Rex has been adopted and now has his furever home!  
Yay for Rex!!! 

Rex is a joy to be around and likes to play, is obedient, and loves meeting people. He's well behaved and is very intelligent. He has excellent behavior and would fit with any family with children.

Rex is a very gentle, affectionate and playful dog who walks well on a leash and loves attention! 

Rex has done well when interacting with people and all other dogs, though Jack gets on his nerves sometimes.   Rex is well mannered and loves to get affection from others.  Rex needs to work on his commands, but knows 'Go Pay' (he stands using his front paws) and 'Load up' (jump on the bed using both paws.)

Rex would do well in any home, even with cats.  He's a favorite with the staff, visitors and inmates and has an exceelenet disposition.

Rex has really began to walk nice on a leash!  He loves the attention and affection of other inmates and officers. He follows his handler around everywhere and waits for him before going down steps.   Rex is working on his 'down' command and does well with 'leave it.'   Rex would do well with a family with kids of most any age and other animals.

Welcome Rex!  Rex is a two year old lab/chow mix who is settling into his environment nicely.  He's been introduced to the other dogs and seems to have a new girlfriend in Scarlett.  Rex is described as being a very humbly, affectionate dog who is curiously exploring his new surroundings.  Rex already does well with sit, down and come.  His handler says he would make an excellent dog for any family, as he gets along well with other dogs, is very affectionate, and is careful during play with his behavior.