Week 16
As you can see, Wallace’s adoption is pending!  “He went on his home visit this past Friday, and had a blast.  Everything went well during the visit.  He came back full of energy until he laid in his bed.Then he was out cold for the rest of the night.  Now we are just waiting for his paperwork to go through.  
Other than that, this week has been normal.  Wallace has been working on controlling being excited toward other dogs, and he has shown improvement toward Hunter.  He can get within a few feet of him and pay no attention (as long as he's treated).  I have also discovered Wallace likes to be under the covers.  Since the potential adopter will be allowing Wallace to sleep on the bed, I've been working with him on it (an issue when he came in).   Every time he comes into my bed he buries himself under my blanket.  It's coming out more and more that Wallace believes he's a tiny lap dog.  I guess he doesn't realize he ain't the dog he imagines himself to be.”

Week 15
“Wallace had a good week with the other dogs. He has improved reacting to them the majority of the time, even when they bark around him. He used to join in on the barking.”  For whatever reason, this pup has had issues with Hunter since he entered he program.  This week, Wallace “even shoed improvements towards him.  They were within 10 feet of each other and he said happily, eager to get near Hunter.  He didn’t bark, and his tail was wagging like when he is happy and enjoying life.  Wallace and Maddie also have been working together to help her issues.  He's so comfortable around her that he'll roll onto his back to get belly rubs.”  What a great report, sweet Wallace! 

Week 14
Wallace had a good week!  He received gold stars from his handler for interacting positively with the other dogs. He also was out in the snow a few times each day and enjoyed it for the most part.  There may be very good news in Wallace's future!  He had a visitor this week and  "Wallace was really excited to see him.  He got really happy and playful, so I know he really likes him, and the man really likes Wallace.  As he was leaving, he told Wallace he can't wait until he comes home.  It was really nice. They really will be a good fit together."  Paws crossed for you, little boy! 

Week 13
 ‘This week we found out that Wallace does not like a few things.  The cold is one of the things he can't stand. It's out to do his business and then right back to the door to go in. His paws get cold and he limps a few steps while lifting one paw. Then he switches to another paw. He keeps doing this the whole way in. Wallace has proven that he can be placed in long stays. He was able to successfully complete multiple stays that were longer than 5 minutes. At first he needed some correction.  However, the more times he did them the better and longer they got.”  Here’s to a cozy fire to warm your paws in front of on cold days, Wallace!

Week 12
“Wallace had a quick week.  It seems like just yesterday was training. He has enjoyed and hated the weather this past week.  He enjoyed being outside running around on warm and cool days. However, when it was freezing out, he’d go out to do his business and then came right back in.  Wallace put in a lot of work on his stays, watch me, and with me walking commands this week. Some he is great at, but others still need some work.  I think that he’ll get them down perfect in no time.”  We’re proud of you, little boy!

Week 11
Wallace's handler reports that "he has been slowly learning to meet the other new dogs.  He doesn't realize that they don't like his enthusiasm at times.  He is still trying to work with Maddie to help her work through her issues.  Wallace is a willing helper when you keep his attention, which isn't hard considering he loves treats.  He has also been working on his 'with me' walking.  Once you get it through to him that this is what we are doing, he's a champ.  However that can take a little while. All in all, Wallace is still working on his issues and enjoying life.

Week 10 
“Wallace had a fun last couple of weeks.  He enjoyed the snow until his paws got cold.  He really liked jumping in the snow banks!  He also helped Maddie with her training.  As for his training, he is really good at the out command.  Wallace, we learned from an outing that he took, probably would not do well in a home with a cat.  So now he’s here just working on his commands and skills until the perfect family adopts him!”

Week 9
“Wallace has shown some great obedience this week.  He has been also working hard on his "OUT" command (gold stars!), and is able release his toy in some different places and with different distractions.  Wallace has gained lots of trust in me.  He will stand/sitat the end of the bed to be petted for such a long time and will roll onto his back exposing his belly to be rubbed.”  You’re a sweetheart, Wallace!

Week 8
“Wallace is also getting better at releasing his special toy and has shown improvement with his stays.  At times, he can even stay when his Wubbo (special toy) is thrown. Wallace loves winter!  He has been full of energy this week, especially the other day when I had him out when it was snowing.  He hates the snow falling on him but loves it on the ground and in snowball form.  We were playing fetch with snowballs.  He would jump up to try to catch them before they hit the ground.  It was a funny sight.”  

Week 7
Wallace has become more comfortable with some of the other dogs.  He is slowly playing with others.  Unfortunately he's not the best playing dog because he quickly becomes excited.  He has been working hard on his commands and learning new ones.  The ones he already knows are improving greatly and the new ones are a work in progress.  He loves learning and pleasing his handler. He has a nickname now.  It’s "Mr. Licky."  He loves to give everyone doggie kisses and the guys now call him that.  Wallace is just happy to be alive and able to love life!”

Week 6
Wallace's handler reports that he had a great and productive week."He warmly welcomed our new four- legged friend into the Community with lots of sniffs. He worked really hard on the majority of the barriers to his adoption.  He seems like he has overcome his possessive nature of toys and places.  He did this by learning the "off" command.  When he's on the bed and you tell him "okay, off,"  he gets up and  slowly gets off the bed.  This is in combination with only allowing him to come onto the bed if invited.  This seems to be really working for him. For the toys, he has realized that when he gives up his toy quickly, he'll get it back quicker.  Wallace has also learned the spin command.  He would only do it to his left at first,  however, over time he has slowly learned to do it both ways.  I give Wallace gold stars for how smart he is and his ability to learn at a quick pace." 

Week 5
Wallace and his handler moved a different cell this week. “He is a little curious and slowly adjusting to this new environment.  Wallace is making some progress in his ability to focus more and more.  He has an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to work on his problem areas.  He has so much energy and wants to play when its time to play.  But, when it’s inside time, Wallace is content playing with his toys or just laying around.  In due time, he'll be very fit for a loving home!”

Week 4
"Wallace had a great week learning and exploring his new environment. He is really adjusting to life within these walls.   He has proven how smart he is to us over and over. He learned "pray" in about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, then the very next day he learned "knee" in a 1/2 hour or so.  He has slowly started to interact positively and  play with the other dogs. He just doesn't know how to play to well yet (he gets too hyper).  Wallace has a willingness to learn and he loves affection and attention.  All in all he had an excellent week!" 

Week 3 
Wallace’s handlers report that he had a good week this week. “We have been working on his sit from a down and down from a sit commands. We have also been working on the "prey" trick which he has learned. It still needs some work but he can do it.  He has met and is getting along with most of the other dogs in the program.  He still needs some work on greeting other dogs, but he’s coming along nicely and we are having fun working with him.  Wallace does the funniest thing at night. He will pull all of his blankets out of his crate and make a bed on the floor next to my bed and sleep in it. We think it is cute.” 

Week 2
Wallace had a great week adapting to his new surroundings.  “He keeps impressing us with his knowledge of tricks.  He is really good at the basics, and obey them from a distance.  We got a laugh at his High Five trick.  He loves it (it’s probably his favorite so far).”  This newbie received gold stars for his ability to understand commands and obey them, as well as his willingness to learn new cues. Also, “although Wallace can be shy at times, he also loves meeting new people.”  Keep up the good work, sweet boy!

Week 1
“Wallace's first week here was enjoyable for all of us.  He is a very energetic dog who loves to play with all of his toys.  At night, he likes to take all of his toys out and bring them to us one by one.  It is pretty cute.  Wallace likes to play fetch, which we really like.  He also knows his basic commands like sit, down, stay and paw.”  Being new to the program, Wallace still has some issues to work through, but his handlers tell us that “he seems like a smart dog.  We are looking forward to working with him, teaching him new tricks and making him an adoptable dog.”  What a great first report, Wallace!

UPDATE 10-22-13 Wallace headed into jail today. This sweet boy just needs a crash course in manners. He is an adorable, Pit Bull mix who is available for adoption through Furry Friends Network.  Stay tuned for next week's update.