forever home that she so deserves (no dance floor required). Could you find it in your heart to give them their wish?

Week 9
Chi Chi's main focus this week was to curb her enthusiasm for jumping on people when greeting them. Her handlers used a special training technique and the "off" command to teach Miss Chi Chi that no jumping means praise and a treat. Chi Chi likes mostly to jump on strangers, so her handlers recruited an inmate from outside of the program to help with this drill. Her handlers want Chi Chi to respect both her friends and strangers alike by greeting them with four paws on the floor. Chi Chi "is doing great with all of her other commands! She is a great dog." Chi Chi is going to the Dogs Day at the Park event on Sunday, and we're sure that she'll be a star! Stay tuned!

Week 8
Chi Chi is ready to go to her forever home. Even though her handlers still work with her on her commands, "she can do it all." Chi Chi is so smart, that when her handlers give her new homework assignments, she learns them "within minutes." Sometimes, she gets excited while going through her drills, but she will stop her antics when given the command to do so. Chi Chi also loves the warmth of a soft blanket around her at night. "She's a big baby and so loveable. When Chi Chi leaves, we will miss her so much because she is such a wonderful dog."

Week 7
Chi Chi welcomed a new "cellie" into her world this week, and she adapted very well to him. Together, her handlers not only worked on Chi Chi's known skills, they also taught her some new skills including "touch it," "watch it" and "eyes on me." For fun, her handlers also threw in "the bow," and "leg weaving" into her routine. It was a big week for her, but Chi Chi has always been a little trooper when it comes to her training! This pup also loves meeting all of the folks she encounters while serving as our HOPE ambassador. Chi Chi was a doll at CPAA's Compassion with Fashion event last weekend at the West Shore Country Club. She thought it was pretty neat to be able to greet all of the people who came through the door and show them her cute personality! Chi Chi also had Nancy and Newman on Bob 94.9 under her paw during their interview with her this past Friday. They couldn't stop talking about what a pretty and sweet girl she is! Her handlers and all of us in the program couldn't agree with them more! Paws crossed that you find your forever home soon, sweet Chi Chi.

Week 6
Chi Chi had her first outing to the Pet Expo at the Tree of Life Lutheran Church in Linglestown last weekend. Her handler spiffed her up for the event and everyone who pet her (there were few people who could resist her charming personality) commented on her soft fur! Chi Chi did her handler proud! She was a little lady who welcomed all of the attention that she got from both her new canine and human friends! She listened to her "off" command when told to do so even while peering out of the window at the goats roaming outside of the church. It was as if she was thinking, "Goats? I don't have them in my world!" Chi Chi also was a star when Kim, one of our trainers, showed her skills during her speech about the HOPE program. This dainty girl deserves tilting her head and giving kisses to the members of her forever home. Could that be you?

Week 5
Chi Chi's handler worked on her "come" command this week. She was a bit mischievous one day, so her handler concentrated on making Chi Chi understand that no matter what she's doing, she needs to come to him when told to do so. Chi Chi is still picky about when and if she eats her food, but overall she "is doing great" with her training! Chi Chi is going to have her first experience as a HOPE ambassador over the weekend, so come back next week to hear about her adventures!

Week 4
Chi Chi not only is doing well with her training, she's become her handler's "best buddy." "She is very energetic and always alert." Chi Chi loves the smell of people food. Her handler has taught her, however, that it's just that...people food, and she needs to enjoy her yummy kibble instead. Chi Chi's handler only treats her when he is training her. In fact, the word "treat" is Chi Chi's motivation to listen to her handler while going through her daily exercises! Once her handler has her attention, Chi Chi will "sit," "stay," and "lay down" with ease. He's still working on the "come" command, but Chi Chi is showing progress with that concept as well! Chi Chi is a love bug! She can't wait to get out onto the tier to greet everyone and welcome the pets she receives! Her handler says that she's become a star on the block. Not only does she have a loving personality, Chi Chi "is so pretty because of the black patches over her head on her almost all-white coat. She is really loveable and I enjoy her so much. I let Chi Chi sleep where she chooses, and if she wants on the bed, I let her sleep with me. She makes my day everyday she's here, and she will make those who take her [into their home] very happy."

Week 3
Chi Chi is doing really well! She's a "quick learner" and she continues to make friends on the block. This sweet girl "loves to greet everyone!" Chi Chi is still working a bit on the concept of "come " but her handler will continue working with her to be sure that she has a solid grasp of the command. Overall, Chi Chi's basic training is improving every day! Since it was so nice out this week, Chi Chi was able to enjoy a lot of time out in the doggie yard. "She has so much energy," but she will calm herself when told to do so. Cocoa and Chi Chi just love each other! They can't wait to get outdoors for some girls' time out in the open air. Chi Chi also loves a good game of tug with her handler. "Chi Chi is a really great dog, and lots of fun."

Week 2
Chi Chi realized this week that life in the big house isn't as scary as she first thought when she arrived at the prison. She has adjusted to her new world, and has made friends with the other dogs and her human tier mates as well! Good girl, Chi Chi! She especially loves Pumpkin. The two of them love spending some one-on-one time in the doggie yard! Their handlers work together to make sure that the girls get plenty of exercise. Chi Chi loves nestling under her handler's jacket at night. In fact, she likes it so much, it's hard for him to get her up in the morning! This pup is doing very well with her training skills and her tendency to chew things while crated is also improving. "Chi Chi is a quick learner and is doing great!"

Week 1
Chi Chi and her handler spent their first week getting to know one another. The newbie concentrated on her "sit," "down," "stay," and "come" commands this week. Chi Chi showed her handler that she's a fast learner and that she loves to please him! She still lacks some impulse control and gets excited at times, but she calms down after her handler tells her to "settle." Chi Chi's main subject for her homework will be her love of chewing things. You name it, Chi Chi will chew it. But, this pup is still adjusting to her environment, and her handler will concentrate on teaching her the chewing boundaries. Chi Chi had some yard time this week. In fact, she's been able to get a lot of exercise! She likes to be with the other members of her pack! Her handler says that "she is a really good dog and [he] will continue to work with her until she has her commands down pat!" You'll be fine in the gentle care of your handler, Chi Chi.

UPDATE - 3/12/10
Chi Chi started her training on Tuesday and made quite a splash. It was a longer than usual walk down to the cell block because apparently Chi Chi has already had social butterfly training. She stopped to say hello to every staff member and every inmate that she met on her first walk through the big house. What a doll! She was fascinated with Hercules as he romped and played in the doggie yard and we assured her that she would have her turn very soon. In fact, she later bumped into Herc on the cell block so she had a chance to ask him all about the super fun yard that she saw on her way in.

She had her first training class on on Thursday and boy, was that fun. She already knows several commands and so she was off to a great start. She loved all of the attention she received for her efforts and especially liked when the trainer came over and told her what a good girl she is. It's hard to believe she's only been with us a few days. She has adjusted so well and is having a ball with all of her new people and doggie friends.

She is a sweet, three year old American Staffordshire Terrier and just needs a confidence boost, some lessons in obedience and doggie manners. Chi Chi is available for adoption through Animal Rescue Incorporated.