Week 9 
Rascal is adopted, and will be leaving the prison for his forever home very soon!  His handlers lovingly say that “he’s a spoiled dog, and is SO good at being one.  We miss him already!”  We’ll miss you, too, sweet pup!  Be well in your new family!

Week 8
04/10/13 “Rascal’s handlers report that “he's doing great with all of his commands and tricks. He is a fun-loving dog! He loves to play all day with his toys. Rascal is the kind of dog that when you come home from having a bad day, one look at him and you’ll be okay!” Is there good news in this pup’s future? Stay tuned!

Week 7
04/03/13 Rascal continued to work on his leash etiquette this week. He also knows all of his commands and 80% of the time, he will “deign to listen, but sometimes, it slips his mind.” His handlers also report that Rascal “continues to believe, wholeheartedly, that he’s the absolute center of the universe and that since he has two handlers, both of them are required for pets, scratches and/or belly rubs.” Here’s to your finding pets and attention in your forever home soon, Rascal!

Week 6
Rascal’s handlers reported this week that he did well with his leash training. He also knows that he can only have treats when given the “okay” command. This sweet boy is a love sponge. “When he wants affection, Rascal will sit on your feet and look too cute. If you don’t give it to him, he will nudge you until you do. It’s impossible to ignore him.”

Week 5 
Rascal had a good training week! He knows all of his basic commands, and he got great reviews from his handlers on how he performs them! “This dog is ready for adoption, as long as his new family continues to work with him.” One thing any perspective adopter should know is that “Rascal hates to be ignored. He will go to any length to get your attention. He’ll bring toy after toy to you and be insufferably cute.” Paws crossed, sweet Rascal!

Week 4 
One of Rascal’s handlers writes that “it’s only been a week and I can honestly say this dog has stolen my heart. He’s young and high energy, but there’s just something so charming about him.” Rascal can sometimes be easily distracted with all of the noises he encounters each day. “It’s a tough environment with lots of stuff going on. We’re working to keep his attention on us. Food is terrific.” Rascal’s handlers treated their pup to some play time in the big doggie yard. “After he chased off all of the geese in the yard, I threw his favorite red ball until both of us were toast. Rascal recovered faster than I did, and as I’m writing this, he’s pawing my leg for attention. He can be demanding at times, but he’s well worth it.”

Week 3 
This week, Rascal’s handlers taught him his touch, come, recall, and sit pretty commands. “He still needs some work, but he learns quickly.” In fact, he received gold stars for his training efforts! This pup also enjoyed some agility training and fun outside. “He was jumping over milk crates three feet high. He is also really fast when he plays catch. Rascal is a good dog and he’s really smart. He would love someone with a good home to adopt him.”

Week 2
Rascal “seems as if he knows all of his commands. We are working on his proper leash walking so he can walk without pulling. He is doing quite well with that.” His handlers are also focusing on Rascal’s tendency to mouth. A firm “agh” seems to be working to curtail the activity. When he’s not concentrating on his studies, Rascal “loves to play tug of war and chase balls. He is finding his place in the pack. He is an attention seeker, and loves everyone he meets. We know Rascal will find a loving forever home due to his wonderful demeanor.”

Week 1 
Rascal spent his first week at the prison exploring the block and the dog yard.  He did well with most of the dogs that he met so far, and is friendly with the new humans in his life.  His handlers started Rascal’s training, and report that “he knows most of his commands, so we have to just reinforce them.  He still needs some work.”  This pup was treated for his efforts with some time running and playing with a ball. After just a few days with him, his handlers tell us that “he loves to be petted and loves to be brushed.  Rascal is a good dog.”

UPDATE 2-8-13
Rascal is a young kid, full of zip! He needs all of the basics and lots and lots of exercise. Rascal loves everyone he meets, humans or dogs. He is an adorable, three year old Lab mix who is available for adoption through Diamond Dog Rescue .  Stay tuned for next week's update.