Week 11
Rocky did so well during his training class this week, his handler allowed him on his bed.  “I laid down a blanket at the end of the bunk so he could rest and watch TV.  To my surprise, when I returned, he pulled the blanket off as if to tell me he didn’t need it.  He wanted to lay straight on my bunk.  I found it funny.  Rocky is a character and will be very loyal to his new family members.”  The good news is, this pup is going to his forever home this Saturday!  Be well, little boy!

Week 10
Rocky not only does his cues for his handler, he does them for the other handlers as well!   “He is very intelligent and willing to learn new things.  He catches on very quickly.”  Sometimes he focuses on his toys and treats more than on his handler’s words, but once his focus is where it’s supposed to be, he performs his cues easily.  Rocky is a handsome dog who likes to be groomed and falls asleep during a trim.  He loves playing fetch and playing with the other dogs.  He is also very loyal to me.”  HOPEfully, you’ll be able to loyal to your forever family members soon, Rocky!

Week 9
Rocky’s handlers once again gave him rave reviews!  Not only did he walk more laps outside this week, he walked with Spirit to get him more comfortable with other dogs around him.  “Rocky can fetch, heel, sit, stay, give high-five with both paws, roll over and run through the dog course.  He listens very well and is eager to learn!  He also enjoys chasing birds and his toys.  Rocky can be very laid back and mellow, but when he sees a new person, he loves to greet them.  He has a thing for humans, the other dogs and the ladies!”

Week 8
In addition to getting kudos for his all of his commands and his course walk skills, Rocky received praise from his handler for his personality this week!  “He is one of the most handsome and well-behaved dogs that I have seen in this program in the last two years.  Rocky will be great in any situation, especially if you would like a house dog or one that you can take to the park (he gets along with all of the other dogs).  Rocky also enjoys fetching the ball and Kong and going for short walks.  In addition, he loves to play and loves the ladies. Someone will be very lucky when they adopt him.”  Here’s to finding that lucky person soon, little boy! 

Week 7
Rocky received gold stars for all of his commands and getting his first hair cut this week!  As for the latter, “I believe he enjoyed it so much because he fell asleep like he was getting a massage.  Rocky is a great dog and everyone on the tier likes him.  He enjoys short walks, chasing birds, playing with the other dogs and playing fetch.  When Rocky sees a ball, he is fixed on it waiting for you to throw it.  One day, I was shooting a basket with a balled up piece of paper on the tier.  I missed, and the paper rolled under the steps.  So, I called Rocky over and told him to fetch.  He brought the balled up paper to me.  He fetches the ball and toys, but it surprised me that he retrieved the paper.  Rocky is smart, a fast learner and very alert.  Out of all of the dogs I’ve trained, Rocky is one of the best.  He will be a good fit for any family.  For an added bonus, he does not shed!”

Week 6
Rocky’s handler reports that “he has improved with his commands and training.  He has become more attentive and performs his cues without signing and with distractions around him.  He is a quick learner and enjoys learning new things for treats and to please his owner.  Rocky loves to chase his toy ball and enjoys playing with the other dogs.  He would be a great addition to any family.”

Week 5
“Rocky has come a long way quickly in the program.  He didn’t know any commands when he first started, and now he knows all of his basic commands.  He is playful and loves his toys.  He is always ready to engage in play or bonding time when you are.  He has a very high ball drive and squeaky toy drive.  He has a tendency to get excited about what’s in your hand and it takes him a second sometimes to pay attention to a command, but he snaps out of it quickly.   Rocky enjoys being pet, but does not demand it.  He would be good for any family.”

rockycsacWeek 4
Rocky’s handler reports that “he has been one of the best behaved dogs with the calmest temperament that I have trained in the last two years.  His down/sit/stay/paw cues have improved a lot this week, and his loose-leash walking is great.  He is also doing well with his puppy manners.  Rocky loves to chase a ball and return it to me.  He loves squeaky toys even more.  He gets along with people and the other dogs just fine.  He has a thing for the ladies and the female dogs.  Since he doesn’t bother anything in my cell, I allow him to have free roam when I step out for a few minutes.  Earlier this week, when I returned to the cell, Rocky was sitting in my chair watching TV.  I found that very amusing.”  Keeping joy to your handler, Rocky!  A forever home awaits you!

Week 3
“Rocky has come a long way in 3 weeks.  He is very friendly and loves interaction with people and the other dogs.  He would be a fun dog to take to the dog park.  Rocky’s puppy manners have matured very quickly in the short amount of time he has been in the program.”  This pup loves to play with his tennis ball and a squeaky toy even more so.  “He has very good recall and listens to commands well when distracted and even better when not distracted.  Although Rocky started walking well on loose leash, he has improved even more.  The only time he barks is when he hears a knock on the door, and he stops when you say ‘quiet.’  Rocky shows no aggression towards people or other dogs.  I believe he would be excellent for any family.”

Week 2
Rocky is doing well with his sit, stay and recall commands.  “His socialization skills are remarkable with new people and the other dogs.”  This pup is still learning his doggie manners.  “Rocky approaches dogs with no fear and the intent to get to know them and play.  This can be taken by some dogs as invading their space, but he’s learning.  He loves to play fetch.  As soon as you show Rocky a ball, his eyes light up and you can get him to do anything.  Like all Cockers, he loves to chase things and gets excited when he sees birds or a squeaky toy.”  Another good week, little boy!  We’re proud of you!

Week 1
So far, Rocky hasn’t been exhibiting any of the traits that sent him to the big house.  “He has been a pleasure to train.  He has a great temperament and has not reacted to any other the other dogs or the strangers in his life.”  Rocky still needs to learn some puppy manners, but the older dogs [and his handler] are quickly correcting him when he gets a little too close. Rocky had some excitement his first week in the program.  “I took him out to the yard around 3:30 a.m. to use the bathroom.  After he was done, I let him off-leash and noticed he was starting to pursue something.  It was a SKUNK.  It’s lucky I started recall training when he arrived, because I called him once and he returned to me.  Rocky is very intelligent and is catching on quickly.”  In fact, this pup was awarded gold stars for how well his basic cues are!  “He also loves chasing and returning a ball.  He is full of energy, but if you keep him busy, he will lay down quickly.”  A great first report, Rocky!  Keep up the good work!