Week 22
Hunter is an ace with his sit, down and stay commands. In fact, he’s such a good boy that his handlers can only tell us how much he likes to be around people. “This is a happy dog. He’s content to go anywhere I go. Sharpen a pencil? Okay. Take out the trash?   Okay. He’s so trusting that he just loves to meet new people (and new smells).” Guess what sweet boy? You can now follow your new mom and dad around. That’s right. Hunter is adopted and will be going home in a few weeks. We couldn’t be happier for this big, sweet boy.

Week 21
Hunter has made plenty of friends at the prison. His handler says: “Everyone loves stopping by to see him and talk about how he is such a great dog. He loves playing with Hope and running around in the yard. He has so much energy and is such a happy dog. I am glad he is in my life, but really want him to get a fresh start at a new life with someone who loves him as much as we do.” Gold stars for Hunter for his: Sit, down, stay and paw. 

Week 20
Hunter continues to be his happy go-lucky self.  He's content doing whatever his handler is doing and as a result he gets to go almost everywhere.  He loves meeting new people (a serious sniffing) and seeing old friends (with a wag of the tail). I swear this dog smiles!

Week 19
H unter is doing great, healthy, and happy.  He can't wait to go outside and run around.  He has great energy for an older dog.  This week him and Hope were outside playing off leash.  They were playing fetch, both running for the ball and Hunter took a tumble.  Hunter got back up and was so happy he just dropped back down and started rolling around in the grass.  He is such  great dog to be around!

Week 18
Hunter continues to improve his loose leash walking skills.  He gets a little distracted by the resident ground hog. However, today was a bust. After doing his business in the pouring rain he made a dash straight for the door. No amount of calling was going to convince him to stay out.

hunterWeek 17
Hunter loves spring!  All of the new smells of the flowers and grass. It blows his mind to run around and try to smell everything.  He loves playing with the other dogs, like Hope and Clara.  Hunter loves to just drop to the ground and roll around.  He is such a happy dog with a lot of love to give.

Week 16
Hunter is a charming, older dog who would bring someone great companionship and affection.  He is calm and gentle enought to also be around young children.

Week 15
Hunter is such a sweet and gentle ham.  He is up for anything but his favorite past time is just being with people. He is content just being around and he's great company!

Week 14
Hunter is great company is happy doing whatever I'm doing.  If we go walking that's fine. If I'm reading, that works for him. If we're horse playing, that' fine as well. About the only thing he's less than enthused with is bath time!

Week 13
Hunter is loving the warmer weather and the smells that come withit.  He could spend hours roaming around the yard smelling everything.  Hunter saw a butterfly and it blew his mind! He just sat there and was amazed as it flew around him.  Hunter is such a happy dog and lvoes the outdoors, running and playing.  He will make a great companion or addition to any home.

Week 12
This week Hunter received a very overdue bath. Afterward his handlers took him outside for a walk.  It didn't take Hunter long find a good spot of mud to roll around in. Silly boy!

Week 11
“Well, the snow is melting and Hunter tries to seek out the remaining patches for a couple final rolls in it.  He loved going out in the snow and playing in it.  He would look so embarrassed when he would hit an ice patch and wipe out.  After he did, he would get up and look all around to see if anyone saw him.  He is such a happy dog and has so much energy for an older dog.  He has no problem with just curling up on the rug and sleeping the day away either.  Hunter is great, and will make all who come in contact with him fall in love with him as we have.”

Week 10
“This is a really mellow dog. Hunter’s up for anything you want to do.  Long walks. Short runs.  Hanging out doing nothing.  He's just happy with the companionship.  Hunter’s such a great friend.” 

Field Trip Alert - Hunter also attended CPAA’s Mardi Paws event on Saturday.  He was a gentle soul who took everything in, and enjoyed being oohed and aahed over by the people who paid him a call.  He’s a handsome boy who needs a place to call his own in his golden years.  Would you be willing to be the person to give that to Hunter?  We HOPE so!

Week 9
“Hunter is such a great dog.  We have been getting a lot of snow and he loves it.  He likes to put his whole face into snow drifts and then just falls over and rolls around in it.  For an older dog he has the energy of a pup.  He loves to show off and knows all his commands and tricks and even learned to smile, yes smile.  You ask him to sit and then say smile. He will turn his head and give you the biggest, classiest smile, and he loves doing it.  Hunter is a happy dog with plenty of love to give.  Anyone who is lucky to get him will love him as much as we do.”

hunter mpWeek 8
As you read, Hunter had a tough week last week.  As a result, he has to take an antibiotic.  "We fight about him taking the pill.  I give it to him and he cheeks it while pretending to swallow it.  As soon as I turn my back...ptooey!...He spits it out.  I have the last laugh though since he has to wear an Elizabethan collar and he looks so goofy. Adorable, but goofy. "  Hunter's handlers report that this pup has been very good with all of the poking and prodding he's been subjected to because of his injury.  "This dog has absolutely no issues and someone should give him a home. You won't be disappointed -- he's calm and affectionate and such a goofball."

We're happy to report this week that Hunter is coming along nicely!   He doesn't like wearing the "cone of shame," but "this dog smiles. Not just a happy look but an actual smile. Okay, it's more like an Elvis sneer, but offer him food that he really likes and he curls his lip up.   This is a sweet, affectionate, and smart boy.  He really needs a home."

Week 7
Hunter got a boo-boo this week which required him to get ten staples.  As a result, his handlers have been spoiling him more than usual.  Of course, this pup is just loving the extra attention.  Here’s to a quick recovery, Hunter!

Week 6
"Hunter has a habit of grumbling under his breath.  When you tell him to do something that he doesn't want to do, he grumbles.  He'll do it, but he complains while he does.  This week, we've been working on weaning him off of treats as an incentive.  He's a very funny dog and very sweet as well.

Week 5
"Hunter is such a good natured and well-adjusted dog who always makes you laugh at his goofiness.  He even smiles.  Offer him a treat and he curls up in a Elvis-like sneer that is definitely a smile.  We give him gold stars this week for working the stay command at a distance.  There are no barriers to his adoption. Hunter is a wonderful dog.

Week 4
Hunter received gold stars this week for his sit, stay, down, smile, paw commands as well as being “super friendly and great with the other dogs.  It snowed this week and he loves the snow. He cannot wait to go out and run and roll around in it. He was running and hit an ice patch and crashed out into a pile of snow and got up and looked so embarrassed. Hunter has so much energy for being an older dog. He will be such a great companion for anyone who is lucky enough to adopt him.

Week 3
Hunter is such a great dog and such a pleasure to be around.  He’s always so happy and full of energy.  He loves running and showing off all the tricks he knows.  He is great with meeting new people and great with other dogs.  We found out this week that he is not a fan of cats though.  This week it snowed and he had a ball playing in it.  He was running and hit an icy patch of snow and tumbled over, got up and looked so embarrassed.  Hunter may have a few years on him, but I know he has many more in him to make someone a great or a family a great addition to their life.”

Week 2
“Hunter is a big goof who absolutely loves to meet people.  He will trot right over and say hello to anyone and everyone.  For the past week we worked on refreshing his basic commands sit, stay, watch, and with me (heel).  He is eager to please not just his handler but everyone.  He was so well behaved when we gave him a bath, and his coat is soft!  Hunter is a lovely dog.”

Week 1
“Hunter arrived only two days ago and has already charmed everyone he's met -- and since he's so social he's met almost everyone.  He's an older gentleman and has a calmness about him that only maturity brings.  He knows most of his basic commands so training consists mostly of sharpening his skills.  Hunter just a lovely and affectionate dog who only needs a change.”

UPDATE 12-2-13
Hunter is heading to the big house this week. This big guy just needs a crash course in manners.   He is a sweet and handsome, senior Plott Hound mix who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue, Inc..  Stay tuned for updates.