Week 17
Lucky’s handler has “been going over everything that he has learned.  I also gave him a bath one day, and he liked it.  He even let me put water on his face, which he doesn’t really like.”  Lucky had a lot of fun playing fetch with his handler this week!  “He is good dog, and is going to make whoever gets him really happy.”  The very good news is Lucky is leaving the big house for his forever home!  Congratulations, little boy!

Week 16
Since Lucky is such a fast learner, his handler decided to teach him some new tricks like bow, and to add a clicker into his training.  “I want him to be the best dog he can be.”  Lucky loves to play with Maci.  “It is so funny watching them together.  Lucky also likes to exercise and is a good dog to go walking and running with.  He has a lot of energy.  Lucky is a well-behaved dog, but he likes a lot of attention.  He is going to make someone very happy.”

Week 15
Lucky’s handler tells us that “he listens well and performs all of his cues when asked.  He is doing well with everything he has learned.  He likes to play with the other dogs, but mostly the girls. Anybody would be happy and lucky to have Lucky as a member of their family.”

Week 14
“Lucky is doing well and is still learning things quickly.  He has all of the basic cues down, such as come, sit, stay, lay down, loose-leash walking and more.  My goal with Lucky is make him the best dog he can be.”

Week 13 
Lucky’s handlers tell us that “he is doing well and doesn’t need treats to perform his cues.  He listens well and learns quickly.  Lucky loves to play, run and give and receive attention.  He is very sociable with the people here and the other dogs.”  Keep up the good work, Lucky!

Week 12
Lucky’s handlers report that his leave it command is “much, much better.  He is doing well with everything else too, but I want to work on improving his crawl command. We are also working on getting him to do tricks from a distance.   Lucky likes to chase a lot.  He’s always trying to get the other dogs to chase him when they play.”  We hope you don’t have to chase your dreams of a forever home much longer, Lucky!

Week 11
“Lucky is very smart and funny.  We’re still working on his crawl, but he does it good with treats.  He is still really scared when it storms outside.  The thunder and lightning make him really uneasy.  But, Lucky really likes being around people and likes to play catch.  He likes to do anything with running involved.”  Here’s to a yard to run in to your heart’s content soon, sweet boy!

Week 10
Lucky’s handlers report that “he is getting good with his crawl.  He does it now without a treat.  We also used hand cues to establish visual knowledge of all his tricks and obedience cues such as stay, leave it and come.  He also learned roll over in one week with the hand signal.   Lucky learns quickly, so it is easy to teach him new things.  He is going to make someone very happy.”

Week 9
One of Lucky’s handlers tell us that he is “doing well and listens very well. I’m still working on everything he knows as well as teaching him some new things.  He loves attention, so I use that more than a treat during his training exercises.  Lucky is a great dog who will make someone very happy.

Week 8
Lucky’s handlers report that he continues to do very well in the program!   This pup was awarded gold stars for his doing his down cue with a hand signal, as well as his speak, come and roll over commands.  His handlers are also happy to report that he continues to get better with his separation anxiety.  “My goal is to get Lucky completely over it.  He is a fun dog who would make anybody very happy.”

Week 7
Lucky’s handlers report that he’s a fast learner and picks up on things very quickly.  “He knows all of his cues and does very well with them with signals and not verbal cues.”  His handlers are still working on his separation anxiety, “and he’s doing very well with that too.  He loves people and going outside.  He’s even getting in the swimming pool on his own.  Lucky is a fun dog and loves to play.  I want to teach him more so that he can be the best dog that he can be.”

Week 6
“Lucky is wonderful and is doing well with almost everything.  He knows all of his basic cues and some tricks.”  In fact his handlers report that this pup knows enough tricks to get his novice trick dog performance title!  They also rewarded him gold stars for his fetch and roll-over skills this week.  Still, “I’m still working with Lucky to teach him all that I can so that he can be an even better dog.  He loves attention.  Lucky is social, obedient and would be a good dog for anybody.”

Week 5
Lucky continued his training program this week.  “I’m working with him on some new tricks as well as the ones he already knows.  He seems to take his roll-over cue as a soccer game because as he does it, he tries to kick the treats out of my hand.”  Lucky also played on the obstacle course and jumped the beam consistently over the last few days. “At the highest height, he kept going under it until I jumped over it myself.  Then he understood.”  This pup’s handlers also report that he is getting much better at getting a bath!  Overall, “Lucky is doing very good and is a wonderful dog.”

Week 4
“Lucky has a very high compete level. While trying to learn how to roll over, he was trying to figure out what I wanted him to do, so he literally went through all of his tricks.  When he didn’t get a treat, he laid on his side and played dead. I don’t know if he was previously trained to do that or if he was saying ‘you’re killing me.’” Lucky’s handlers report that he is doing well with learning the Canine Good Citizen test.  They are using pets and play instead of treats to help him along with this journey. Lucky also continues to be a social butterfly on the tier!  Here’s to a neighborhood where you can show off your skills and your friendliness to people and other dogs alike, little boy! 

Week 3
Lucky’s handlers report that “he is doing well.  He is such a smart and relaxed dog.  He learns fast and doesn’t bark much.  Lucky is a sociable and loveable dog.”  His handlers are teaching him the skills necessary to pass the Canine Good Citizen test, and are confident that he will do so!  “He’s almost there now, so we’ll keep working on it.  Lucky listens when it’s time to do tricks, but many times no reward will get you an ‘I’m tired’ yawn, and he loses focus.”  His handlers also report that “he is a true hound at heart.  He spends almost all of his designated play time sniffing.  When he does play, he likes to be chased, but he doesn’t like to be caught, or else play time is over.  It’s almost like he has a sore loser complex.”  Nonetheless, Lucky is “such a smart and relaxed dog who continues to love all of the attention he receives here at the prison.”

Week 2
“Lucky is a good hound, who is already trained.  He has some separation anxiety issues, but it’s not so much a crate issue.  He goes in it when told or when he just wants to sleep or relax.  He just barks when left by himself.” This pup has only been in the program for two weeks, so we know that his handlers will work on him feeling more comfortable alone in his surroundings. Overall, “Lucky is doing good.  He is real friendly with people and plays well with the other dogs.  He sits and stays on cue, and walks well on-leash.  He also knows how to sit and beg on cue, and is almost there with his down command.  He does get stress from loud noises, like thunder, but Lucky is a really good dog.  He loves to play, and will run all day if you let him.  He likes a lot of attention and gives a lot of attention.”

Week 1 
Lucky’s handlers report that he did very well during his first week in the program!  “He has settled in quickly and has integrated very well with the other dogs here.  He is also doing well with his sit, down and stay cues and his speak trick. Lucky is a good and smart dog.  He catches onto things very fast.  He is very friendly to people and the other dogs.  Lucky is so comfortable in his crate, he sleeps in it.  He barks when I ask him to speak and will beg when I give him the cue by sitting on his back legs and putting his front paws up.  It’s funny to see.”  This pup isn’t overly fond of getting a bath, but he loves his time in the doggie yard!  “Lucky loves to run and play with the other dogs.”  He also loves to be petted and rubbed by the people he has gotten to know.  We’re proud to hear how far you’ve come in just a short time, Lucky!

Updated 5-18-2013 - 
Lucky had a start to life that left a lot to be desired. But, despite all that, he's ready to move forward...even if that means a trip to the big house. Like most hounds, Lucky likes to explore the world with his nose which sometimes can lead him a stray.  He is also known to be a chowhound at times, which is perfect for his training!  Stay tuned...