Week 68
Angel went out to a home visit and it went really well! Angel is getting ADOPTED!! We spent this week spending time with Angel and taking her around to say good bye to everyone. We couldnt be happier for this sweet girl!

Week 67
Angel adn Bear played off elash multiple times adn they both did really well. We also found out that Angel is not a fan of the heat at all. On the hot days she didn't want to play. She would just grab the frisbee and go lay down in the shade.

Week 66
We had to work inside on the tier this week due to the weather. Angel continues tto do really well off leash. We haven't been using treats at all during training and Angel still obeys all of the commands.

Week 65
Angel did really well this past week. Her handlers say: “We’ve been doing a lot of training off leash. One of the things we did was a “stay” while we were walking. She did super good! When I told her to stay, she would stop and sit until I called her. It didn’t matter how far away I went, she would wait for my “come” command to move anywhere.” Angel should also get gold stars for her patience. She has been in the prison for over a year waiting for her family to find her. It will be your turn soon pretty girl.

Week 64
Angel’s handlers have finally run out of things to say about her. She has been in the prison for over a year. She is great with her basic commands. Angel has learned to make friends with most of the other dogs. She loves when the volunteers come in the prison to take her on a field trip. One of the volunteers has tasked Angel’s handlers with teaching her a new trick every week. Stay tuned.

Angel at TSCWeek 63
This past week Angel has done really well. We worked on sit and wait from about 40 yards away. We would make her wait and then call her to us, she did amazing with it! We also worked on no leash walking, controlling her with just voice commands and she was a pro at it.

Week 62
Angel has been getting a lot of exercise now that the weather is nice. She loves running and chasing the ball, we're working on her bringing the ball back. She tends to chase the ball, catch it, and then chew on it. Silly girl!

Week 61
Angel continues to do great with her loose leash walking and meeting and greeting people. She does get preoccuppied sometimes with the groundhogs and birds but we are able to avert her focus back to us fairly easily. The other day Angel and the groundhound seemed to be playing a game of "Wack-a-Mole". As we would approached a pipe, the groundhog would taunt her by sticking it's head out at every pass we made.

Week 60
Angel has been doing really well this week with greating people appropriately. She is learning not to jump up. Angel now sits and waits while the person is petting her. We've been spending a lot of time with her outside and hope that the weather continues to cooperate!

Week 59
The nice weather this week allowed us to spend more time in the dog yard. Angel and Bear have been doing great together off leash. Watching them play is very amusing, Bear teases Angel to chase him around. Angel has started to try to disguise herself behind a cement slab by laying low behind it and waiting to pounce on Bear. It's not all play though... we've been training them as well. We are able to place them close together and make them stay and then call them individually. We even switched handlers to make it a challenge. Both dogs did great!

Week 58
Angel had another good week. Her and Bear have been doing really well together. She also seems to be getting more tolerant of the other dogs. Angel likes just haing out and being and a dog, waiting to be adopted.

Week 57
This week Angel was able to go out to the big softball field to play. She went with Bear and they both had a lot of fun running around and exploring the new area. Angel also did well this week with her meet and greets on the block. She was out during dayroom and refrained from jumping on people as they approached her. Angel attempts to play with Hope and Jack. She has been doing great with all of the other dogs. Angel lost a handler temporarily but is adjusting. She was upset at first and misses him.

Week 56
Angel was introduced to Jack this week. Watching their body language showed their willingness to play. They attempted to play tug through the dog run fence but their still not ready to play off leash. Angel and Bear have been excellent play partners. Bear will taunt Angel to get her to chase him. They will chase each other around a small building in the dog yard. It's their own verison of hide and seek. Bear and Angel both listen and stay focused for breaks in play to work on training.

Week 55
This week Angel was finally able to enjoy some nice weather. Angel spent some time in the dog yard playing off leash with her best buddy Bear. Bear helps Angel co-exist with other dogs. While out with Bear, Angel listened extremely well to her handlers. At times when their play could potentially get to be too rough, she'd respond everytime to her handler when he asked her to come.

Week 54
“Angel has been doing really well. She hasn't jumping up on on people lately. We've been spending time having her meet new people to address that issue.” In fact, Angel received gold stars from her handlers this week for not jumping up and controlling herself! Congratulations, little girl!

angelWeek 53
Angel’s handlers report that “her behavior as a whole earned her a gold star this week. We were able to spend hours at a time outside in the nice weather. We did a lot of walking around exploring the newly found grass as most of the snow melted away. Angel has been doing really well with all of the other dogs and has been even more impressive with all the new people around. She has quickly become a block favorite as she twerks around the block searching for attention. She engaged in a tug game and played fetch with a stranger while listening to his basic commands. Angel has also been visiting the counselors which has no doubt been helping her with her meet and greets. She and Bear continue to be the best of friends, searching each other out every day to play as well.”

Week 52
“This week we once again got to play a lot in the snow. Fortunately, we love the snow as much as she does, so this winter has been great for us. Angel is adjusting to the move well as we introduce her to all the new people daily. We have noticed that she is a little on edge with some dogs since the move, but she and Bear are doing great together. They play every chance they get without incident. We will focus on that as they get comfortable with their new surroundings.”

Week 51
"This week we were able to have a lot of fun playing in the snow. Angel has a new best friend in Bear, and they have been playing great together. There has yet to be any issues between them, and furthermore, Bear has been checking Angel when needed. We believe she needs to learn how to play, so it is great that he does that without ever getting aggressive. Angel also been doing well with her meet and greets and showed no signs of jealousy when someone moved from her to the other dog beside her. She is also doing great with her non-verbal cues like sit, down, touch and back. Although Angel was upset by the move at first, she has adjusted nicely. She has been able to meet new people every day and has done well with it. Everyone loves her."

Week 50
“While still needing improvement, Angel's behavior at training and when meeting others is better. Redirection of her focus with ‘touch’ is working really, really well. We’re still desperately want to figure out why she goes after other dogs at times. Angel has and will engage in playing with every dog in the program, but she will also bully them. Her little attacks have never resulted in any physical harm even though the opportunity to do so presented itself. We are confident that not only the issue can be corrected but that WE can correct it.” Those of you who have been reading about this sweet girl for the past year know that we and her handlers know that she would thrive as the only dog in a home. That having been said, Angel received gold stars from her handlers for playing great together with Bear this week. What she needs is someone to give her a chance. Here’s to being able to give someone Angel kisses to every day, little girl!

Week 49
Angel is doing well. She still likes jumping up to greet people, but she is making strides in controlling doing that. She's still waiting to be adopted. We're not sure why it hasn't happened yet. All the staff at the prison know her and talk about how great of a dog she is ... yet she's still waiting for a home. It doesn't make any sense to me."

Week 48
" This week, Angel's handlers continued to work on redirecting her focus with the "touch" command. "It has been very successful even when the volunteers show up. She still needs to work on that but she is definitely progressing. Furthermore, Angel actually sat calmly with a volunteer (her Kryptonite) this weekend and focused on us while obeying every command given. We've also have been honing her non-verbal commands using just hand signals. She is doing great with them as well."

Week 47
"The last few weeks, Angel has been having a lot of fun playing in the snow. We've been really focusing on keeping her focused at all times using the ‘touch’ command. When her attention gets diverted toward someone or something, she tends to ignore us briefly. Given that ‘touch’ is one of her strongest commands, we're using it to redirect her focus back to us. It is working very, very well so far as we've successfully used it for every obstacle to this point. The true test will be with the volunteers, but we believe it will work with repetition. ‘Touch’ is fun for Angel because it allows her to move and she gets treated for it. In time, we'll treat intermittently but for now, we treat all the time as incentive.”

Week 46
Angel still needs to control her excitement when greeting people, but she did good this week. She went out and played in the snow and she loved it. The first night it snowed, she went out to go potty, saw the snow went crazy wanting to play in it, so we let her. She is a great snow loving dog.”

Week 45
“Angel went out to an event this week but unfortunately couldn't spark anyone’s interest. It's shocking that she still hasn't found a home given all the people who love her here. We understand that her energy level can be overwhelming at times but it is only when she first meets you. She knows better and tries hard to control herself but her happiness and love for people gets the best of her. We know firsthand how frustrating that can be but we also know how good she makes you feel too. In her case, the good far outweighs the bad and we hope that someone out there will realize that too. Is a dog who is happy to see you each and every time you leave and come back really an issue? If it is, consider yourself lucky that there's nothing in the world to concern you. We love her and you will too.”

Week 44
“Yet again Angel had another good week. We continue to take her out to dayroom to do meet and greets with new people and to get exercise playing fetch and tug-a-war while using the drop it and leave command.” Keep working on those meet and greets, little Angel!

Week 43
Angel’s handlers are amazed that this sweet girl still hasn’t found her forever home. “It is shocking that she has lasted this long but hopefully her time will come soon. Being selfish, we hope she stays a long time but we know that won't happen. Her issue with sharing attention is probably her only downside as most families already have a pet. Her meet and greets remain a work in progress as we take her to both counselors’ offices for practice. At times we also take her out to day room for her meet and greet others. She does well in all occasions while listening to commands. Until her time comes, we will continue to do everything to help her.”

Week 42
Angel’s handlers report that she “has been doing well lately. We've been introducing her to new people to further work on her greeting skills. She's learning, but still needs some work. She has also been spending a lot of time hanging out with the counselors in their office to get a change of scenery.”

Week 41
Angel's handlers continued to work with her on her introductions this week "as that is her only issue. We also make the best out of what we have to try to get her the exercise she needs. Hopefully, someday, everything works out for her and she gets the home that she deserves."

Week 40
This week Angel worked on her "back" command, and she received gold stars from her handlers for her efforts! “She has picked it up to where she does it with hand signals.” This pup is still working on her exuberance when she meets people. One of the staff members is helping by letting Angel stay with her in her office! You are such a sweetheart, little girl. We know there is a good home just waiting for you!

Week 39
This week, Angel spent time playing with other dogs off leash, and received gold stars from her handlers for how good she was! “She seems to be an only dog type of girl but she has been really good with the others. The one minor incident occurred with Londyn when Angel grabbed her leash and walked her. Ha Ha. It was fine at first but when Londyn was finished, Angel wasn’t. We're beginning to think that Angel is all bark. She probably just doesn't know her boundaries and overreacts when she warns the other dogs. We’ll continue to work with her on this issue.” Keep doing well with your pack members, little girl!

Field Trip Alert - As told by HOPE Volunteer Jason - I picked up Angel for a short field trip to my home. I've meet Angel twice but this would be the first time I had her out alone. She was very excited to go for a car ride but settled down quick and enjoyed smelling the air out the window. When we got home I took her in the backyard to let her unwind. We played for a bit but she mostly was curious of all the new smells. I have a fenced in yard with dogs on all three sides. Of course all the neighbors dogs were out barking at Angel but she never barked once. Just ran around smelling them through the fence. When I took her inside she smelled around and did a quick loop of the house. Then she came back to me and sat down almost waiting for the next surprise. We worked on some basic commands, she loves her cheese treats, then went for a quick walk and came back inside. Angel loved sitting in the sun on the sun porch so we spent most of the time there just hanging out. She is a sweet girl! She gets excited fast but settled down pretty well and seemed to enjoy just relaxing in the sun. She is welcome back anytime.

Week 38
Angel’s handlers tell us that “not much has changed with Angel on a day to day basis. She's being doing well with running and seems to love doing it with the exception of an occasional limp later on. That's normal for her though. Knowing her, it could be just another way to get attention. Ha Ha. Rubbing it makes it go away. Angel spent an evening on the tier when "Dayroom" was happening. A lot of people were around and she did great. She listened and was well mannered the entire time.” In fact, this pup received gold stars for her manners that night! Congratulations, Angel!

Week 37
This week, after the rain, Angel’s handlers “subjected her to some running. At first, she's excited and running crazy but she will run beside you after a minute. The idea is to help her burn energy and be calmer, but her batteries recharge in no time. Ha ha. It’s still good for her and us so we will continue this routine as long as the weather allows it. Maybe a Jogger will adopt her and will have the ultimate partner.”

Week 36
Angel had another good week! “We've been working on getting her to play with Maddie. It's going well. Little by little, they are getting used to each other. Her new thing is to pull her favorite blanket out of her cage and spreads it out in front of the cage and sleep on it.” Here’s to a forever home to spread your blanket out in, Angel!

Week 35
Angel’s handlers report that she was happy to see her old friend Guardian again! She is also getting acquainted with Londyn, and received gold stars for playing with her. “They have been playing around together the last few days. We've also been using another method for meet and greets, which seems to work well. She went out on Sunday and did good, so hopefully she'll find a home soon.”

Week 34
“This week we worked with Madison and her handler to see if Angel and Madison could become playmates. Our first try didn’t work, but when we put them in separate cages, they then began to play around through the fence. There is definitely potential there that we will try to fulfill.” Gold stars for the their handlers for making this happen!

Week 33
“This week has been similar to all the others as we continue to work with Angel and her different areas that need improving. We really focused on her ignoring everyone while walking down the block. She is very loving and attention-seeking which is great, but sometimes you want to go from point A to point B without stopping for everyone. As much as she needs to learn how to meet and greet, she also needs to learn to focus and ignore everyone except us when needed.” Angel just wants to be loved, and we know there is someone special out there that will give that to her! Paws crossed, Angel!

Week 32
Angel’s handlers report that “this week has been no different than the past couple of weeks for her. We've been spending a lot of time outside playing, learning and relaxing. One of the things we've been working on is Angel not running around like it's a game when she needs to stay put. We've been using the Frisbee to throw around and when she gets it, she should stay and release it. She isn't perfect but she is showing improvement. We also have her "stay while we toss it back and forth which she is doing very well with.” Keep improving, Angel! The right forever home is just waiting for you!

Week 31

Angel had a pretty good week. She showed some frustration during her schooling, but her handlers used the techniques they learned at training, and “all was well. She’s also learning her ‘knee’ command.” As we’ve reported before, Angel might be best placed in a one-dog home. “Unfortunately she's a diva who needs to be the center of attention so other dogs are an issue. That trait doesn't make her any less desirable though. She's very loving with a unique "personality" that will make you fall in love with her. Angel’s time will come and her new family will be very happy with her.”

Week 30

Angel’s handlers report that “she has been doing very well with Madison. We've been slowly introducing them to one another. They've been sniffing and licking each other, hopefully soon they will become good play mates for each other. They both have high energy levels so hopefully they can wear each other out.” This pup also has been both learning and playing in the dog yard. “We have her stay while we toss her toys and forth. She’s doing great with this.” Angel, you’re doing great all around, and we HOPE you’re embraced into a loving family very soon!

Week 29
“This week has been the same as the last couple of weeks except that the weather has been perfect. We spent hours a day outside playing, training and relaxing. Angel and Rebel remain the best of friends but she likes the others too. We'd like to introduce her and Madison more closely to each other, but as of now, they co-exist between fences and show a willingness to play. Angel gets along with all dogs here but will react to them after a little. She needs to learn boundaries with other dogs. With her meet and greets, the method we learned at training class is working so we continue with it as she gets better and better.” Angel was awarded gold stars for her behavior in the dog yard one day this week. “She was barking at a groundhog and going crazy. With that distraction she listened and came to us where she sat then stayed.” You’re doing great, Sweet Miss!

Week 28
Her handlers report that “like last week, Angel spent a lot of time outside playing around. She and Rebel have become excellent playmates even through the fence. The have figured out how to feed toys through for the other so that they can play tug. Angel also had a moment when she listened while her focus was on a groundhog 20 feet away. She came when I called her, sat, laid down and stayed until released. This pup was awarded gold stars from her handlers as a result! “Angel also went out on an adoption event but had no luck finding a home yet. She can stay as long as she has to though...” This pup attended Pride Fest this past Saturday. Once again she was a great little Ambassador to the program! She did very well listening to the “off” command (except when she couldn’t help herself thanking one of the volunteers for her hot dog treats)! Although her handlers wrote that she can stay with them as long as she needs to, we are hoping that luck soon comes Angel’s way, and she finds her forever home!

Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Cindy):

Angel continues to make great progress in the HOPE Program. HOPE’s new professional trainer has introduced a new training plan for our girl and in just two short weeks, the transformation is impressive. She is learning that pulling, jumping and whining is not going to get her where she wants to go. She must walk calmly to her destination and when she gets there, sit nicely. At the pool party, during introduction, she would try to stand up to meet someone, but when told off, she would sit and then lie down. Unfortunately, no one packed her bikini so she couldn’t participate in the swimsuit contest. But with or without a swimsuit, we think she’s beautiful. We hope you do too and would like to make her part of your family.

Week 27
Angel’s handlers report that “she spent a lot of time outside this week as we try to beat the heat. It is cooler outside than inside especially in the mornings when we spend most of the time out there. Angel was introduced to the pool with mixed results. She was hesitant at first, but eventually started to ‘bob for teats’ then stand in it. She tried to sit but stopped when the water hit her behind.” This little girl is also doing better with her meet and greets! “She is doing great when meeting the ‘average’ person but still needs improvement with new people and the volunteers.” Angel attended the adoption event at Pitties.Love.Peace on Sunday! She loved being petted by people of all ages and also loved the hot dog that one of the volunteers bought for her. She was very gentle taking the tasty morsels from her hand. Angel is a gem! She may still have some facets to be polished, but she’s ready for the right forever home!

Week 26
Angel’s handlers report that “everything is going well with her. We found out that she's not a big fan of the heat. We spent most of the week outside because it was cooler outside with the wind blowing. She enjoyed having cold water over her to cool her down.” Angel was the HOPE Ambassador at CPAA’s Puppy Pool Party at the Blue Mountain Commons PetValu this past Saturday. Her handlers would have been proud to see how much she has improved when meeting people! She was a very good girl, and loved doling about Angel kisses to anyone who got down to her level! Although she may be better in a one-dog household, this pretty girl is definitely ready for her forever home!

Week 25
Angel’s handlers report that the method they learned last week to immediately remove Angel from an introduction when she doesn't behave works. “However, there were no such situations this week. This is good because she behaved but we know that the behavior isn't corrected completely. She did seem move focused on us and behaving more than in the past though. The true test will come when the volunteers show up [laugh]. Angel also was introduced to both new dogs and seems willing to at least co-exist with them.” Congratulations, Angel!

Week 24
Due to circumstances beyond their control, Angel’s handlers had to play a lot of games with her this week to keep her occupied. She also did well being handled by people other than her cellies during certain times of the day. This little girl is ready for parole to the right home. We HOPE you find your forever family soon, sweet, Angel!

Week 23
Angel’s handlers report this week that she had to spend a lot of time indoors this week because of the weather. “That was unfortunate because she needs to expend physical energy daily, but we made the best of it.” This pup keeping all four paws on the ground when meeting people she knows. “That is an improvement, and hopefully it will continue.”

Week 22
Angel’s handlers report that she “has shown great progress in the past couple of weeks controlling herself.” In fact, they gave her gold stars on her report card for her ability to do so! Angel also got a lot of exercise since her last report. “She went out to the dog yard a few times this week, once with another hander, and behaved very well. She likes rolling around in the grass and playing fetch. Angel likes Colby and is fine with Macy. Her best friend is Tonka, but she’s also interacting good with Guardian. Angel is an amazing dog and is ready to find her permanent home where she will be loved and taken care of. Hopefully, her time will come soon.”

Week 21
Between the rain and Angel not feeling very good this week [she’s fine now], she didn’t get to have a lot of time to romp outside. Once she was back in the pink, her handlers were able to continue to work on her meet and greets and her walking skills. Angel attended an adoption event this past Sunday, and her handlers were happy to hear reports how she did on her adventures. Angel is just a sweetheart. Now, she needs someone to appreciate her enthusiasm for life and her sweet hugs and kisses they will receive when they come home from work. What better way to start your evening?

Week 20
Angel’s handlers report that “she did really well this week. She and Tonka get along very well and really enjoy playing together. Every time they see each other, they go into a play position.” In fact, Angel got gold stars on her report card for how well she plays with the newcomer to the program! Way to go, sweet girl!

Week 19
Angel went on a field trip this week, and her handlers were happy to hear that she “did great.” They continued to work on this pup’s overall behavior, but concentrated on her walking on-leash and meet and greets. Of course, Angel also got some play time. “She has been doing great out in the dog yard. One day, we had her out with Tonka. They are two very playful dogs who did well together. We kept them on-leash so we had more control over them [for their first real introduction], but having them off-leash together is not out of the question once they learn their boundaries.” Good girl, Angel!

Week 18
Angel’s handlers used a new technique to help her meet people this week. “It was suggested that we ‘shape’ her to sit on a towel. We start in the cell, and slowly move her and the towel onto the tier to see if the behavior transfers. It’s still a work in progress, but we’ll keep working with her.” Angel was slowly introduced to Tonka, and “they seem to really like each other. Hopefully, they will play well together and help each other burn off their energy [LOL].”

Week 17
Angel got to spend some time outdoors this week! Her handlers report that she “has been doing well with her walking and focusing around distractions with a lure. She did excellent with everything. She ran around A LOT, as expected, but also obeyed every command, including full-length stays.” Angel played the “find-it” game with her handlers. They placed a treat under one of three objects, and her mission was to find the tasty morsel! “She did especially well playing the game. This Sweet Miss attended the Grand Reopening event at PetValu in Enola on Saturday. Everyone who gave her a pet was rewarded with an Angel kiss! At one point, she stopped wagging her tail long enough to sit on the curb to wait and see who would come up to visit her next! She enjoyed going for walks and a run with Volunteer Jason, and allowed him to take her treat as she was chewing on it (of course, he gave he back to her). She also enjoyed taking a snooze on the warm asphalt. This little girl may not live up to her name 100% of the time, but she would be an Angel in the right family setting. Now, she just needs someone to be able to give her special kisses to every day.

Week 16
“Angel has been doing really well lately. She’s calming down slowly, but it’s a step in the right direction.” This pup enjoys joining one of her handlers on his morning runs. He reports that it can be challenging sometimes to have her along because “she wants to run in every direction but straight.” We hope you can be calm with a family you can call your own soon, Angel!

Week 15
Angel’s handlers are still working on her meeting and greeting folks with four paws on the ground. “Some days are better than others.” She and Rascal became pals this week. “They are fine together, and we hope that they’ll help each other burn off their excess energy. Other than that, nothing has changed with Angel.” The only big change we hope for you, sweet girl, is for you to find your forever home.

Week 14
“Angel is getting a little better at greeting. We’ve been having her sit before she says hello to anyone, but we still need to work with her.” For those of you wondering about this pup’s jumping when she says hello, it’s not aggressive. Angel just can’t help her enthusiasm to get someone new into her circle of friends. Maybe the fact that she was abandoned by the ones she thought loved her and finding people who really care for her just makes her want acceptance by more friendly folks in her life. “Angel is a great dog. Once you get to know her, you can’t help falling in love with her.”

Week 13
Angel’s handlers say that at this point, her only issue is how she meets and greets others. She tends to jump up on folks to say hello, but “after her initial excitement, she calms down significantly.” Angel had her first experience as our HOPE ambassador at the adoption event at Tractor Supply Company in Carlisle this past Saturday, and she had a wonderful time! Since it was such a cold day, one of the HOPE volunteers appreciated having a canine heater on her lap to and from the event! Angel also served as our navigator by laying her head on the dashboard watching carefully that Volunteer Cindy didn’t make a wrong turn. This pup was a hit with the customers! She sought out and accepted pets from people of all ages and lived up to her nickname “wiggle butt!” Everyone commented what a pretty girl she is, and Angel basked in all of the attention! Admittedly, she did her signature jumping up on people, but she responded pretty well to the HOPE volunteers when they gave her the “off” command. Angel also enjoyed the treats that she received! One customer opened a bag of them that he was buying for his pups, and shared them with her after she performed some of her commands. Another customer bought Angel a yummy bone. She acted like she was in heaven as she put it between her paws and munched away on it! She was an absolute joy to be with, and we HOPE that someone will soon embrace her enthusiasm and kindred spirit into a forever home.

Week 12

Angel’s handlers report that “things are going really well with her.” She’s still an excitable pup, but when her enthusiasm gets the best of her, her handlers don’t show her any attention and she calms down. Angel has earned the nickname “wiggle butt” from the folks on the block because “she’s always happy and her tail is always wagging.” Stay happy, little girl!

Week 11
Angel got to go see her foster family last Sunday. “I’m sure she loved that as much as they did.” Her skin condition is doing well with the medication and special shampoo her handlers are using. In fact, she got gold stars this week, because “baths are a non-issue for her.” If you read the journals about all of the dogs in the program, you know that Danner is our HOPE canine volunteer when Margie takes one of our pups on a field trip. Well, Angel decided to become a HOPE canine handler this week. “One of the funniest things we’ve seen is when Angel walks Duke. She just picks up his leash in her mouth and proceeds to lead him around!” Keep showing that sweet personality, Angel!

Week 10
Angel handlers report that she’s feeling much better due to her mild medications. “Thank you.” They also tell us that “she remains the happy, attention–seeking dog who tries hard to meet and greet people properly. There also have been no setbacks with having a new handler. She obeys him, and thoroughly enjoys his company.” Angel also got to have some fun out in the dog yard this week “in a failed attempt to tire her out [snicker].” We’re glad that you’re back in the pink, Miss Angel!

Week 9
Angel was a little under the weather this week. That didn’t deter her from embracing an additional handler into her world, however. “She loves it because she gets more attention now. “ She also met the new kid Duke, and “they are fine together.” We HOPE you’re feeling better in no time, Angel!

Week 8
Angel was introduced to a new food regimen this week. Although she’s getting used to both the food and having a designated time to eat (she normally would just pick at her food throughout the day), her handler is confident that she’ll soon adjust to the routine. This pup also enjoyed the additional snow we had. “I worked with her off-leash obedience while we were out there, and she did very well. Angel especially loved the snow on New Year’s Day. She went out with Thunder, and played all afternoon.” It’s obvious that you love the snow from the pictures on our Facebook page of you on your field trip, sweet girl! We also have to say that you are quite the stunner in that green and red doggie coat! You’re a keeper, Angel. Now, we just have to find someone who wants to keep you as their own! Paws crossed!

Week 8
Angel handler tells us that she “had an exciting week and had a lot of fun. She went to the gym with me and got to meet some new people, as well as catch up with some old friends. Everyone loves her, and she behaves when she’s there. Angel listens very well and shows that she also has manners.” Aside from hanging out with her pals, this pup loved running around and playing with her toy on the basketball court. Right now, her favorite toy is the one she got for Christmas. “She wants to take it everywhere. She will back track to go get it when we go out.” Angel spent Christmas morning playing in the snow. “She’s like a little kid out there running around and rolling in it.” This sweet miss also discovered that sleeping under the covers with her handler is just the ticket. “She will walk up to me and paw at the sheets for me to let her under them then she curls up and goes to sleep.” We HOPE that you can cuddle with your new family members very soon, Angel!

Week 7
Angel was introduced to a harness this week. Although she “wasn’t thrilled with it, there was an immediate difference in how she walks and meets and greets people.” Her handler hopes that the harness will teach her to curb her enthusiasm in these endeavors, so that it’s a temporary part of her training.