Waiting in his foster home...

For information on adopting Charlie, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.  You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Update on Charlie:
 Charlie will be heading back to his foster home this weekend. He's been a great student, but he could use some of the comforts of home while he has some dental work done. He also has a good deal of arthritis and will need some additional medications. We all adore this boy and know there's somebody out there who would love to give him his meds in some spray cheese and then give him a belly rub to wash it all down.

Week 13 
Charlie’s handlers report that he “had a pretty good training week.  He’s getting better with staying from a down position.”   This pup is “starting to take a liking to everybody!  He enjoys walking up to the other inmates out-of-the blue for a rub!!”  Charlie wasn’t outdoors much since his handlers’ last report because the extreme cold weather effects his arthritis. “Charlie tries to be a champ about it though.  He’s always trying to take one for the team!!  Even when he’s training, his fighting spirit shines through.  Charlie would make a great family dog for anyone.  All he wants is love, food and lots of rubs and understanding.”  Paws crossed that you find your forever home soon, Charlie!

Week 12 
Charlie’s handlers concentrated on his down and stay commands this week, and are happy to report that there is improvement in both areas.  This pup would rather catch some more zees than get up for his morning potty break.  “He’s like a kid that doesn’t want to get up for school.  He gives me a look like ‘I don’t have to go.’”  Once outside, Charlie has a not-so-subtle way of letting his handlers know that he’s tired of the great outdoors. “He’ll sit by the door and when we call him away, he still sits in the doorway, pawing at anyone passing his way until he’s acknowledged or taken inside.  It’s week twelve.  He’s still Charlie, and he’s still going strong!”

charlie Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Kelly) - Charlie headed out on the town yesterday for an adoption event. He was quite a sport and loved meeting all of the other dogs who were out shopping at Petsmart. Charlie is reserved and quiet, but he loves attention and will gladly sit in your lap and let you pet him for as long as you're available. He walked beautifully on the leash, showed off his sits and stays, and nuzzled his way up to all of his new friends for pets and scratches. Charlie especially liked to lay by the volunteers and have his back scratched after partaking of the special treats that were brought along just for today's event. Charlie was a good sport, but he was more than ready for a nap by the end of the event. Charlie would love a home where he could have plenty of snuggles with people who enjoy a good walk and then a good nap!

Week 11 
Charlie’s handlers report that “he has been with us for 11 weeks, and he’s going strong!!  The joint supplements are working, and he is feeling better as days go by.  The warmer weather helped too.  Charlie is jumping around, and playing around a lot more now.  I love seeing him like this.  It brings great joy to me and all the other handlers to see him more agile!!”  This pup also enjoyed playing with Jack this week.  “It was like he knew he was leaving.”  His handlers say that “when Charlie does leave us we hope he goes to a loving home and family.  He really deserves that much after all he’s been through in his life!”  We couldn’t agree more.

Week 10 
“Charlie’s week was positive and eventful.  He’s doing great with his training.  Everyone knows that for treats or food, Charlie would do about anything…even dance if he could!”  This pup started some medication for his arthritis this week.  Both of his handlers commented on what a difference it has made with his agility and energy level when he’s playing with them, and the other dogs or handlers.  “This is a big milestone for us and Charlie.  This makes our job easier working with Charlie.  Thank you!”  

Week 9 
His handlers report that “this week with Charlie has been great!  They kept his training level to his comfort zone, and “he tries to do the best that he can.  He is a great dog who listens very well to anybody, not just us.  Charlie had a wonderful Christmas!  He really enjoyed playing in the snow.”  Luckily, it wasn’t windy that day.  Although this pup loves being outside, he doesn’t consider cold wind his friend.  On those days, he prefers going out and do his business then getting back to the comfort of his cell.  As you read a couple of weeks ago, his handlers opined that in another life Charlie might have been a “nice old man.”  Well, “Old Man Charlie doesn’t like the bright lights in the evening.  He continues to cover his face with his paws, and will do an about-face in his crate, thus leaving his rear end to view, shielding his eyes until the light is turned off.  It’s truly a funny sight.”  Charlie’s handlers are proud of his progress he’s made in the last 9 weeks, and the fact that inmates outside of the program just love him.  “He has a wonderful personality for a dog that’s been through so much in his life!!!  Charlie is truly man’s best friend!”

Week 8 
Charlie has become such a lovebug since his first day at the jail. He has blossomed into a sociable, loving, affectionate little dog who loves the company of his human and canine friends. He's happy to lounge around or head out for a nice walk with you. Charlie loves to me massaged and will immediately assume a stretched out position if he senses you're on your way over to him for some petting and snuggle time. Eveyone is so proud of Charlie and all the progress he has made. Now all he needs is someone to see the wonderful dog that we see and give him a second chance for a happy ending.

Week 7 
Charlie is a sweetheart. He has blossomoed so much since arriving at the jail. He loves to greet people now and is always friendly and easy going. He also likes to play and especially the hide-a-treat game thathis handler plays with him. He roots all over his cell and the dog yard to find all of the treats thatwere hidden for him and then enjoys every minute of eating them. He has become so comfortable with the other handlers that they have nicknamed him the "bottle nosed dolphin" because he has a tendency to head butt his friends when he would like them to pet him. It doesn't get much sweeter than this!

Week 6 
Charlie continues to make leaps and bounds. His handlers absolutely adore him and are so proud of his progress. They always comment on Charlie's sweet personality and how gentle he is. They even have a theory that before he was a dog, Charlie may have been "a nice old man." That describes him perfectly. Charlie has lost a good deal of weight since arriving at the jail. Since he found his boyish figure, he has started to play more and be a lot more active, especially with the other dogs. Charlie is making good progress with his training, too. Charlie got off to a clow start with his skill training because he was so afraid of being hurt. Now that he has built a trust with his main handlers and the other handlers in the program, he has really taken off in his training. Charlie even learned a "down" which especially difficult for him. He has truly blossomed over the last few weeks and he's ready to start the next chapter of his life!

Week 5 
In an effort to help Charlie build more trust with his handlers, they came up with a new game this week. Charlie is still sensitive about his feet so they created the "Let Me Touch Your Feet" game in which Charlie would get a treat or a snuggle or some playtime every time he allowed his handlers to touch his feet. Over the course of a week, this game gre from a few seconds to several minutes and by the end of the week, Charlie no longer had any issues with having his feet handled. He also made a new friend in Reno this week. The two of them decided that they really enjoyed each other's company and had several playdates out in the big dogyard. Charlie is really coming into his own and we are so thrilled for him!

Week 4 
Charlie continue to gain confidence and come out of his shell. His focus is improving now that he has learned to trust his human friends. He's able to concentrate more now that he knows he doesn't always have to be on the lookout. He is very eager to please and loves the idea that everytime he does what he's asked, something wonderful happens...usually in the form of something yummy. Charlie received a spa day compliments of his friend Jack. He let his buddy clean his ears and eyes while he fully relaxed. Then, they headed out to the play yard for some outdoor fun!

Week 3 
Charlie is finding his boyish figure and we've seen some wonderful residual effects. Charlie launched into a full on run this week when he was out in the dog yard. Accordingy to his handlers, "he's actually kind of fast." Charlie loves his daily walks as well. He is getting more outgoing with the other dogs in the program too. Charlie has begun to initiate play with some of the other dogs. He still backs off as soon as the play gets a little too rambunctious, but that's fine by us. He is learning his basic commands and doing very well. Charlie loves to be right by your side getting attention and he's more than happy to be snuggling or working in order to get it. He's also become famous for the "Charlie Head-Butt." WHen Charlie has accepted you into his world, he likes for you to continue loving him for as long as possible. If you stop petting him, he will gently butt his head into your hands to let you know the snuggling is still welcome!

Week 2 
Charlie is really coming out of his shell. He learning lots of new things, but most importantly, learning to feel comfortable in his own skin. Charlie's handlers are continuing to encourage him to be brave and they're right next to him as he faces his fears. Mostly, it's just startling noises and strangers. His recovery time is getting shorter and he's beginning to look to his handlers for guidance and reinforcement. Charlie has made great progress in welcoming strangers and friends into his cell. Instead of being leery, he know greets visitors with a wagging tail! This is great news for this little guy and we're really happy to see him settling in.

Week 1 
Charlie is getting just the kind of TLC he needs from his new handlers. Charlie is a shy boy so he needs people who are patient with him. The reward...Charlie adores people once he settles in. His handlers are learning that if you take your time with Charlie, he will pay you back with plenty of snuggles and kisses. For his part, Charlie is learning that people aren't nearly as scary as he thought. He likes to bump people with his head once he has decided that they are safe enough to play with. That's Charlie's invitation for pets and snuggles and everyone loves it. He has made a lot of friends in his first week and we're really proud of him. He has also made friends with every dog in the program. He loves each of them. Charlie is also off to a great start with his obedience training.

UPDATE 10-27-12
Charlie is a sweet boy who needs some time to rebuild his trust and self-confidence. He was found wandering the streets of Harrisburg over the winter and bears the invisible scars of a difficult life. Hopefully, that is all about to change! Charlie headed to Roxbury Correctional Institution over the weekend to start classes as part of the brand new class of HOPE dogs.   He is an adorable, six year old Welsh Corgi mix who is available for adoption through CPAA.  Stay tuned for next week's update.

For information on adopting Charlie, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.    You can complete an application online by clicking here.