Week 19
“Colby had a good week this week.  We have been working on introducing him to Guardian.  At first Colby was a bit timid around him, but by the end of the week, they were laying around next to each other and playing.”   This pup has also been working on a few new tricks like crawl and roll over.  He is coming along well with crawl but still doesn't like to roll over at all.  “He doesn't like the vulnerability of being on his back.  He also perfected his spin trick!  Colby is a great dog and gets along well with everyone. If you’re looking for an obedient dog who can keep you company Colby is the dog for you. He just needs someone to adopt him.”

Week 18
“Colby has been a lot more energetic since the weather has cooled down.  He has been a ball of joy, and enjoying life as a whole, but especially right after a bath.  He wants to play with us and the other dogs.  The morning after the event he went to on Saturday, he woke up more social.  He wanted to interact with people he never would approach.  He seems like the more he gets to be around other people, the more he wants to meet new ones!”  Colby received gold stars from his handlers this week because “his focus and attention has grown 10-fold.  He doesn't require verbal commands to leave the groundhog holes alone, he now walks right by them.”  This sweet boy is more than ready for his forever home.  Paws crossed you find one soon, Colby!

Week 17
“Colby had a great week this week.  We have been working a lot with him on his tricks trying to get his focus better.  He is getting really good at spin and is slowly learning to crawl.   He continues to get along with his new trainer and gets more and more comfortable with him every day.  We gave Colby a bath this week and he usually gets really playful after a bath.   This time he even started playing with a tug rope with us.  It was really cute.”  This pup was once again a wonderful HOPE Ambassador at Dog Days’ in the Park sponsored by Animal Rescue Inc. (Colby’s sponsor rescue).  He had a grand time seeing all of his old friends, and meeting new ones, including recent HOPE parolee Roger (another ARI dog) at the event!   He also enjoyed showing off his commands (including spin) for hot dog treats!  Being a hound, Colby is a rather reserved little boy, but “he will may anyone a great companion, so please adopt him soon.”

Week 16
 “Colby has been warming up more and more to his new trainer.  He really enjoys spending a lot of time outside playing, and he’s learning to forget about distractions, ( i.e. the Groundhogs & their dens).  He's also learning to focus for long times during his training sessions.   He really likes the grassy areas, where he'll run around, jumping up and down around in circles   On one of his walks this week, a staff member stopped to say ‘Hi,” and  Colby welcomed her.  She was talking to him and it was funny because he seemed to answer one of her questions about if he likes steaks with a nod.  You had to see him this week!”

Week 15
Colby had a very busy week this week.  He has an additional handler in his world and they spent some days getting to know each other.  “At the beginning of the week, we worked on Colby’s skills and tricks.  Then, we went to the dog yard and spent a lot of time out there.   He and his new handler seem to get along very well though.  Even though Colby can be hard-headed and stubborn, like a hound usually is, he listens to him very well.”  In fact, this pup was awarded gold stars for warming up to his new cellie, and getting much better at his skills this week.  Colby attended the Dog Days adoption event at the Historic Round Barn in Biglerville this past Sunday.   What a good little Ambassador he was to the program!  He enjoyed taking walks with the volunteers (but stuck his nose up when one of them tried to entice him into the doggie pool), and got along with all of the people and dogs that he met at the event!  HOPE parolee Tess, her human Mom and brother and her baby puppy brother, Rascal, came to pay Colby a call at the event.  He thought that was pretty neat, and even tolerated Rascal pouncing on him when he tried to take a nap.  Of course, this pup loved the food at the event.  Colby sat and gave both paws for hot dog treats without being asked!    He was one tired boy after the day was over, and only woke up when one of the volunteers shut the car door.  This pup is a sweetheart, and as his handlers say “if you’re looking for a great dog to enjoy your free time with, Colby is the dog for you.”

Week 14
Colby’s handler tells us the “he and I had another relaxing week.  We worked on bettering the skills he already knows, especially stay.  He is getting good with all of them.  We also spent a lot of time socializing with the other dogs. Colby gets along great with all of them.  He especially likes to play with Dylan. They both like to roll around and play.  He also likes to just hang and smell things with Hounder.  Colby and Macy also get along really and it seems when she is around Colby, she is a lot more confident, which is great.  He also walked right by a groundhog this week and didn’t react at all.  So if you’re looking for a sociable dog who gets along with everyone, Colby is the dog for you.”

Week 13
Colby had another good week this week.  “We went outside a lot and worked on his no- pull walking.  Although he still needs some work on focusing from time to time, he doing very well.  We have also been working on solidifying his basic commands by having him do them for a variety of people on the block.  He is doing them very well too.  Colby loves shortbread cookies and gets the most excited for them.  It is cute to watch him get all excited and you better believe he will do what you ask if you get some cookies out.  But we don't use them on special occasions.  Colby is a great dog and needs someone to adopt him.  If you want a loving dog he is the dog for you.”

Week 12
“Colby had another good week this week.  He continues to improve every week, learning new tricks.  Colby has almost perfected his "pray" trick and is getting a lot better with the "knee" command.  He is also doing very well at his no pull walking, as long as he doesn't catch a whiff of any groundhogs.  His handlers gave Colby gold stars for playing well with the other dogs.  “He played with his pack mate Dylan a lot this week.  They are buddies.  They jump into each other and play bow back and forth.  “It is really cute.”   Good job, Colby!

Week 11
 “Colby had another good week.  We have been working on his new tricks "pray" and "knee" commands which he is getting much better at.  We have also been going over his basic commands and tricks he already knows as well as his no pull walking. Instead of pulling on the leash, Colby will put the brakes on and stop dead to smell something.  Although it’s his breed, we’ll keep working on this.  Colby got to go to the softball field and run around for a while this week.  He had a lot of fun being free to roam and sniff different things out.  When he came back he slept the rest of the afternoon away.  Although he can be stubborn at times, Colby is a quick leaner, is coming along great and is ready for adoption.”

Week 10 
Colby had another good week this week. We have been working on his noble walking, sit/stay, recalls, and a couple new tricks "pray" and "knee." He is doing them all nicely especially his sit/stays and noble walking.  I have also been working on a "find-it" game we have here with Colby. We put treats in random slots on the game board then slide discs over the slots the treats are in and have Colby find them. Colby loves the game and is so cute when he plays it. He amazes me how well he learned it and how fast he finds all of the treats.”  Although Colby has been out on field trips with our volunteers, he had his first experience as a HOPE Ambassador at Pride Fest this past Saturday.  At first he wasn’t too sure about all of the new sights and smells (he is a hound after all), but after a while, he got the feel for the attention, and greeted the folks who came to admire him.  This boy is a real sweetheart and as his handlers say, “if you’re looking for a dog who enjoys the outdoors, is very smart and loves to explore Colby is the dog to you. So please adopt he deserves a great home.” 

Week 9 
"Colby had another productive week.  We have been working on his noble walking which is going great.  He walks right by my side most of the time now which is a huge improvement from when he first got here.  Although, he does pull some times when he gets a good sniff at something.”  Colby also worked on his stay and recall skills this week.  His handler tells us that he’s getting better a lot better with both commands!  “I can have him stay and I can walk around him and get from one end of the dog run to the other away from him and he will stay until I say ‘OK.’  This is great and I am very proud of how well Colby learns.  He is a very smart dog.  So, if you’re looking for a dog that gets along well with everyone and loves the outdoors Colby is the dog for you.  So please adopt him. He deserves a great home.”

Week 8
Colby’s week was “good and eventful.  We went through all of the commands he has learned and he aced them.  We also do a lot of noble walking in the dog runs.”  Of course, Colby also got to have some fun!  “We went to the dog yard and he ran around the whole time.  He likes when we play peek-a-boo, then out of nowhere he saw a ground hog.   His body went straight, his ears went up then he ran up and down the fence line going crazy for it.  When realized he wasn’t going to get the ground hog, he laid down in the shade.  Colby is very smart and loves to learn new things.  He is very good with the other dogs and loves people too.  He just needs a stable home with a family that will love and adore him.  So why wait, adopt Colby!”

Week 7
One of Colby’s handlers told us that this pup had a very productive week.  “We got a couple new dogs in the program this week, Dylan and Madison.  Colby hasn't had a chance to really meet Madison yet, but I have been doing a lot of work with Dylan's handlers having Colby meet him.  At first Colby was very reactive at Dylan and barking at him, which is very unlike him.  We think Colby thought Dylan was a fluffy, white, Bunny.  So, we had them meet through the fence in the dog runs so they could get used to each other.  After a while, we then had them on leashes out in the open smelling each other.  We have done this a few times now and they seem to be getting along very well which is great.”  Colby also worked on his stay commands and received gold stars for his improvement!  “He is a very smart dog who learns very quickly so teaching him new tricks is fairly easy and fun.  Although he is stubborn at times and still needs some work on his focus skills, he is a great dog who gets along with everyone and is looking for a great home.”

Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Margie): Colby experienced his first field trip this weekend. Tru to his nature, he had his head in every ground hog hole he could find. But as you can see, he also enjoys water activities!!

Week 6
Colby was excited to get out in the dog yard for some fresh air and a little running this week!  His handlers continued to work on his basic commands, and are happy to report that he’s getting better with this “spin” trick.  Colby, hound that he is, loves to search for the groundhogs in the yard.  “He enjoys smelling their holes, and gets very excited.  Colby is a smart, fun-loving dog that you will love and adore.  All you have to do is adopt!”

Week 5
Colby’s handlers report that they had an inactive week, due to unfortunate circumstances.  But, they made the best of it, and worked hard on this pup’s commands.  They have also been working on Colby’s “bow, “paw,” and “spin” tricks.  This pup still needs some work on “spin,” but his handlers know that he’ll get it.  “Colby continues to improve every day and we enjoy working with him.  We hope that someone wants to adopt him so they can enjoy him as much as we do.”

Week 4
One of Colby’s handlers writes that “Colby had a lot of fun this week, to say the least.  We went to the dog yard quite a few times, and he had a blast rolling around in the grass.  He also stalked the fence line and was very excited when he saw a groundhog through the fence.  Then he found a shady spot and fell asleep after some training.  He is interested in learning new things and has much confidence.  Colby on the other hand is scared of thunder and lightning.  When he hears it, he’ll run up on my bed and curl next to me for protection.  He loves people and is very sweet-natured.  Colby is very awesome and everyone in and out of the program loves and adores him very much.  If you’re looking for a cool dog, then don’t look any further and adopt.  You’ll love Colby and won’t regret it.”

Week 3
Colby’s handlers report that “he had a very educational week.”  This pup is doing well with his sit and down commands.  He also learned how to “paw” and is slowly beginning to stay.  “Colby also started out walking well on a leash.  He normally does, but at the beginning of the week, he discovered the groundhogs in the yard.  He continually pulls towards their holes when we first go outside and sticks his head in them to smell.  It’s definitely the hound dog in him.”  Colby continues to get along “great with all of the people here, and with all of the other dogs in the program.  He is very personable, always wagging his tail and greeting everyone.  So, if you’re looking for a smart, personable dog who loves to sniff and hunt, Colby is the dog for you!”

Week 2
“Colby has had a good week.  He’s only been here for nine days, and has adjusted very well.  He shows signs of confidence and is willing to learn.  He didn’t know anything when he came here.  So far, Colby has learned to sit, and we’re working on his down command.  It has been a pretty good start, and he has much more to learn.  We will keep working with him, and expect good results!”  This pup got to play in the doggie yard this week.  “He just loves the outdoors.  He hasn’t played with any of his toys yet, but he likes to run around and have fun outside.  He has had an eventful week, and has plenty more to come.” Colby has already become one of the favorites on the block!  “He gets along with all of the other dogs, and people just adore him.”  Keep up the good work, sweet boy!

Week 1
Colby’s handlers report that he had a couple of exiting days during his first week, and “he seems to be settling down in his new surroundings perfectly.  He needs to learn his basic commands, and needs some work on his recall skills, but he seems smart, so it shouldn’t be hard teaching him these things.  Colby seems to be a very personable dog, going up to all of the new people he is meeting and letting them pet him.  He seems to like all of the attention.  He also seems to be friendly towards the other dogs so far, although we have been taking it slow introducing him to them.  We are looking forward to working with Colby, and are excited to teach him the things he needs to know to become an adoptable dog.” 

UPDATE 5-20-13
Colby is as nice as they come, but has a little bit of a bossy, bullheaded streak...as most hounds do! His approach to the world is nose to the ground.  He's a handsome boy, who is loving and sweet.  He is a five year old Treeing Walking Coonhound who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue Inc.  Stay tuned for his next update.