Week 7
Buddy was introduced to two new handlers this week, and adjusted very well. “He is such a great dog.  He’s still having issues with Guardian, but he gets along with all of the other dogs.”  Buddy’s handlers worked with him off-leash in the dog yard on all of his basic commands, “and he did great.”  In fact, this pup got gold stars on his report card for his command skills!  “Buddy is the coolest dog!”

Week 6
Buddy’s handlers report that he has been “doing great with all of the other dogs” but Guardian.  However, they think that if the two of them had more time together and get past the initial barking, “they could be friends.”  Buddy also received gold stars from his handlers for his basic commands this week.  This pup “is a rock star in the prison.  Everyone knows him and loves him.  Everywhere I take Buddy someone will call his name and want to pet him.  You should see his little tail go.  He is the coolest dog!”

Buddy was the official greeter at CPAA’s Compassion with Fashion event on Sunday.  As always, he charmed everyone who came through the door with his cute face, long eyelashes and wagging tail! This pup also was a participant in the fashion show. He got a little bit of stage fright, but he handled it like a trooper!  Way to go, Buddy!

Week 5
Buddy’s handlers concentrated his training in their cell by using mental stimulation and refreshing his basic commands this week.  As a result, this pup received gold stars for his sit, down, leave it, stay and loose-leash walking abilities!  “Overall, Buddy is a great dog. Check him out!” 

Week 4
Buddy got to spend some time with his friend, Hounder, at the softball field this week. “They both enjoyed running around chasing the geese. While we were out there, we practiced a variety of commands with Buddy. He got great marks on his report card for how well he did them! “Buddy did very well,and loved being outside. What’s not to love about him? He’s just a cute, fluffy dog who enjoys cuddling in bed and watching TV with you. He also loves any type of affection or attention you’ll show him.”

Week 3
“Buddy is a great dog. He is happy, playful and loves to go on long walks (and showing off his tricks). One of his handlers reports that on a certain day, this pup was sitting in his crate “and I thought he was winking at me. I know that might sound crazy, but Buddy and I winked back and forth at each other for about an hour. I like to think that this is a new trick he is learning.

Week 2 
Buddy’s handlers say that it’s unfortunate that he’s back in the program, but they plan to get him “back into shape.” They practiced his basic commands and loose-lease walking, and “Buddy seemed to remember everything fairly well.” This pup and Hounder got to spend some time together at the softball field this week. “Hounder is much larger than Buddy, but he didn’t feel threatened. They actually got along well. Besides chasing Hounder, Buddy enjoyed climbing on the bleachers and resting his head on each of our chests. He is still a great dog. Everyone deserves a second chance. He’s very calm and easy to care for with just a little attention. Buddy will love you forever.”

Week 1 
Back in training
Update 3/23/12-
Buddy found his way back to the big house today to kick start his training again. He has been patiently waiting but still hasn't found his perfect match. We're hoping that this time his luck will change and he will finally find a place to truly call home. We can't think of a more deserving pup. Good luck, Buddy!!