For information on adopting Leo, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.    You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Week 3 
Leo’s handler reports that he did better with the steam whistle this week because he can “be easily distracted by playing with a toy.”  This pup worked on giving his paw for a treat and his sit and stay commands this week.  His handler also reports “that when Leo wants to be petted, he will nudge me.”  Although he was making some progress during his short period in the program, unfortunately, prison life wasn’t the best for this sweet boy, and he’s back living with his loving foster mom.  We know there’s a forever family out there waiting for you, Leo!

UPDATE - Leo headed back to his foster home this week. Every so often, one of our dogs has trouble adjusting to the hustle and bustle of prison life. This was the case for sweet Leo so he headed home to the calm and quiet of his foster home.


Week 2 
Leo’s handler reports that he is adjusting pretty well to his new environment [although the steam whistle is still scary].  This pup is more interested in playing with a ball than the other dogs right now, but being a member of a pack sometimes takes some time.  It seems that this pup loves chasing bugs, and he’ll jump and snap at them.  Leo’s handler has already givrn him a nickname…”the Waspinator” after he caught his first one.  Despite his penchant for bugs, this pup is a gentle boy.  “When he wants some attention, or needs to go out, he will lay his head on your lap, then back up and whine a little bit.  Leo has received a lot of comments on his size, his silky coat, and his pretty face.”    This pup really is a keeper, and we agree with the inmates on P Block…he’s big, but he’s a handsome, gentle boy!  Keep up the good work, sweet Leo!

Week 1 
Leo has already been at HOPE events (as you can see from his picture in the Woofstock t-shirt, but this pooch still needs a little oomph to become adopted. His handler is happy to report that they “bonded right away.” This pup came into the program0already knowing most of his basic commands, so, we’ve been working on his tendency to pull while walking with his handler, and “he’s making good progress.  When he’s off-leash, he will stay by my side both in the yard and on the tier.” As for the other dogs in his life, Leo is still testing the waters with some of them, but we’ll see what next week brings.  Leo’s handler also learned that he loves to play fetch.  “He loves to play with any kind of ball.  Sometimes, he won’t drop it, but he’s good about me taking it from him for another throw.”   Week #1, and you’re doing great, Leo!

UPDATE 3-6-11
Leo is off to the big house this week. This big fella will steal your heart away with one look into those soulful brown eyse. Leo just needs a refresher course in manners and some one-on-one attention to help him learn.   He is an handsome, six year old Shar Pei mixed with a number of other breeds and he is available for adoption through CPAA.  Stay tuned for next week's update.