Week 29 
“Hounder is doing very well this week.  His sit, stay, leave it, down and walking are very good.   He also has been doing very well with people.  Hounder spent a lot of time outside, because of the good day's we been having.  He’s a good dog, just waiting to be adopted to a good home.

Week 28
Hounder’s handlers report that “he did very good on his ‘leave it’ command all week.  His stay is also getting better with this come command.”  They also tell us that there is a cat outside the building every night and Hounder never chases it.  “He does go after groundhogs, but every good hound dog does.   Although this pup still gets nervous around groups of people, his handlers continue to take him around as many people as possible to help his issue.  He also gets excited when “certain” women come around.  “We’re working on that.”  Hounder’s handlers, and all of us HOPE that this sweet boy soon finds a forever home.  Could that be you?

Week 27
Hounder's handlers focused on his training this week.  "He shows great improvement on his willingness to learn and focus."  In fact, this pup was awarded gold stars for doing very well on all of his commands (recall, stay, sit, down, leave it and touch).  As for his temperament, "Hounder shows a great deal of love and would make a great family dog."  Is there good news in this pup's future?  Stay tuned! 

Week 26
“Hounder did good concentrating this week.  He locked eyes with a groundhog and they stared at each other for close to an hour. He and Colby also have been acting like brothers and playing together a lot.”  Hounder received gold stars for “doing very well with his walking and staying this week.  He is also not as scared when meeting new people.”  All of us associated with the program give you gold stars too, Hounder!

Week 25 
Hounder’s handlers report that “we been taking him around to meet people and trying to walk him into groups of people.  He is doing a lot better with these things.  His sit, down stay, shake and leave are also all good.”  Hounder has spent most of his life in a rescue facility and a prison.  He is a sweet boy, but potential adopters may take moment of “paws” to bring him into their home because of his age.  We HOPE someone will soon see Hounder for the dog that he was, the one that he has become and accept him as a loving family member!

Week 24
Hounder’s handlers report that he continues to progress with learning his crawling skills. This pup excelled with his sit, down and stay commands, and “his recalls are good.  He’s also learning how to “touch.  He seems to be easy to teach, so more tricks are on the way!  Hounder can still be shy at times meeting new people, but he did good with that too this week.”   Like Colby, Hounder had his first experience as a HOPE Ambassador at Pride Fest this past weekend.  Quite frankly, the volunteers were a little concerned about how he would react with so many people around him, but this pup was a trooper!  We were all very proud of how he interacted with the folks who approached him!  We know that his handlers were happy to hear how well he did at the event!  Keep showing confidence, Hounder!  You’re a keeper!  

Week 23
Hounder’s handlers tell us that he showed great improvement towards strangers.  “He is letting people pet him more & even going up to new people.” This pup got kudos from his handlers for his basic commands, and “his focus shows improvement too.  He is working on a new trick (crawling).  Training aside “shows a lot of love & respect towards us & anyone who is walking him.  He would make a great family dog.”

Week 22
This week, Hounder worked on noble walking and meeting new people.  “He still has his days when he gets scared at times when there are a lot of people around, but he is doing good when he can stay focused.”  Hounder’s handlers also awarded him gold stars for his sit, down, stay, touch and walking skills!   This gentle boy is so ready for a family of his home.  Paw crossed you find one soon, Hounder!

Week 21
This week Hounder’s handlers report that “he did very good on recalls & meeting the new dogs.  He seems to focus much better now too.  We continue to play games with him which seems to help him focus.  Hounder is starting to relax around strangers too.”  Each week bring more progress, sweet boy!  We’re proud of you!

Week 20
Hounder’s handlers report this week that “he’s good with his sit, stay, wait, down and touch it commands.  He still doesn’t like to be around a lot of people, but we are trying to introduce him to strangers every day“.    

Week 19
Hounder’s handlers worked on teaching him to go touch one of them at the command of the other.  This pup also “loves to play a game called ‘find it.’  We hide things and he sniffs them out.”  Hounder also is “really good with his basic commands, and is very good with walking without a leash and remaining by your side.”  Now this pup needs some family members to call his own so that he can remain by their side for the rest of his days.

Week 18
Hounder concentrated on staying focused and meeting new people this week.  His handlers awarded him gold stars for his listening to them for his stay, sit and down commands!  “He also walks very well with us without a leash.  Hounder has a game he loves to play and its finding things.”  The most important thing Hounder needs to find is a forever home.   Could that be you?  We HOPE so!  

Week 17 
Hounder’s new handlers tell us that they continued to work on his focus and staying calm around people this week.  “His focus shows improvement.  He does very well with his sit, shake, stay until called and leash walking.  He continues to be shy around people, but that shows improvement too.  Once he gets to know you, he is a very loveable and calm dog.”

Week 16
Hounder’s handlers report that he had another great week.  They reviewed his basic commands (sit, stay, watch, me down, leave it, wait and recalls).  This pup knows a few tricks as well (paw, touch, knee and sit pretty, to name a few).  He also walks very well on-leash.  As you now from reading Hounder’s bio, he loves being outside.  “He went to the dog yard a lot this week and had so much fun rolling around and playing peek-a-boo.  We also played a little tug of war, but that only lasted a few minutes until he lost interest.  Hounder is more than ready for adoption.  If you are looking for a dog who knows his commands, tricks and listens well, look no further!”

Week 15
Hounder had another relaxing week. He went out to the dog yard to work on his commands with not only his handler, but some different ones.  “Hounder seemed pretty comfortable with them.  He was doing tricks for them and came to them when they called to him.”  This pup also accompanied his handlers when they mowed the dog yard.  “Hounder was kind of scared of the mower.  He seems to like lounging and taking in all of the smells rather than playing fetch, although he does like chasing the bees around that fly by.  Since he’s an older dog, we don’t blame him for wanting to relax.  So, if you’re looking for the company of a good, relaxing dog who loves the outdoors, Hounder is the dog for you.”

Week 14
Hounder had a fun week working on his commands and playing in the yard.  His handlers are currently working on this pup’s spin and roll over skills.  “He seems to be getting the hang of it, but he needs more work. He is very smart, so we know that he’ll succeed.” Hounder continues to love chasing the groundhogs, rabbits and geese around the doggie yard.  “You could even take him boating, fishing or even sky-diving [LOL].”  Okay, maybe sky-diving wouldn’t be in his future, but Hounder “is very calm and loves being outside, and he’s good with the other dogs and people.”   Here’s to adventures in your forever home, Hounder!

Week 13
“Hounder had another great week this week.”  His handlers concentrated his training on his stay and recall skills.  “He amazes us at how quickly he learns and catches on to new things.  He started out not doing great with his stays. But, by the end of the week, he would stay while we walked to the opposite end of the yard and called his name.”  Hounder’s handlers also worked on his basic skills “so whoever ends up adopting him will be a very happy dog owner.”  They are HOPING that their pup will be able to be a good companion to a forever family soon!

Week 12
“Hounder continues to do well with his training!  We constantly strive to teach him new things as well as to keep him up on his basic cues.  He’s very smart, learns quickly and has a very good memory.  If you are looking for a great dog, Hounder would be the choice for an addition into your family.” 

Week 11
Hounder’s handlers report that he “is perfecting his commands. He is also getting much better at his tricks, like paw, touch and knee.” Since the weather was so nice this week, this pup got to spend a lot of time outdoors. “He seems more enthusiastic in the nice weather, playing a lot more and in better spirits (as we all are). Hounder had another fun day at the ball field this week. “He ran around, rolled on the ground and played a lot. He likes to chase the geese and groundhogs. It’s fun to see him having fun. Hounder is a wonderful dog, and we enjoy him immensely. We know whoever adopts him will also. He’s a great companion.”

Week 10
Hounder worked on his basic cues again this week, and learned a few tricks. Although this pup loses focus when there is a lot of activity going on around him, his handlers gave him gold stars for his leash walking and several commands. They also report that Hounder likes people and gets along with the other dogs. He and Angel spent some time playing in the dog yard,“and they actually played with each other.” His handlers also took Hounder to the softball field “where he chased the geese and sniffed their eggs. He loves to be outside and enjoys everything about it. He is a mature dog who desperately wants a family who will love and cherish him. If you’re looking for an outdoorsy, fun and loving dog, Hounder is the one for you!”

Week 9
His handlers report that “Hounder continued to make good progress this week. He is doing very well with his basic commands and the tricks that we teach him. We are going to teach him more tricks in the coming weeks. He learns them so fast, because he is a very smart dog.” Hounder’s handlers treated him to some time at the softball field. He had a grand time chasing the resident geese and snipe birds! Hounder also did really well with sharing his time at the field with his new pack mate Buddy! His handlers used the time outdoors to work on his loose-leash walking and recalls, and Hounder “did fairly well with both.” This pup “gets along well with other dogs and although he is shy at first when he meets people, he warms up to them quickly. So, if you’re looking for an outdoorsy, personable dog, Hounder is the one for you.

Week 8
Hounder had another eventful week in the program! His handlers worked on his basic command and taught him some new tricks as well! “He is very smart and learns really quickly! He can still be distracted when there are a lot of people around, so we’ve been training him on the tier when there is a lot of activity around him.” Hounder also got some time running after the bunnies in the softball field and playing peek-a-boo in the doggie yard. His handlers noticed this week that when Hounder gets excited “he likes to rub his head and eyes on your legs and he sneezes a lot. He is a cute, fun-loving, friendly dog. He is more than ready for adoption. He DESERVES a good home with good people to take good care of him.”

Week 7
One of Hounder’s handlers reports that “he continues to improve every day. This week, he improved immensely on his touch command. He has also learned to place his chin on my knee when I point at it. It only took a few tries to get him to do it. He is a very smart dog. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Hounder got to go out to the softball field this week, and “it was a great experience for him. It didn’t take him long to sniff out the rabbit that lives there and chase it into its hole. He is quite the hunter. We really like that about him.” Hounder gets along with all of his pack mates. He especially liked being out on the yard with Rascal this week. “So, if you’re looking for a fun-loving dog who likes to go for walks outdoors, Hounder is the one for you!”

Week 6
“Hounder had another great week. He continues to become more comfortable every day.” This pup is also getting “really good” at all of his commands and walking on leash. “He only pulls when we try to take him back inside or get toward the gate leaving the block yard. I don’t blame the old boy…who doesn’t like being outside?” Now that Spring is right around the corner, “the local groundhogs and rabbits are coming back. Hounder loves it. One day this week, he followed a rabbit back to its hole. He had his face all the way in it, trying to get the rabbit. It was pretty funny.” Hounder also got to go for an outing with one of the HOPE volunteers, who reported back to his handlers that their dog “was a gem. Of course, we knew he would be. He is just waiting for the right person to adopt and love him. If you want a great companion who loves the outdoors, Hounder is the dog for you.”

Week 5 
“Hounder’s handlers worked on his basic commands this week. He has grasped them so well, that he was awarded gold stars for his loose leash walking and other skills such as sit, down, heel, wait and leave it. One of his handlers tells us that “he listens very well…so much, that it impresses me.” Hounder got to try out his handlers’ homemade agility course in the yard with Xena and Angel. “They all do so well. Hounder is friendly and calm. He’s just an amazing dog to have. He’s awesome.”

Week 4 
“Hounder had another great week.”  His handlers have been taking him out to dayroom in the evenings to meet new people.  They are happy to report that he seemed more comfortable than in past weeks. This pup continued to work on his basic skills as well as his “watch me” and “touch” commands. “Hounder picks up on commands fairly well for an old fella.”  They also set up a little obstacle course for him and Xena (they get along really well) in the front of the block. “Hounder was a little clumsy at first, but he started to get the hang of it after a while.  He jumps very well.”  His handlers tell us that they could tell their pup had a good time on his outing with Volunteer Margie last weekend because “he was pretty tired by the time he came back.  Other than that, Hounder is just waiting for the lucky person who wants to adopt him.”

Week 3 
Hounder’s handlers tell us that “he’s extremely smart and has a lot of potential still in him.”  This pup continues to do well with his basic commands, and is striving to make loose-leash walking another part of his repertoire.  As we told you last week, Hounder loves being in the great outdoors.  When he wants to go out, he rubs up against one of his handler’s legs and gets really excited.  “He even pushes my coat, because he knows when I put it on, it’s time to go out.”  Once in the yard, Hounder “takes off running. He dives, turns his body in the air, lands on his back and rolls around.”  This pup gets along with all of the other dogs in the program except one because, for now, the latter has a bit more energy than Hounder wants to accept into his pack. We know that in time, all of the dogs will be his friends!  His handlers enthuse that “Hounder would make a great addition to your family!”

Field Trip Alert (as told my HOPE volunteer Margie): Hounder had an afternoon out of the prison on Sunday.  We drove over to the college - Hounder was calm in the car and enjoyed the ride, wearing a smile that would melt anyone's heart.   We started with the long lead so that Hounder could  relax and enjoy himself.  He seems to love being outside, smelling all the different smells.  We practiced some recalls, and even when he was completely engrossed in something, he still responded.  Sometimes it was harder than others, and some of the recalls were more enthusiastic than others but he really did a good job making the right choice, especially for having been in the program for such a short time.  We also practiced the "wait" command.  I'd let him get about 25 feet ahead and then tell him to "wait".  Then I started walking up to him - if he moved I'd step on the leash and tell him to "wait".  Hounder's a quick study and started to catch on very quickly.  I was really impressed.  After a while, we put on his regular 6 ft lead and again he was impressive.  Hounder came in to the prison with no leash manners and now his loose leash walking is amazing - there was hardly any pulling.  As we walked through campus and passed some people he would just very politely take a quick sniff and move on.  Hounder got to experience a train going by as we walked around.  He was interested in it, but remained completely calm.  Same thing when a couple of students passed by on skate boards.  Hounder is so calm and laid back, especially for a dog that's been in rescue for the last 7 years.  This boy will be earning a lot more furloughs for his good behavior.

Week 2 
“Hounder had a great week.  We have been introducing him more and more to the other dogs and have also been giving him more interaction with the people here.  He seems to adapting very well.” Hounder got kudos from his handlers for his sit, down, paw and stay commands, as well as his improved loose-leash walking skills.  This pup loves to be outside and really only pulls on his leash when his handlers head for the door.  “Hounder Houdini” did escape the cell once trying to make it outside, so his handlers are keeping a close eye on him to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  They are very happy with this pup’s progress after just two weeks.  “If you like a calmer dog that loves going for walks or hikes outdoors, Hounder is the dog for you.”

Week 1 
Hounder’s handlers only had him for five days when they wrote their first journal.  They report that “he has been adjusting really well.  He was a little scared about the new transition, but the longer he’s here, the more he comes around.  He also seems to like us already.”  Hounder came to the program knowing his sit and down commands. “He has a lot to learn, but he is still getting used to being here.  He is still shy and nervous when things are busy on the block, but inside his cell, “he listens well and has great potential.”  Hounder already loves the dog yard.  “When he knows it’s time to go outside, he tries to escape the cell and pulls towards the door.” This pup isn’t a big fan yet of being in the dog runs for a long period of time.  “I don’t think he likes to be in small places for too long.”  He also was introduced to Angel, Duke, Thunder and Xena this week.  He wasn’t too sure about Angel’s and Thunder’s energy levels, but he did okay with the other two pack mates.  You’re doing great, Hounder!  Here’s to week two!

UPDATE 1-15-13
Hounder headed off to the big house today. This handsome fella needs a refresher course in all of the basics and a fresh start altogether. Hounder lost his home to a house fire seven years ago and has been waiting for a new home ever since. That's an awful long time to wait and we hope his wait will soon be over. He is a nine year old Black & Tan Coonhound mixed with Rottweiler who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue Inc.  Stay tuned for next week's update.