For information on adopting Santiago, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HEREor calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.


Santiago(formerly Rebel) is currently in a kennel and looking for an adopter or a foster home.

Rebel has left the prison and is now in a kennel. We would love to find Rebel a foster home or adopter! The stress of the prison environment was too much for him to handle. Please share this boy with everyone you know. We know there's a perfect home for him somewhere!

"Since it's been nice out, Rebel has been getting a lot of exercise. He enjoys going out back to play fetch in the yard, tug of war, and playing with Leo. Rebel has been doing really well with stay during a sit and in the down position for long periods of time. We went through all of his cues and tricks and he does really well with that!" Way to go Rebel!

"This week, Rebel met the new dog, Pepper. They had a good, initial meet and I can tell that they will grow to like each other more and more. Rebel continues to be eager to learn and is getting better with being patient." We hope Rebel finds a great home soon!

"Rebel met Jack, the new dog in the program, and they don't quite get along, but we're going to work on that with parallel walking them together. Rebel gets easily distracted, but he can be refocused and listens well most of the time." We're hopeful that Rebel and Jack will get better with each other in time.


"Rebel did well this week with his tricks and cues. He and Leo had a lot of off leash time in the kennels together." Rebel looks forward to our weekly training sessions. He really enjoys the extra attention he receives from the volunteers. We all love him!

"Rebel had another good week. We went to the dog yard to work on his recalls, stays, down from a distance, etc. and he does really well. Leo and Rebel played together nonstop. They really love each other."

Rebel has started working on a new trick called, "sit pretty." He almost has it down. Rebel has mastered: sit, stay, down, down from a distance, wait, leave it, touch, watch me, paw, knee, spin, crawl, and with me. He enjoys receiving treats from everyone in his cell block while performing his tricks.

Rebel had a fantastic week of training. He was calm and very obedient with his commands. He continues to play with his best friend, Leo. Rebel keeps improving with redirections when he's distracted by something. He responds best when you talk enthusiastically to him to keep him engaged. Rebel is ready to leave the "big house" and score a home together with Leo!

Rebel had his picture taken this week. He and Leo even posed together with scarves on! Rebel caught a few snowballs and ate them while playing outside. He loves car rides! He's been working on "watch me" extra hard so he can be redirected when distracted. Rebel hopes he'll land a home together with his favorite little guy, Leo!

Rebel spent much of his time meeting new people and taking long walks. He listened off leash very well and liked everyone that he met. "Rebel had a really good week and I'm impressed." Rebel and Leo played in the snow together. They're best pals and hope to find a home together!

Rebel had a fun time running in the snow and playing with his tiny friend, Leo this week. Rebel loves to play with snow balls and even tries to catch them. He's learning that it's not okay to jump up on people to greet them. Rebel is food motivated and enjoys doing tricks in exchange for treats. We hope that Rebel will find his perfect fit soon!

“This week Rebel and Leo played together a few times throughout the week. While playing, Leo tries to nip Rebel, but it doesn’t faze Rebel. He hops and runs around Leo from side to side playing with him. Rebel also does a lot of play bows. It is funny how he initiates play with Leo. Rebel worked on all of his tricks and cues this week and did really well. He’s also been taking long leisurely walks around the tiers in the cell block.”

Rebel had a very good week. He is getting better around Ivy. He also wanted to play with Buddy when they were in separate dog runs. He was play bowing and hopping around and was very excited. We’re hoping Buddy will be his buddy one day. Rebel is doing very well with his “nothing in life is free” training. Rebel’s handler wants you to know that “if you are looking for a companion, love and awesomeness, Rebel is your dog!”

Rebel has been doing his best and he seems to be getting better. We’re still following the “nothing in life is free” program and he’s getting so good at it. He also met the new dog this week. They’re unsure of each other right now, but in time, hopefully they will start to get comfortable with each other and play. Good job Rebel! We’re trying our best to find you a home.

Rebel has been doing great with his training. “He is learning that when I stop, he sits. When I am about to leash him to go out, he’ll sit. When he’s in the dog run and I’m going to leash him to go back inside, he sits. He sits when we go up to someone or when I put food in his bowl until I say “OK”. Rebel loves the snow. He likes to hop in it and dig the snow up and put his face in the holes he makes. It’s funny when his head pops up and he has snow all over his nose and face.”

This week Rebel did really well. He had a lot of time going to the dog yard and burned his energy by running and playing. His handler played a game with him by putting a ball in a hole in the ground and Rebel would have to get the ball out of the hole. Even when he turned his back and his handler put the ball in the hole, Rebel would go back and check. He loves to keep his toys close. This is one boy that would love to keep his person close to him. He is very loyal and loving.

All you have to do is look in his beautiful, soulful eyes and you can truly see how much he loves and trusts you.

Rebel spent a lot of time outside hopping and playing in the snow. He loves it! His handler says he will feel bad for him when the snow melts. Rebel continues his “nothing in life is free” training. He’s asked to sit or do another command before he eats or gets to play with his toys. His handler went through all Rebel’s cues and tricks and our boy aced them. He’s very smart and loves learning. He is also very loyal and the term “unconditional love” really applies to him. The people he knows and trusts, he loves them unconditionally. And it is so obvious when you see him with these people, especially his handler.

This week Rebel realized that nothing in life is free. “I’ve been treating him whenever he sat next to me or went up to a stranger and sat. He even sits before he eats his food. I give him the OK and he knows that he can go ahead and eat. We also spent a lot of time going through his tricks and cues and he always does really well!”

Rebel had an awesome week and he loved all his Christmas gifts. He always plays with them. Rebel goes to the dog yard almost every day to play with either Humphrey or Dixon. They play from the time they go out until the time they come back in. Rebel still likes to hoard all of the toys in one corner of the yard. He also hoards the toys in the cell. Rebel practiced all his cues and tricks this week and he loves to learn new things.

Rebel’s handler reports that he has been really good this week. They have been working on no pull leash walking. Rebel also went to the dog yard to burn off his energy with Dixon and Humphrey. His handler reports that Rebel “is very smart and always excited to learn new things.”

This week Rebel worked on “knee” and now he’s perfected this trick. He’s always excited when trying to learn new things. Rebel is very smart and easy to teach. Rebel enjoyed playing with his doggie friends, Dixon and Humphrey. Rebel likes to hoard all the toys in one spot and Humphrey and Dixon try to steal them when he’s not looking. Sometimes they get caught and Rebel chases them to get his toys back.

“This week I trained Rebel to learn a new trick. Now he knows ‘knee’ to add to ‘sit, down, stay, touch, watch me, paw, spin, kiss, crawl, wait and leave it’. He’s a smart dog and loves to learn new things. Rebel went out to the dog yard a few times this week and played happily with his playmates Humphrey and Dixon. Rebel is very playful and has a lot of energy. He only uses it when it’s time to…other than that, he is laid back.”

“This week Rebel went to the dog yard every day and played with Dixon non-stop. Rebel likes to chase Dixon around the yard. Rebel got a new toy this week and he loves it. I think the Nylabone is his favorite toy ever. He plays with it all the time and when he’s done, he likes to tuck it between the bed and wall to make sure it’s hidden. Rebel is a good dog with a playful attitude that will make you smile.”

Rebel is still here with the hopes of getting adopted by someone who would love and take care of him. He had another good week playing with the other dogs. He also loves to play fetch, tug of war and run around really fast by himself to let go of some energy. “He loves to sleep while laying his head on top of you or using my pillow like it’s his. He’s a cool dog and VERY smart. This canine has a lot of unconditional love and loyalty to give.

Note from volunteer: Rebel is really such a sweet boy. He loves to look in your eyes and wait for you to ask him to do something. He’s so ready for a foster or forever home. When he knows his handler is in his cell, he doesn’t like to leave the prison. He will walk out with me, but always wants to turn and go back. A new volunteer has been taking him on field trips, and when Rebel first sees him, he tries to run to him because he is so happy to see him. Then when the volunteer brings him back, Rebel wants to stay with him. If you meet Rebel, you can feel the love and loyalty he will give his person (people). We would like to place him with an active person or family with older children. He has a lot of energy and can keep up with hikers, runners, or soccer players!

Rebel always has a blast playing with Dixon or Humphrey in the dog yard. They play non-stop and it’s fun to watch. Rebel now has to get used to a new dog who just joined the program. That means I will walk Rebel around the new dog a lot, keeping our distance, to get them used to being in the same general area. I think it will be a work in progress to say the least. “This week, Rebel rolled over on the bed and almost fell off, but he caught himself, which was good. He looked at me like I had something to do with it.”

“This week Rebel buried his toy in the dog yard. Even after 4-5 days, he remembered where he buried it and ran straight to it and dug it up. He played with it for a while but when it was time to go back inside, he buried it again in a different spot. I think it’s awesome to watch and funny too.” Rebel gets gold stars for: sit, stay, down, paws, touch, watch me, crawl, spin and kiss. He is good with people and loves to play.

Rebel had another good week playing with the other dogs, playing fetch and tug of war. “When we go outside and he spots another dog from afar, he likes to get really low to the ground and he’ll methodically wait until the dog gets closer then he’ll pop up and play. He’s funny. Sometimes I’ll ask people if they have seen Rebel and they’ll say no. I’ll call Rebel, where are you? We believe that Rebel thinks he’s invisble.”

Back in training ...

Rebel found his way back to the big house today to kick start his training again. He has been waiting a year since he first started his HOPE training, but still hasn't found his perfect match. We're hoping that this time his luck will change and he will finally find a place to truly call home... Stay tuned!

Week 15
Rebel’s handlers report that “he had another eventful week. We went through his touches, sits, stays, downs and recalls too. We also went through his tricks like spin, paw and sit pretty. Since he's a puppy he doesn't have good balance as yet, but he's working on it. Rebel has a lot of energy. He can go and go all day long, so we take him to the dog yard and play a lot of Frisbee, fetch with flat balls and tug-a-war. Rebel and Angel play together all the time and they just have a blast together. He loves people and the attention they give him. Rebel is fun-loving and awesome.”

Week 14 
Rebel handlers report that “we went through his commands, and like always, he nailed them. He is a very good listener. It’s almost like he understands English. Rebel really enjoys going out to the dog yard to play. He likes to play peek-a-boo and fetch. He also likes to run wildly around the yard and dives on the ground and rolls back and forth on his back. Then he gets back up and does it all over again. He is very fun to watch. Rebel is a very smart, fun and loving dog who loves people and other dogs. He also knows “kiss” too. You point to your cheek and say “kiss” and he will push his nose on your cheek. It’s pretty cool.”

Week 13
Rebel had a great week because he went to the dog yard every other day to get the exercise as needed. “He just loves the outdoors and the environment. He's a happy dog that just loves to run around and play with toys. We went through Rebel’s commands and tricks this week. This pup got gold stars for his basics, but is still working on his loose-leash walking. “He pulls when he’s playing with the other dogs or when he’s very excited, so we change directions, stop until he acknowledges us, then after 5 seconds, we move on.” Rebel and his pal Angel “love to play tug of war through the dog run fences with a rope or ball. They do that every day at least a couple of times a day.” Rebel is looking forward to playing to his heart’s content in his forever yard soon!

Week 12
“Rebel had another successful, very eventful week for his taste, to say the least. We went through his cues which are sit, down, stay, leave it, wait and we are relentless on his loose leash, walking. When he pulls, we stop and wait until he looks back and acknowledges us. Then we count to five and move on again. Rebel is also good at a few tricks such as paw, touch and sit pretty as well. He is full of energy and just loves to release it at any chance he gets. He and Angel are playmates and they just love each other. We had them in the dog yard together and they had a lot of fun chasing each other and wrestling. Rebel is more than ready for adoption.”

Week 11 
This week Rebel had another fun, eventful week. In addition to getting great marks for his commands, “he loves all people.” This pup also loves his time outside. “We take him to the dog yard every other evening. He has a lot of fun running around playing fetch or peek-a-boo. He also goes in crazy mode and runs in the yard in big circles and jumps on the ground rolling around on his back while letting out a few barks out of nowhere. We constantly work on Rebel’s loose leash walking. We go through his tricks such as paw, touch, around, sit and sit pretty but he loses balance pretty easily. I guess it’s the puppy in him.” Keep being the loveable pup you are, Rebel!

Week 10
Rebel got gold stars for his sit, watch me, paw, touch and down skills this week. Since he was just a good boy with his training, we went to the dog yard quite a few times to burn off some of his energy and play a lot of fetch. Rebel likes to gather all of the toys and hoard them in the corner of the yard. We also gave him a raw hide and he tried to bury it about four different times until I had to take it. We gave it back to him then he finally just ate it. Rebel is good with the other dogs and loves to get attention from the people around him.” Another good report, little boy! Way to go!

Week 9
Rebel received kudos from his handler this week for his basic commands, and “his loose leash walking is improving every day.” This pup’s main focus was being introduced to Madison. “After a good 10-15 minutes, we were finally able to get both to sniff one another. If either was about to react, we would calm each dog to redirect their attention. Once we had a positive introduction, we continued to do parallel walking. Rebel just seems to want to play with Madison. He’ll show signs such as play bows, yawns and wagging of his tail.” You’re doing great, little boy!

Week 8
Rebel and his handler worked on practicing the sit and stay commands. “Before, we were only able to get about 6-8 feet apart, but now we’re able to start at one side of the cage and I'll make it to the other side without Rebel moving. I use the command "watch me" multiple times as well as a treat to keep his attention. Once I make it to the other side I then call Rebel to run towards me. This usually tires him out after 15 minutes or so. Rebel also met the two new dogs of the program, Dylan & Madison. At first, he didn't like neither because he thought they trying to take over the domain. After some parallel walking and side-by-side cage interaction, Dylan and Rebel started to create a liking towards one another. They both were running up and down the cages wagging their tails and smiling at one another. They seemed to be having a great time playing with each other.” In addition to meeting the new dogs, Rebel’s handler gave him gold stars for meeting new people. “He’ll sit almost immediately and wait to see if he'll receive a treat.”

Week 7
Rebel’s handler worked on this pup’s loose-leash walking this week. “When he starts pulling, I simply stop and wait for him to walk back towards me. Then, I ask him to sit, tell him to watch me, and off we go. Rebel is a big dog with a lot of power, so you have to take charge and show him who’s boss. He just needs a little guidance.” His handler says that Rebel learns very quickly. “Even though he’s only 11 months old, he’s very smart. He has learned the basics and some more in just 8 weeks. He continues to show improvement every day. Rebel’s favorite form or reward is to play fetch or Frisbee. As long as you’re willing to keep throwing, he’ll continue to chase it and bring it back to you. This is a great way to tire Rebel out, because after playtime he’ll go to sleep.”

Week 6
Rebel spent a lot of time in the dog yard this week. “He had a chance to run for hours. He literally only stopped to get a drink of water.” During training, this pup practiced his “fetch” and “out” commands with his handler and another handler in the program. “We’d throw a ball or Frisbee and he brings it right back. Rebel enjoys chasing anything that you throw.” This pup also worked on walking off-leash. “As long as I had a toy or treat, he was right by my side. I didn’t even have to tell him “watch me” because he was stuck on me. Rebel is tons of fun and easy to get along with. He’s dog friendly and loves people. Show him any sort of attention, and he’ll be your new best friend.”

Week 5
This week, Rebel’s handler introduced him to his “catch” command. “Just as it sounds, I’ll throw him a treat and he’ll catch it in his mouth. Before, Rebel would just allow the treat to hit his face. This also works when throwing him a toy or a ball.“ Rebel also worked on his “out” command. “This is especially necessary because if you don’t tell him ‘out,’ he automatically assumes you want to play tug-of-war. In just five weeks, Rebel has learned a lot of commands. He is definitely an intelligent dog and is a fast learner. Imagine what else you could be able to teach him. If you were to adopt him, with a little work, the list could be endless. Rebel is the new addition to your family!”

Rebel’s handler spent “a good bit of time practicing his stays. He is attached to me, so it was difficult for him to understand at first.” They started with being just a few steps away from each other, and gradually progressed to being 10-12 feet apart without Rebel moving! “We practiced this a few minutes at a time so that Rebel didn’t get frustrated and ignore what I was trying to teach him. He did very well, and showed great improvement each time we would try the exercise. Even though Rebel is still a puppy and has high energy, he has advanced at a fast pace in these few weeks. He seems to be highly intelligent and a fast learner. With a little training, I’m sure you could teach Rebel to fetch the newspaper and bring you the remote!

Week 4
Last week, Rebel worked on his down command. This week, his handler worked to teach him his say command, both while sitting and lying down. “Rebel is a very anxious dog, so this was rather challenging for him, but we did make progress. Eventually, we made it to 12-15 apart. Sometimes, I would ask him to come after a stay and sometimes I would walk back to him without him jumping forward.” Good boy, Rebel! This pup was introduced to Colby one day this week. “He immediately went into a play bow. He is very dog-friendly, but he still learns a few manners when greeting his new pack mates.” Rebel tends to jump and put his paws on the other dogs when he meets them. His handler is going to teach him to calm down and have patience when Rebel is with canine buddies. “Rebel is turning out to be a wonderful dog. He continues to make progress day to day. He is a very smart dog.. He would make a great pet for someone. Adopt!!”

Week 3
This week Rebel learned his “down” command. “It took him a good amount of time to catch onto it, but one night it was like a light bulb went off in his head. I asked him down, showed him a treat, and as he pawed my hand, he went down completely flat. After many times of his going down, I tried ‘roll over.’ I assisted him with the first one, but soon after that, he just rolled his body right over. Success with two commands in just a few days! Rebel now knows his sit, down, touch, paw, roll over and with me commands. He seems to excel at a fast pace, and shows great signs of improvement. Once we were done training, Rebel and Angel had some play time. At one point, they were laying next to one another kissing and putting their heads on one another as if they were hugging.” Another great report, Rebel!

Week 2 
Rebel’s handler concentrated on teaching this pup the paw command this week. “He is such a smart dog that literally after 3 maybe 4 times of me asking for his paw, he picked it up and gave it to me. Now, I’m introducing him to the ‘other’ command so he’ll be able to give me both paws. So far, he’s grasping both commands very well. He knows ‘watch’ very well too, so it’s easy to redirect him when he is not focusing.” Rebel and Angel were introduced while on-leash out in the doggie yard. “They showed great signs: body blocks and a lot of bowing. Both played very well together. This was a positive introduction for both of them. Now, when they see each other, they want to play. Rebel is a great dog and has learned a lot in just 2 weeks. Just imagine how much more he’ll learn when he has 6-9 weeks in the HOPE Program!” Your handler is right that you’re off to a great start, Rebel!

Week 1
“This week, Rebel arrived to the HOPE Program. He is a beautiful pit bull with the greatest temperament. He appears calm and relaxed, but acts like a puppy when it’s play time. Rebel has shown tremendous progress for me in just two days. He already knew his sit, but that’s about it.” Under his handler’s guidance, this pup has also learned his touch, come and with me commands! “Rebel seems to get along with most of the dogs. He has a playful attitude when he approaches them. He goes into a play bow and then he’ll hop. Rebel enjoys chasing balls all over the yard, but his favorite toy so far is a Frisbee. When we were in the yard today, he chased it for over 45 minutes. He had a blast! I look forward to working with Rebel the next few weeks. I’m sure he’ll progress at a rapid pace ~ check him out”

UPDATE 04-28-13 
Rebel is heading to the big house tomorrow. He is an adorable, one year old Pit Bull mix who is available for adoption through Furry Friends Network. Stay tuned for next week's update.