Week 15
“This week Londyn had a blast playing in the snow.  She likes to play in it by running, play bow, and tries to bite at it.  She went through all of her cues and commands and did so well with all of that.  She is very smart and loves to learn.  She is very treat motivated and will try to do everything and anything for one.  Londyn is very cute and needs to be handled by a gentle handler.  She is a love bug and she is great.”

Week 14
“This week was fun for Londyn.  She played every day with Guardian, sometimes two or three times a day.  She also played a lot of fetch and frisbee.  Londyn did good meeting the new dog Hunter who just came to the dog program.  She can a little jealous when we pet another dog or if treats are involved, so we have been treating her while petting or treating the other dog. So far, she is getting better. We went through all of Londyn's cues and tricks and she did so well with everything. She is more than ready for adoption.  She loves people, especially the ones who take care of her.” 

Week 13
“This week Londyn went through all of her tricks and cues, and she did really good.  I am trying to get her to sit pretty but she likes to stand on her hind legs all of the time.  She'll get it with a little more work.  Londyn love's to play with Guardian ~ they like each other a lot.  Londyn also got a lot of exercise this week by playing fetch and football out in the yard.  She also likes to play and tries to catch me when I run.  She is very sweet and fun to play with.”

Week 12
Londyn’s handlers report that “she had another great week. We went through all of her tricks and cues, and she did wonderful.  She is very smart and loves when people give her attention.  Londyn plays well with the other dogs, but Guardian is her favorite.  Every day they play with each other.  She had a lot of fun playing catch the football with me too this week.  I would run and before she tried to catch me, I would throw the ball to someone else and she would run to whoever had the ball and try to catch them.”  Here’s to playing catch with your forever family soon, Londyn!

Week 11 
"Londyn had a good week.  She went through all of her tricks and cues, and did really good.  She is smart and learns quickly.  She also went running around playing peek-a-boo and fetch [a deflated football is her favorite] and had fun playing with Angel and Guardian. Londyn loves to put her head on your lap or your stomach when  lays next to you, and she likes to sleep next to you all of the time. She has been doing so well and she is ready for adoption!"

Week 10 
Londyn’s handlers report that she went through all of her cues and tricks every day this week and “did so well on them.  She does excellent off leash. She will not go too far and if you act like you’re leaving she will stare at you and then take off to run by your side. She also loves to play fetch and run around having a lot of fun.  She plays with Dylan, Guardian and Angel all of the time. Londyn loves to sleep with you and cuddle up against you. She loves her back scratched and she'll rub up against you like a cat. She is very cute and so smart. If you are looking for a smart cute dog then she will be the one for you.”

Week 9
Londyn worked on learning more tricks and cues this week.  “We taught her kiss, pray and knee.  She also did a lot of down from and distance and a lot of stays while I walked around her. She did great.” Of course, she was treated to some recreation, and had fun running around the dog yard with Dylan and Angel!  “Londyn loves attention from people, and she is so smart and learns so quickly, it’s unbelievable.  She is by far the smartest dog I have ever worked with.  She is amazing!

Field Trip Alert - As told by HOPE Volunteer Margie - Londyn went out on her first field trip this weekend. At first I think she wondered what we were doing, then discovered it was all about fun and in the end could barely keep her eyes open on the way back to the prison

Week 8
This week, Londyn met Wallace, the new dog in the program.  At first they was unsure of each other but, “now they are doing good” In fact, her handlers gave this pup gold stars for only taking a few days to warm up to him!  Londyn also got to play off leash with Dylan.” She doesn’t like to stray too far from her handlers. She comes when she's called and loves to run around and play.  Londyn learned the “knee” cue this week.  “When I am sitting, I have her sit as well.  When I tap my knee and say "knee" she will put her head on my knee and rest it.  She got good at it quick.  She loves to learn and she is so smart and learns quickly.”

Week 7
This week Londyn met some new people.  She barked at them at first, but with treats, she calmed down after a few minutes.  Her handlers also treated her to time in the dog yard to play fetch and hide and seek.  Those of you who may be interested in adopting this little girl should know that “she loves to cuddle and lay her head on your lap or legs or chest when she goes to sleep.   Londyn is very cute, smart and funny.  She is more than ready for adoption.  Whoever adopts her will be happy and wont regret it!”

Week 6 
One of her handlers reports that “this week, Londyn went to the dog yard.  She played a lot of fetch and hide and seek.  She also played with most of her pack mates, including Guardian!  She is so cute when she is playing – a lot of play bows and running.  We went through all of her cues and tricks and like always, she did great.  Londyn is also good on a loose leash, and loves attention.  If it was up to me, I would say that she is more than ready for adoption.

Week 5
 Londyn’s handlers have been spending their time getting her used to more people and the other dogs in the program. “Madison won’t accept her yet, but in time, they will be okay.”  Londyn also worked on her cues and tricks this week.  “She knows a lot.  She is very smart and easy to teach.  She catches on very quickly, loves to learn and is open to learning new things.  Londyn also likes to play, especially fetch.  She is an awesome dog who loves people a lot.  Once she gets to know you and get comfortable with you (which is very fast), she will be so happy to be around you.”

Week 4
 Londyn’s handlers concentrated on her cues and tricks this week.  “She has learned a lot since her short stay in the HOPE Program.  Londyn knows how to walk on the leash and she listens well.”  This pup’s main issue that brought her to CSI Camp Hill was dog aggression..  “We have been doing a lot of parallel walking her and the other dogs in the program. She has been doing good with a lot of them.  She has played physically with Dylan, Guardian, Angel and sometimes Colby.  Colby and Macy don't play so she just hangs out with them with no reactions.  Londyn has come a long way and she will be good for adoption in no time.  She loves people once she gets comfortable with them.   She is awesome.”

Week 3
“This week was good for Londyn.   Although she doesn’t get along with all of the dogs in the program, we are slowly trying to introduce her to them as well as new people.  She and Angel did a lot of parallel walking and smelling each other.  They started playing with each other on leash and they both constantly did play bows, pawing and running around each other.  They did good playing with each other, but we kept it short.  Londyn is very smart and she is adjusting well.  She went to the dog yard and had a lot of fun playing fetch, hide and seek and find it.  We also went through all of her commands and she aced all of her cues and tricks.”  You’re a star, Londyn

Week 2
“Londyn has been here for two weeks and she is adjusting well.  She is very smart.  She has learned so many things such as sit, down, stay, touch, paw, roll over, spin, crawl, and she is pretty good on the leash.  We go to the day yard and she actually does really good at stays.  I can walk away and she won’t move.  Londyn is good.  We have been working on her reactions towards other dogs through parallel walking, etc.  She gets to the point where she is non-reactive and then out of nowhere, she’ll be sneaky and tries to lunge. We know that it’s fear-based, but we are always keeping up on it with her.  She did get a chance to sniff Angel, Colby and Macy this week, and she did well with that.  She also had a blast playing fetch and hide and seek!”  Another good report, Londyn!  Keep up the good work! 

Week 1
After just one week Londyn’s handlers report that she “is adjusting very well.  She love's people and getting attention is her favorite.  Londyn has had a fast start on learning new cue's and tricks.  We worked on her constantly and so far in one week she has learned roll over, paw, down from a standing position or seated and touch.  She is very smart and easily taught as well    Londyn is getting use to all of the new noises, smells and ever thing around her and she is adapting.  When we leave for work, mainline etc. and come back, she gets very excited and it's so cute.  She also wags her tail so hard her butt wiggles too.  She is very awesome.”  A great report on your first week, Londyn!   We can are looking forward to hearing more!

UPDATE 8-28-13
Londyn headed to the big house. This little sweetheart just needs a crash course in the basics and some work on her pack manners.   She is an sweet, one year old Mountain Cur mix who is available for adoption through Furry Friends Network.  Stay tuned for next week's update.