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Queen is settling into her foster home. She is so happy to be in a home and back with people that she knows. She has a wonderful foster “grandma” who loves her very much. Queen and the cat met and things went well. Queen was in her crate and she and the kitty sniffed each other. The HOPE trainer will visit and do further cat testing. Queen is a beautiful, happy girl. She has the biggest smile and would love to show it to you.

Queen has been removed from the prison and is in a temporary foster home. All the noise and commotion of the prison proved a bit much for her. She was a very good girl on the car ride to her foster home. Her temporary foster mom knew Queen before she went in the prison and is keeping her for a week. She has a cat and we don’t know that Queen and a cat can co-exist happily.

At her foster home, Queen loved her new crate. She took a toy in and chewed on it and also went in and just lay down. She did a lot of exploring of the home, checking out every nook and cranny. She was happiest when she was sitting as close as she could to someone.

Queen will continue to work on her socialization skills with people and other dogs. At this time, a foster or adoptive home should have no other dogs or cats. Older children would be best due to Queen’s energy level.

Queen had an amazing week. It snowed and she likes playing in the snow. Her outdoor time was limited due to how cold it was. Queen and her handler worked on Queen’s social skills and she did great. She met some new people and did well.

This week Queen worked on her focus simply by just taking in the view. She gets gold stars for “sit”, “auto sit”, “stay”, “recall”, “leave it” and “touch”. She’s a beautiful girl and is trying so hard to meet everyone, that she finds it hard to keep her bottom on the ground. But she is getting better. She knows the only way she will get attention from someone is if she greets them by sitting.

This week Queen got exercise by walking a lot with her handler. She is also improving her social skills and is meeting new people. Queen loves people so much that she gets so excited she finds it hard to keep her bottom on the ground. But this week, she did a sit and stay for a minute and also did automatic sits when greeting people. This is a big deal for our girl. She was even seen sniffing Dixon.

This week Queen and her handler worked on her basic obedience commands. She gets gold stars for ‘leave it’, ‘sit’ and ‘touch’. Queen loved playing in the snow! Queen is the perfect example for the saying “you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks”. While Queen is not an old dog, she’s only six, she is learning new “tricks”. She spent six years with a family and is only now learning the basics. We are all very proud of you Queen!

Queen had a fantastic week! Last week Santa brought her some gifts. She was extremely excited when she woke up Christmas morning and saw all these new gifts. She received three bags of treats, peanut butter and tug and squeak toys! When she wasn’t playing with her new toys, she worked on her “auto sit” and has been practicing taking treats gently. She improves each week.

This week Queen’s handler continued working on her “off leash training.” He reports that she did great! She also continues to meet other dogs. Queen also started to master the “knee” trick.

This week Queen worked on her off leash skills. While she did good, this is one thing her handler will continue to work on with her. Since Queen likes to stay active, she and her handler did a lot of running.

Even though Queen lived in a home for six years, she never learned not to jump on people. So this is a big issue that her handler is working on. If she is approached and told to sit and given a treat, she will not jump. This is the first step in getting her to keep all four on the floor.

“Queen had yet another exciting week! On top of going over all basic training, we did some off leash training. Queen’s recall is outstanding and no matter what she’s doing, with a quick call of her name, she’ll come running back to me. She deserves a great home!”

This past week Queen enjoyed the nicer weather, but shivered on those cooler days. She doesn’t like the colder weather but still enjoys the outdoors. The week we worked on “knee”. She is slowly learning this new trick. However, she needs a refresher course in manners and what she has learned. We also worked on recalls with her ending up sitting in front and beside me. She did good with this command. Queen deserves a good home, would enjoy your company and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, gives thanks for a second chance.

Queen is enjoying her stay in Camp Hill. In the past two weeks, some of her former issues with trusting people resurfaced. But with training, the issue is turning around. We still need to do some fine tuning, but that’s what she’s here for. We’ve discovered that Queen doesn’t enjoy the cold temperatures. When we go outside for a bathroom break or walk, she’s always ready to come back inside within a few minutes.

Queen had a good week. She loves to play and she also loves to just hangout. She gets gold stars for her basic commands and tricks she knows.

Queen had a good week. She continues to socialize with the other dogs. Queen knows all her basic commands and does them quite well.

August 2014
Queen headed to the big house on August 12, 2014. She needs to learn the basics and her handles will work with her on getting along with other dogs.