Week 5
“Glenn is a well-mannered dog who has only one thing on his mind all day…food. When you walk up to him, the first thing he will do is look at your hands to see if you have a treat in them.” His handlers realize that he’s an older pup, and have structured his training program accordingly. Glenn enjoys going for walks with his them, and follows them wherever they go. Glenn also continues to enjoy the “which one” game so he can get his beloved treats! This pup has a wonderful soul, and always seems to have a smile on his face. Now Glenn needs the perfect person or people to take him on walks and enjoy his sweet demeanor. We are HOPING that forever home will come his way very soon.

Week 4
Glenn's handlers say that training was a little slow this week because of the weather, but they were able to work on this pup’s recall command. “He needs a lot of work in this area. Short-range, he’s okay but long-range gets complicated. Overall, if he makes a connection with you, he’s going to follow you anywhere. Glenn will walk beside you on or off-leash for as long as you decide to walk, but if someone walks by, he may decide to follow the person who passed him. To work on recall, I use the down/stay command, and he’s becoming better at it each day. His handlers gave him a lot of praise for taking his training in stride, and learning his sit, down, stay (for 2 to 3 steps), stop and which one commands (his handler has to have his hands open a little bit for Glenn to smell the treat). He also put some work in on the new agility course. He’s not good at it, but it was cool to see him jump the bar.” Keep smiling and showing your abilities, Glenn!

GlennWeek 3
Glenn’s handlers concentrated on his stay command this week. “He performs a little slow, but he gets it. He is food motivated, and he does what he has to do to get his treats. Ever mindful, he’s being trained with treats until he’s able to perform his commands without them. He’s just not at that level yet.” In the four weeks he’s been at the prison, Glenn has learned to walk up and down steps as well as his sit, down and stay commands. One of his handlers also has been working on this pup’s loose-leash walking skills. “I take Glenn out for about five laps with no tension on the leash. When I take him off the leash, he walks right behind me the whole time until someone walks past. Then, he might start following whoever walked by. But, he has great recall. As soon as I call to him, he comes to me.” Keep up the good work, Glenn!


 Week 2
“Glenn is a mild-mannered dog. For treats, he will sit on command. He’ll also walk with you without pulling while on a loose leash. When he’s walking off-leash, he stays right by your side lap after lap until he gets tired.” Once Glenn has gotten his second wind, “he’ll walk around the tier greeting anybody who comes his way.” This pup is a love muffin who needs a family to make his senior years his golden years. Could that be you?

Week 1
Glenn’s handler reports that this newcomer “is an older dog with a young spirit. He’s a bit stubborn, but he’s still learning. His sit command is almost down to a routine, and his initial fear of going up and down stairs is over.” This pup’s back legs are weak, so his handler is starting him on an exercise program to help build them up. “He likes to keep his legs moving, so he wanders around a lot. He’s likeable among the older people around here. That’s probably because he relates to them. Glenn also has no teeth, and it‘s funny to us in here because he has a sunny smile.”

Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Cindy) - Glenn attended Saturday’s Adoption Event at PetSmart in Hagerstown. He was such a ham! If he saw Micah was getting attention, he barreled his way right up for some attention. He was very funny, and wanted to be up close and personal. And, boy did he love his treats! He might be 10 years-old, but his nose works very well. He could smell those treats and knew exactly where they were. His handler will be told to work on the “off” command. Glenn was good with the other dogs. He also loved everybody and gave them kisses. After the event, Micah laid down in the back seat of the van. Glenn decided that he would call the very back of the van his own, and had a great time exploring it on his way back to the prison. This boy is a charmer!

UPDATE 2-8-13
Glenn is a sweetheart. He loves every person he meets and his tail never stops wagging. Glenn is a bit choosy about his canine friends, but we're hoping to expand his circle of trust to include some doggie buddies while he's learning lots of other new things at the jail.   He is a handsome, ten year old shepherd mix who is available for adoption through Diamond Dog Rescue.  Stay tuned for next week's update.