For information on adopting Duke, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.  You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Week 21
This pup writes “Hi. My name is Duke.  I love to play with all of the other dogs.  I really love playing and chasing my blue ball.  That is my favorite pastime.  I can sit, say, lay down, touch, watch and all the rest of my commands that make me a good dog.  I also love to cuddle with people.  I can’t wait to go live in my forever home.  I will miss my dads [handlers], but they know that is where I need to be.”

Week 20 
“Mr. Duke is doing swell.”  He had a special outing this week, and it went well.  This pup also played with Guardian and Tonka this week without incident.  “Our boy is really coming around.  We hope he makes whoever adopts him as happy as he does us.”

Week 19
Duke got some play time in the dog yard with Macy and Guardian this week.  “All of them were off-leash and didn’t pay each other any mind.  Duke also has been playing with Tonka here and there.”  Good boy!  Duke’s handlers tell us that “we love him so much, and we are just waiting for him to be able to start a new chapter in his life.” 

Week 18
“Mr. Duke is always upbeat and ready to play.  He met Macy and Colby this week.  It went better than their handlers expected, which for Duke “is pretty good.”  We know that whoever adopts Duke is going to love him, because once you win him over, he is the most loving dog.”  Is there a forever home in this pup’s future?  Stay tuned!

Week 17
Duke had another good week!  “He has been doing really well walking up to people and letting some of them pet him.  He also played with Guardian three times and Angel two times out in the dog yard (and he was awarded gold stars for doing so)!”  We’re proud of you for accepting new experiences into your life, Duke!

Week 16
Duke’s handlers tell us that he continues to do well. He has been interacting with a lot of people with meet and greets.  He and Buddy also did well together this week.  Duke was a favorite of the folks who attended the Family Night at the prison!  They loved watching him run through the short agility tunnel for some tasty treats. This pup has come a long way since he first entered the program.  As one of the volunteers who was out in the yard with him during the family event said, “it was good to see him enjoying himself, and being a happy dog.”

Week 15
“Duke is doing well.  He’s a fun little dog once you get to know him.  We are trying to give him exercise regularly to keep him tired.  We also are having strangers toss treats to him so he gets to know that people are good.  Duke continues to love chasing his ball, and playing with his chew toys.”   Keep being the pup that you are, Duke!

Week 14
Duke’s handlers took him out to the yard this week.  “He ran for two hours flipping and turning and just hanging out.  He was really happy, and I was glad to see him so happy.  He is a really fun dog, and he knows a lot of commands.  Duke is also doing well with other people on the block.”  In fact, he got a gold star from his handlers this week for allowing one of the Corrections Officers pet him on his belly!  “We will be sad to see him go, but we know whoever adopts Duke will love him as much as we do.”

Week 13
This week, Duke’s handlers worked on his commands to hone them and to continue his training. This pup loves taking walks with his handlers in the morning, and still thinks that playing with his bal lis the best! This week, his handlers played “Duke in the middle” with him. He chased his ball back and forth between them, and had a grand time doing so! “We love him, and will miss him when he goes to his new home.”

Week 12
“Mr.Duke is a little ball of fun. We have been taking extra steps to try and socialize with him. He is slowly warming up. I think he is finallyrealizing some people are friendly. He picks and chooses who he likes,and he made a few new friends who he likes and is excited to see!! Maybe one day he will find his forever home!”

Week 11
“This week, we worked on Duke’s commands, and he is doing really well. He will sit and stay for a long time.” This pup also accepted Hounder into his circle of friends this week! If you have been following Duke’s story, you know that playing ball games is his favorite past-time. His handlers continue to treat him with the games, while working on his skills, From their reports, the handlers have as much fun playing the games as Duke does! “We really love Duke. Hopefully, he will be able to find a good home soon.”

Week 10
Duke’s handlers report that “we provide him with plenty of exercise chasing the ball and playing doggy in the middle. Duke runs back and forth until he just lays down. We then work with him by chaining his commands. He seems to be calming down and focusing on us…especially if we have a ball or a special treat.” Duke’s handlers also enlisted the help of someone outside of the program, but familiar with the training techniques, to introduce this pup to someone new. “Eventually, Duke let him pet him, and he even rolled over on his back for his belly to be petted (smiley face)!!!” Good job, sweet boy!

Week 9 
Duke’s handlers report that he has really come around to them. He also has been going up to people on the tier an sniffing them! “Duke is a good dog. He knows all of his commands. When he’s inside, he likes to sleep in his crate. When he’s outside, he is really energetic. He loves to play ball, and he also gets along with the other dogs. Hopefully, he will find a good home soon and a family that will love him as much as we do.”

Week 8 
Duke is listening to his handler more when he is reviewing his commands and tricks with him. This pup loves to play and run after his ball and toys, so his handler is making them “candy” as part of his training. Also, “you know the game red-light/green-light. Duke and I play ‘do go/stop/come/run,’ and it is all fun.” Keep having fun while learning new things, little one!

Week 7 
Duke’s handler reports that his new training program [trees] is going well. “He still barks at strangers, but I think it’s out of habit. Sometimes, it’s just a half-bark.” This pup continues to focus more on his handler while he reviews his commands with him. Duke’s leash manners also have improved. “Sometimes he pulls, so I change direction a lot, and he does good at following me.” Duke got a new green ball this week, and “he loves to run for it. If he doesn’t see it, he will run up and down looking for it.” Keep up the good work, Duke!

Week 6 
Duke “had a good, nice, relaxing week.”  This pup was introduced to trees.  No, he didn’t go for a walk in the woods.  “A tree is someone who must not make contact or try to interact with Duke in any way, so they are also known as a tree.”  Although this pup still isn’t fond of strangers, the technique seems to be working because he relaxes more when out on the tier.  Duke also got gold stars from his handler for being more focused during his training and playing sessions.  You’re coming along, little boy!

Week 5 
Although Duke is still struggling with meeting people, his handler reports that “I’m happy to say that he had a good week.  He was able to meet four strangers.  Three of the four were inmates, and there were no treats or toys at the meeting.  The other one was a CO, and he spent 15 minutes with Duke.”  This pup is doing well with his commands!  He got kudos from his handler for his sit/stay, down/stay, sit pretty and his ability to shake with both paws!  His handler’s only wish for Duke is for him to find his forever family.  “I’m going to keep introducing him to a lot of people.  Maybe one of them can take him home one day [smiley face].”

Week 4 
His handler reports that Duke is doing good learning his commands.  He also tells us that “He is a fun-loving dog when he gets to know you.”  He’s still a little leery of some of the strangers in his world, but in about five minutes of meeting most of them, “he will run up to them, sit, give his paw and let them pet him.”  Good boy Duke!  His handler tries to make his training fun for him and is looking forward to the day that this pup can feel comfortable with most people.  “I’ll be happy, because then someone can adopt him.”  We’re looking forward to that day for you too, little Duke!

Week 3 
Duke is slowly coming around to the strangers on the block.  His handler says that “if he sees me talking to someone and I give them some food for him, 8 times out of 10, he’ll go up to them for his treat and a pat.”  Duke continues to excel with this training program.  His handler is happy that “he looks to me to tell him what to do, and that is always good.”  Although he’s still shy of people, “Duke loves to play with most of the other dogs.”  His handler is encouraged by how far he has come in just three weeks, and we are too, sweet boy!

Week 2 
Duke is still having some problems feeling comfortable around all of the people he encounters every day.  Since he’s food motivated, for now his handler is using treats to help him realize that he’s safe in a crowd.  Duke has already received gold stars for his sit, paw and down commands!  He’s still learning the fine art of “stay,” but we know that he’ll get it.  This pup loves his fun time with his hander.   “If you have a toy, he will come to you to play with it.” His handler still sees a lot of potential in this pup.  “For just two weeks of being here, he’s doing good.”

Week 1 
Duke’s handler reports that this pup is not too sure about all of the people in his new environment.  “He is afraid of strangers.  Although he doesn’t like people he doesn’t know, in five minutes, he can love someone.”  Because of that behavior, his handler has the feeling that his new charge can become a program success story.  “There is a lot of hope for Duke.  In time, he will be one of the best dogs.”   We know that week two will be better for you, little boy.  We can’t wait to hear about your progress!

UPDATE 1-1-13
Duke is just about on his way to the big house. This poor boy has had a difficult time so far, but we know that with some patience, love and plenty of time spent on training rehabilitation, Duke will find his way back to the life he deserves.   He is an adorable, five year old Cocker Spaniel who is available for adoption through Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center .  Stay tuned for his next update.

For information on adopting Duke, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.  You can complete an application online by clicking here.