Week 11
Tigger is heading out of the big house to join his new family this weekend!  We’re so happy to have met you, sweet boy!  Enjoy life in your forever home!

Week 10
As you can see, Tigger’s adoption is pending!  We’re happy to report that he will be going to his forever home soon!  Until that happens, his handler ‘is preparing him to leave.  Or better yet, I am preparing for him to leave.  He is a very loyal dog and when he loves you, he will let you know.”

Week 9
Tigger's handler continued to have this pup get used to taking commands from people other than himself.  In fact, he gave Tigger kudos for his ability to so!  "He knows all of his cues, but when he thought I was around, he remained focused on a counter-command." Paws crossed that you'll be able to soon focus on being loved and taking cues from familiar people every day, Tigger!

Week 8
“I give gold stars to Tigger for taking commands and being handled by other people this week.  He is getting used to not having me around so much.  At times, if he doesn’t see me and begins to look for me in a crowd when he’s left with someone without a leash.  But slowly, he’s getting used to the idea, and he is taking commands from whomever has the leash.”  We’re proud of you for broadening your horizons and circle of friends, Tigger!

Week 7
Tigger had a little accident, so he is on bed rest and restricted outdoor activities.  That having been said, his handler gave him gold stars for eleven of his known cues, as well as three new ones – bow, King Kong and paws up!   This pup is very loyal to his handlers and misses them very much when they are away from him.  We know he is looking for his chance to be a companion to forever family members, and we hope he finds them soon!

Week 6 
Tigger’s handler reports that his training was nonchalant this week because he for whatever reason was taking issues with the people around him.  “So, I walked him by his collar in a group and guided him.  He also sat while I held his collar.  It was a bit tense.  With that having been said, I took it easy on him and gave him a lot of love after we finished our training.”

Week 5
Tigger continues to do well with his training!  Last week, he received gold stars for nine of his commands.  This week, he doubled his kudos and added tummy, speak, back and mine to his list of accomplishments.  He is also doing very well with knowing his boundaries and loose-leash walking.   This pup is a lover. “Tigger is very spoiled.  He jumps on my bed and wants to sleep on my chest all of the time.  He practically finds ways to lay on me wherever he feels comfortable.”

Week 4
Tigger’s training is coming along great!  In fact, one of his handlers gave him gold stars for nine of them, including stay, paw, down, come, leave it and others!  “He is the kind of dog you can’t help but spoil.  He shows his love and loyalty show much that he becomes clingy.  For example, he has good boundary skills, but he will stick his head out and watch me leave and wait until I come back.”  Here’s to a forever family to show your loyalty to, Tigger!

Week 3
Tigger becomes attached to his people, so one of his handlers used a separation technique to help him through this issue.  “He was away from me for a week and a half, but every time he sees me, it’s like he never forgot me or his commands.”  Meanwhile, his other handler reports that this pup is “coming along very well.  Besides getting to know him better and teaching him some basic skills, I also taught him to give me his paw.  He has a lot of energy, and loves to play with people and the other dogs.  Tigger loves to get attention and loves giving it.  I sit and watch TV while he sits in my lap and pet him.”  You’re doing great, little boy!

Week 2
Tigger’s handlers worked on his basic training for now, like sit, stay, lay down and leave it.  He also knows his crate and likes it.    He’s learning to walk on a loose leash, but he still pulls sometimes.”  This little boy can be excitable, although “he did good this week.  You could see that the stay, wait and heel commands were killing him inside, but he picked them up very fast.  He actually looked like he was dancing, because he rocked back and forth waiting to be released.  Tigger is a wonderful dog who loves attention and loves to play.  He loves running, jumping, being chased or chasing whether it’s with people or dogs.   He shows you a lot of affection and loves to lay up under you.”  Congratulations on a great second report, Tigger!

Week 1
“This was Tigger’s first week, so it was somewhat of a honeymoon phase.  He is the fastest learning dog I ever had.  He already learned boundaries and wait, so now he will start his basic training.  Tigger loves to get on the bed and cuddle.  The first day, I woke up with him at the foot of my bed.”  We’re looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in the program, little boy!

UPDATE 12-7-13 
Tigger started with his training at the big house today. This little sweetheart just needs a crash course in manners and a super-sized membership to the doggie yard to help him burn off some of his energy. Check back often to see how he is progressing during his stay at the prison.  Tigger is a sweet, 2-year old Poodle who is available for adoption through A Tail to Tell, Inc.