Lance is a 1 year old mixed breed dog who weighs 35-40lbs. Our best guess is that he's a Boxer mix. He's super sweet, loves other dogs, and is a quick learner!

For information on adopting Lance, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Lance is doing very well with his stay and loose leash walking. I feel confident that he's going to pass his CGC test next time. He's been doing well off leash too. We've been playing fetch and Lance is willing to bring the ball back and drop it for you without hesitation. We're still working on getting him to put it in your hand."

"This week I kept working with Lance to try and get him to pass his CGC test. He's doing better, but he is still mainly treat motivated and sometimes will ignore you if you don't have a treat. We're slowly working on building up Lance's tolerances of Rocky. If Rocky doesn't bark, Lance is okay until the barking starts."

"We've been putting a lot of work in this week trying to get Lance to pass his CGC test. Something as simple as sit can be a problem because Lance is so treat motivated that if you don't have a treat, he can be stubborn and not listen to what you want him to do. Lance and Denver got into a small scuffle this week so it hasn't been the best week for Lance, but he takes it all in stride and keeps a positive attitude."

"This week we practiced for the canine good citizenship test as much as possible. A big part of that was loose leash walking and just trying to build his focus as much as possible. I tried some new methods learned in class last week and he seems to be responding well. Lance is very treat motivated so lots of treats were given out. He is very friendly with everyone he meets and will respond to commands from anyone with a treat. Lance was reluctant at first to try out the pool. He loves it now and almost has a prance in his step when he runs into it."

"This week we worked on increasing distance & duration on Lance's stay and he seems to be improving. He still needs some work on loose leash walking. He's pretty good when there's no distractions, but if he's excited or sees someone or something he wants, he pulls for it. We're also working on doing the same command 5 times in a row until Lance gets it down 100%."

"This week we continued working on loose leash walking. It's where Lance needs the most work. We also went over the things he does know like sit, paw, down, etc. We're increasing distance and duration on his stay as well and Lance is doing much better with that. He gets a gold star for going in his crate when told and staying off my bed unless told he is allowed. Overall, he's doing very well. He's a very friendly and well behaved dog."

"This week we focused on increasing distance on Lance's "stay." He really needs a lot of work on that so it's what we worked on as much as possible. On tour day, Lance got the chance to meet a lot of people and did well from what I was told. He's so friendly and even cried a little when the people were leaving. Lance definitely likes being as close to you as possible and craves human contact and affection."

"Lance had a pretty exciting week. He went on a tour around the prison and acted as a therapy dog. I wasn't there, but I heard he was a big hit and that lots of people loved petting him. He also was in a fashion show which I'm sure was fun for him as well as a good opportunity to find him a home. Lance is very friendly and loves people so I'm sure these activities were great for him."

"Lance did very well this week with paw and roll over. We worked on those a lot and he's really starting to get it now. We're still trying to increase distance on his stay. He's having a little trouble with that one. Lance does very well with both people and dogs around the block. He has been in a very playful mood lately. Lance tries to take over my bed whenever he can, but he doesn't mind going in his crate when I tell him to."

"This week we worked on loose leash walking and Lance is doing very well with that. He's also doing well with sit, stay, down, roll over, and touch. We're still working on paw and leave it. Overall, he's doing very well in his new environment. Lance loves the other dogs, especially Ayla, and he's very friendly with everyone he meets."

"Lance is a pleasure to work with. He's very friendly, loves to play, and is wonderful with all of the people here. He gets a gold star this week for doing well with stay and staying in the cell until he's given permission to leave. We practice commands as often as possible."

"Lance's second week here was a learning experience for Lance and I. He is a smart dog who picks things up quickly. He's very pleasant to be around and gets along with other dogs well. Lance has learned sit, stay, and watch. He's still learning how to roll over, down, paw, and get up on a milk crate. We're very happy with how quickly he's progressing with commands. Overall, Lance is adjusting very well here."

"Lance came in on Saturday and was understandably quite nervous. He was very friendly with both people and other dogs. We've started on working just a bit on the week one basics-sit, stay, etc. Lance is doing very well with these. We're just trying to let him get comfortable with us and his new home for these first few days."