Week 25 
As you can see, Roger is in his forever home and he is adjusting well!   One of his handlers wrote a sweet note about his departure from his care.  “Now that I was informed that he was leaving me this week, I was sad and happy at the same time.  It’s good to let him get to another chance with a new family. He’s a great dog! I will truly miss him.”  Congratulations, sweet boy!

Week 24 
Roger’s handlers tell us that “it was a good work week overall!!!  He will listen and respond to basic commands from other handlers and people.  I walked Roger through the cones, and rewarded him at the end when he sat upon completion.”  This pup also got a special treat this week.  “I placed some Vienna sausage inside the wooden dog puzzle.  He played with this for two hours.  It was nice to see because he doesn’t usually play with any toys.  I really feel his pain.  He got a bad break.  The right people and situation await Roger.”

Week 23
Roger’s handlers are happy to report that “we have finally gotten him to overcome cowering down!!  It’s a small victory for us, because the ultimate goal would be his adoption.”  The prison sponsored a “Family Weekend” this week, so Roger’s handlers worked on his recalls.  “There was a lot of traffic coming through the facility, and he sometimes ran to the fence and barked.  He stopped when we called him or got his attention before he ran off again.”  This pup also seems to miss his pal, Sheila.  “When her handler walks by the door, Roger runs and sniffs the door and air, assuming that she is close by.  Roger is a wonderful dog that got a bad break.  He is laid back and likes to keep to himself.  I had him in the yard this week, and we went off and found somewhere to lay down away from the other dogs (smile).  I can’t understand why he hasn’t been adopted yet.  He would make a great family dog!!!”

RogerWeek 22
Roger’s handler used the new clicker training this week.  “I worked on timing and getting Roger to associate the rewards that follow a click.  He’s starting to understand sitting and hearing the click afterwards.”  This pup got gold stars for his recall sitting and staying this week!  “His loose leash walking is also no longer a problem.  Roger walks without pulling at your pace.  We went on a lot of walks this week when it wasn’t too hot.  Roger likes his walks.”  Now this sweet boy needs forever family members who will take him for walks around their neighborhood.  Paws crossed you find them soon, sweet boy!

Week 21 
Roger’s handler reports that this pup is starting to be more responsive to the down command.  He’s also doing better when his handler calls to him in the cell.  “He’s not cowering down anymore.  He is coming out with confidence.  Roger learned a new trick this week.  You can tell him to speak, and he will for a high-valued treat.  With this exception of Roger’s stubbornness to respond to certain commands without treats, he’s one of the most mild-mannered dogs we’ve ever had in the program.  He doesn’t waiver from that.”

RogerWeek 20
Roger’s handler continued to reinforce this pup’s cues this week.  He also worked on calling to Roger while he’s in his crate.  “I’ve noticed that the tone of your voice makes a difference.  If you sound friendly, he will dash to you.  If you call him in a tone that may sound aggressive to him, he knows the difference and will shrink down.  So, I make it my business to sound comforting when I call him to help him overcome his fear of being called.”  Roger was awarded gold stars for doing his sit and down cues without a treat this week.  His handler is also “currently trying to make Roger more people-social to increase his adoption possibilities.”  This pup attended the dog park dedication in Hagerstown over the weekend.  Roger couldn’t wait to get in the van!  He was a very good little passenger, and was very intent on watching the world go by.  He  showed off some of his command skills, and took treats very gently from the HOPE volunteers who asked him to perform them.   Roger also enjoyed hanging out in the shade under the table with Sheila and taking a long walk with her at the event!  This pup is a reserved little boy, but he’s a sweetheart through and through!

Week 19
“This past week, I had the opportunity to see repetition pay off with Roger due to our trainer stressing the importance of him going through his commands without treats.  Roger has responded well!”  This pup loves his exercise!  “He plays well with the other dogs, but he still goes 0 to 60 when running with Sheila.”   As Roger’s handler has written before, he thinks that it’s all about timing for him to be adopted.  “He’s ready!!”

RogerWeek 18
Roger’s handler reports that “his week has been productive.  One of his issues was his inability to go down without a treat, but we are working on it with positive reinforcement.”  Roger got gold stars for his sit, stay and recall commands.  He also now takes his treats in a gentle manner. This pup is also very aware of his surroundings.  “Roger likes to run the perimeter of a fenced yard, and will alert you to any outside activity, whether it’s a door slamming or a cat meowing.”  His handler opined that the only barrier to this pup being adopted is “timing and the right fit.”  We HOPE you find the right family soon, little boy!

Week 17
“It was a pretty good week for Roger.  His recall is very good!  I had the opportunity to test it.  There were some visitors outside of the gate, and Roger charged up the hill.  I called him while he was in stride, and he stopped and slowly walked back to me. Roger has a tendency in small quarters to when you call him, he will come, but it’s like his confidence goes out the window.  He will come, but he’s low to the ground and his tail is between his legs, basically in fear.  So, I’ve been calling him and praising him in an upbeat voice, and it seems to be working.”  Roger interacts well with the other dogs, and had a grand time running with Sheila and Huck this week!  He also interacts well with the people in his world. “He gives a head nudge when he wants you to continue petting him.  Nothing is keeping Roger from being adopted!”

Week 16
One of Roger’s handlers reports that “this week’s activities and training went fairly well.  I used the Canine Good Citizen test as a check list.  Although he didn’t like all of the distractions behind him, he did very well!  The plan is to get Roger to respond with the same pace as he does with treats.  He won’t go down without them, but he will sit.  He has also stopped pulling on-leash!”  This pup is playing well with all of the other dogs, although his favorites are Sheila and Huckleberry.  Roger has come such a long way in the program, yet this sweet boy is still looking for his forever family.  His handler writes that “Roger is a complete companion.” Paws crossed that you find the family members to call your forever companions soon, little boy!

Week 15
Roger worked primarily on his sit command and his recall skills this week.  “It’s a work in progress, because he will sit before you ask him to with a high-powered treat, but is hesitant to sit for a command.  With lots of repetition, he’s now sitting without a treat, just on praise alone.  Roger still won’t go down without a treat, so there is still work to do.”  You’re still making progress, little boy!   If you have been following the website, you will see that some new pups have been added to the Roxbury pack.  “All of the new dogs have adjusted to our numerous pack walks.  The puppy, Huckleberry, follows Roger around, and he and Sheila play well together as well.”  As for Roger being ready for adoption, his handler thinks it’s all about timing.  “Who wouldn’t want a calm, gentle dog?”

Week 14
Roger’s handlers tell us that he continues to do very well.  One of them worked with Roger to take high-value treats in a more gentle fashion.  “I told him ‘nice’ as I handed him the treat.  He switched his mouthy approach to a more subtle grab.”  Roger pulled off an acrobatic move this week.  “When a bird flew low, he somersaulted his body in the opposite directing, catching the bird in flight.  We were able to get Roger to release it and save the bird.”  His handlers continue to beam about his personality.  “He’s a great dog who gets along with everybody.  He’s loved by many!  He loves to be picked up like a baby for smiles, hugs and rubs.  Roger is just a loving dog!”

Week 13
Roger’s handlers report that it was a very active week for him.  “He’s been in full hunt mode.  When he’s outside, he crouches low to chase the birds.  He didn’t actually catch any, but sometimes it was a close call.”  This pup’s handlers are also happy to report that he is progressing with his training.  They are currently working on his loose-leash walking skills. “Every week with Roger is wonderful.  He’s just waiting to make parole and make someone smile.  He’s one of the best dogs I’ve had contact with in the program.  I really enjoy working with him each and every week. “

Week 12
“Roger had a positive, upbeat week.  He showed great enthusiasm while learning to roll over.  He also will come to you when you call his name. Roger wants nothing more than to be rubbed and petted.  He has the most calming demeanor. Roger is a wonderful dog that everybody on the tier loves, but he is still looking for a family to grow old with.“    Paws crossed you find that family soon, Roger!

Week 11
Roger’s handlers say that “he has been a pleasure from day one because of his calm demeanor and his eagerness to learn.  I really enjoy having the privilege of working with Roger because he’s the same all of the time. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for a treat.  I learn something new each and every week with Roger.  Other people love to socialize with him, especially other inmates.  He is very smart and listens well to every command!’  This pup continues to show his hunt tendencies. “Recently, the facility called count time.  I called Roger, but I didn’t see him.  So, I assumed someone left the door open and he came inside of the tier.  This wasn’t the case.  Roger buried himself inside of a bush and was sitting inside of it waiting for the birds.”  Even with his Houdini performance this week, his handlers can’t say enough about Roger, and hope that he is soon adopted!

Week 10 
“Roger has been doing well since he has been in the program.  We have rebuilt his trust in dealing with people. His self-confidence has gotten a lot better!”  This pup’s handlers report “since the weather has become warmer, we have noticed that Roger has taken on some hunting traits.  He lets his body rub against the bushes as he waits for a vibration indicating a bird is inside.”   As for his training, although Roger tends to get excited around strangers, he has all but mastered his loose-leash walking techniques.  His handlers also have been reinforcing his basic commands daily, and “they are going very well, but he doesn’t like to do them without treats.  Roger is just a loving dog who needs a loving, caring family.  Whoever adopts him will have a win.  Roger is what you call the best kept secret.” 

Week 9 
“Roger has achieved success with his loose-leash walking. He walks in a calm and confident manner. We are currently working on his recall skills with positive reinforcement and with high value treats. His recall isn’t bad, but it could be better.” Roger showed his handlers just how fast he is this week. One of them released this pup in the yard, not realizing that there a few birds in the middle of it. Roger took off after one of them, but responded to his handler when he called him away from the bird. “Roger brings out this best in all of the dogs. I hope he goes to a loving family with a nice back yard. He is truly man’s best friend. He is the kind of dog that belongs behind a white picket fence with the All-American family. Roger is a very amazing dog.”

Week 8
Roger’s handlers report that he “has come out of his quiet and reserved shell, due to Sheila. They, and sometimes Sparkles, will run and play non-stop. It’s fun to watch because they’re all fast and playful.” Since the weather has been nice, some folks have been visiting outside of the fence of the dog yard to watch the activity. “Roger runs to his guests full-speed and then will just sit down calmly. We’ve also been running him through the obstacle course, and are looking forward to trying some more of the rally techniques. He has no problems listening to commands.” Both of his handlers “really enjoy working with Mr. Roger. He never changes. He loves to be rubbed and hugged. He’ll walk up to people just for a rub.” Here’s to rubs and hugs in a forever home soon, Roger!

Week 7 
Roger continued to work on his walking skills, both on and off-leash. “”He’s progressing with his pulling issues, and walks fine after you slow his pace. We walked some laps together. He loves to walk along with me off-leash.” Good work, Roger! His handlers were also pleased with how well he did showing off all of his commands during training class this week! Of course, this pup got some R&R as well. He gets along well with the other dogs in the program, and enjoys making the rounds on the tier and getting affection from the different people that he meets. One of his handlers put a Vienna sausage inside one of the toys “we were fortunate enough to receive for the dogs. Roger spun every dial, and in some cases, would apply his teeth in order to get the sausage. It took him about 20 minutes, but eventually he did it on his own.” This pup also took to having his teeth brushed and getting a bath this week! “Roger has a great disposition!”

Week 6
“Roger is doing well in the HOPE Program!” This pup keeps his handlers on their toes when it comes to his training, but he is making progress under their care. Roger is learning to walk politely on a leash and loves making his rounds on the tier. This pup is a joy to his handlers, and the inmates who aren’t in the program just love him! Roger also has what one of his handlers refers to as “his security blanket. He loves to cocoon himself inside of it and he leaves just enough room to see over the blanket. When the door is open, Roger shields himself until he hears any of the other dogs walking by, and then he sneaks peeks. He is just a great dog!!! I really enjoy working with himevery day.”

Week 5 
“We had a great work week, with the addition of the new obstacle course equipment. Roger likes leaping, and he will go into the tunnel without any hesitation. He listens well to commands!! Roger also is doing well with his training, and enjoys running around the yard with all of the other dogs.” This pup’s handlers tell us that he loves getting rubs from everybody he meets on the tier. “He also lets anybody handle his handsome self.” One of Roger’s handlers wrote that during a late recreation night, he allowed the pup to walk around on the block. The handler got a drink of water, and told someone that he was going to bed. “As soon as Roger heard this, he immediately took off and went inside his crate. So, we learned that he associates the words bed and crate. Roger is an all-around down-to-earth dog who we believe is ready for a good home. He is calm, attentive and very affectionate.”

Week 4 
Roger’s handlers report that his sixth week in the program was for the most part a great work week. They discovered that this pup would only sit for treats! As a result, they have started either giving him the sit command substituting a lot of praise for a treat, or delaying giving him his tasty morsel. “This seems effective.” This pup can sometimes show dominance toward the other dogs, but he still has enough balance so that he can play well with them. Both of Roger’s handlers commented about his personality around humans this week. “He has the most laid-back doggie personality!! He can be handled by anyone. Left by himself, he wouldn’t bother anything in his home. Roger is a wonderful dog who needs a very loving home with a loving family!! He just wants love, that’s all, and a lot of rubs and hugs.” Paws crossed you find a family to grant your wishes, Roger!

Week 3 
“This week with Mr. Roger has been great!!” This pup has adapted to the handlers in the program as well as the inmates who are not part of the program. In fact, he walks right up to people on the tier for a sniff. “Roger is a very smart dog. He listens to all of his commands!!” His handler is also happy to tell us that Roger no longer has any problem eating his food! “He is loveable and he needs lots of love in return.” 

Week 2 
His handlers report that Roger is thriving in the program. “He does well with interaction in the recreation hall and he is still quite social with the other dogs. Roger is working with more confidence. His loose-leash walking and recalls have both improved.” This pup is a bit picky when it comes to his dog food, but he is very treat motivated! Although he is social pup on the tier, and seeks out rubs from the folks he encounters, Roger also likes to be by himself. “Sometimes he goes into his own world. All in all, everybody on the tier just loves Roger”

Week 1 
Roger’s handlers report that his first week “actually went pretty well.  He is very aware of his surroundings.  He is submissive and relaxes for everyone.”  This pup took to his crate without difficulty, and both of his handlers report that he has “great recall.”  Roger is also already making friends with his pack mates.  “He’s great with them outside.  They play together, drink water with each other, etc.”  One of the handlers gave the newcomer a bath, and relays that “it was so relaxing to him, he fell asleep in it.  All in all, Roger’s affectionate and loves attention.”  What a great report, little boy!

UPDATE 1-31-13
Roger has been waiting a very long time for his turn in the jail. He is more than ready to take a crack at doggie school just like his buddies who came before him (Rambo, Kelsey, Tucker, etc.). Roger had a home once, but has been waiting in rescue for a few years with no luck. He's is an adorable, six year old Mountain Curr mix who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue Inc .  Stay tuned for next week's update.